– Hi everyone, today we’re
gonna talk to you about a basic stick handling
drill you can learn when you’re beginning sled
hockey just to familiarize yourself a little bit with
the space and awareness around under your sled
and the nose of your sled which is figure eights. There’s nothing too
crazy about it. The first thing you wanna do
is make sure that your heels are up off the ice by
having a tight foot strap. We have another video
about that specifically, so you haven’t seen it yet,
be sure to check that out. The front of your sled
here, called the scag is supposed to hover above
he ice, but if it’s touching, try and get that up and
that’s usually just by adjusting your balance
point of your sled. But, what we’re
gonna work on here, is you know, when you begin,
the first thing you wanna do is just work it underneath you but to progress your skill level, think about moving the puck
forward, so it’s sliding under your feet and then you’ll
notice that you’ll get to the front and it’s hitting the scag of your sled, right So what you wanna do is just
work the front of your sled as well. So begin with the
puck in the middle. Start moving it towards
the front of your sled. Now reach in front. And then pull it back
and so, you just go from the back, front, middle. Front, back. And as you begin to develop the confidence in your stick-
handling ability and your speed, then start experimenting with
things like working the puck on the heel of your stick
versus the toe of your stick. And how far out
you can go too. Like you can spread
your reach out. Spread your reach
in front of you. And just to give you a
perspective from the side. Think about how far back
you wanna pull the puck to before you hit your blades. And then move it up in front, reach it in front of you and just spend some
time working it. And that’s another example
or another opportunity too, to think about stretching
your hamstrings, that’s great for
an off-ice exercise And how far forward
can you lean because a lot of players will
wanna just receive pucks in a comfortable spot,
just right by their hips but the more you can start to stretch your body out and develop your skill
in other areas, now, all of a sudden you have
a range of motion from here, and if I choked up on
the stick back here, or this far back, so, just work the puck in
the middle of your sled. Get it to the front,
reach out, spread around. And, it’s something
that anybody can do with or without another
player on the ice and it’ll help you become a better
better stick handler in sledge hockey. Hey everyone, thanks
so much for tuning in. Means the world to me if
you can leave a comment below. Please tell me what we
can do differently. Any ideas for a future video. We’re putting out content
every single week here to educate people and let
people know more about how to play the sport
of sledge hockey. So please hit subscribe
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