I love my sport because it is more than just hockey Its a family, a bond, it’s a grind that everybody experiences as one. The comradery is incredible. Everybody goes through the same obstacles. There’s ups and downs in the season, but everybody has their back, it’s a brothership. It’s a bond that you can’t get anywhere else, in any other sport. By donating money from alumni, we are able to play this great sport of hockey as well as skate and play like this, playing for a school we all love to play for. Not only after developing the connection with Coach Walsh and Coach Ro the reputation spoke for itself and I wanted to be part of a conference championship like the boys got in ’13 – ’14. Roll Penmen! Thank you for donating to the Penmen Hockey team, we really appreciate it!

SNHU Ice Hockey – Penmen Days of Giving 2019
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