>>Reviewing for us is
very much a breakdown of the key things that we feel is important in
winning a rugby match. Obviously, the GPA is
thought of as important because we get that
feedback from the game, we can look at topping speed, we can look at distance
covered which gives is us a good idea of what the intensity
of the game was like, which players were off
the mark in terms of the outputs which is
important for us. We can give that feedback
to the players themselves. We can also give that
feedback to support staff and medical staff to see if there’s something off the field or away from the rugby field that is not on par. Stratus; we use both
game for game systems, set-piece, attack, defense,
and kicking game mainly. So basically, those
four areas are covered. We do have coach that are specifically assigned to look
at specific areas of the game. What we will do then we
will come together as a coaching staff and have
a breakdown of each department. Each coach will give feedback
on his department as to what does the stats look like. For example, defense;
how much tackles did we make? How much tackles did we miss? How much of those tackles
were positive hits? How much of those tackles
were system errors? We will also look at ruck speed; did we allow the opposition to get less than three
second ruck speed ball? So we’ll break that down and
each coach will give feedback. What we will do then we will have a team post game review session
with the entire team. We will just take out certain
aspects of the game, give feedback. Then after that, it will become two or three days of
working in small groups, giving feedback to specific units, giving feedback to specific
individuals, have one-on-one sessions, and break the game down
as much as we can to give feedback on the good but
also on the work-ons.

South African Rugby Union coach discuss using Microsoft technology to make critical game decisions
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