Game adaptations of popular media has been
a thing since the invention of the games console, from movies, Tv shows and even food products. Some are great, some are awful, and others
being cash grab advertisements. Then the beloved and much-loved series South
Park thought they’d have a couple of cracks at it. There have been quite a few south park games
in the past few years, but none of them really captured the soul of the series. They felt like they could have been any franchise
but with a re skin, there was the first-person shooter, chefs love shack, South park rally,
and even a tower defence game. They were a bit hit and miss, but after a
while a new game was developed that had a unique story within the South park universe,
with RPG elements and allows you to explore this little redneck town in Colorado. So today were looking at South Park: The stick
of Truth. Trey and Matt always liked old fantasy tropes
when it came to video games, so you play a silent protagonist, the new kid, entering
the town of South Park. You are quickly recruited by the boys in their
newest game of fantasy warfare. An amalgamation of Lord of the rings, game
of thrones and a number of fantasy games. Once recruited by the Wizard king Cartman
you are thrown into an adventure that slowly but surely spirals out of control. You’ve got to love the design of this game;
the idea is that the kids made all their own costumes and weapons. So, it has this home-made crappiness about
it. Bits of plywood, card board cut outs and things
you would find lying around your house. It has a childish charm, that makes perfect
sense in this world. So, it adds a believability to their make
believe. One of the first choices you make in the game
is that you need to choose a class. Fighter, which is all tanking and dealing
damage. Mage, which sacrifices physical strength for
stronger special abilities. Thief, which uses status effects to whittle
their foes down and finish them off for massive damage. And finally, Jew, which acts as a hand to
hand grappler whose attack increases as they’re health gets lower. I chose Jew. Obviously. I mean you can learn a sick move called Jew-Jitsu,
why wouldn’t you choose them. The enemies you face in this game can vary
quite a bit, it all starts out innocent as the kids are just fighting other kids with
home made weapons and gardening tools. And when you get a few hours in your being
glass bottled by smack heads and being shot at by the FBI. Got to love the juxtaposition of playfully
knocking someone out and then trying to kill them. The game itself is one-part exploration, and
one-part combat. The combat is the tried and true turn based,
some people might find this style dated, but since I’ve been playing turn-based games
for years I feel very nostalgic with this style. Pokemon, final fantasy, Dragon quest. These are classics, and stick of truth is
a simplified but good version of this. You always hear the same complaints with this
style, it’s not realistic, why are they just standing there? why would you take turns hitting each other? But there’s so much strategy involved because
this. Do you go all out with offensive abilities,
going for high damage with your PP abilities? Use harmful side effects like bleed or gross
out, to slowly take down your opponents? Do you go for another attack or heal yourself
to make yourself safer for the long-term battle? There are so many layers to this battle system
it cannot be seen as basic. It borrows a little from Super paper Mario
in a sense as well as there are quick time events during some of your abilities. Certain inputs are needed so the moves can
be completed or added effects included, they’re never that complex and I feel its more like
busy work than adding any form of strategy. There’s also the farting system. Your character receives special training to
allow you to control your ass giving you special fart powers. Inside Battle you can use your fart powers
to super charge your abilities for more damage and Outside of battle you can use farts to
gross out enemies, cause explosions on open flames and destroy barricades. Giving you multiple ways to deal with situations
whilst exploring, even defeating enemies before entering battle. It feels great walking around South park,
everywhere you’ve seen in the show, all the boy’s houses, Jimbo’s shop, City Wok,
Starks pond. With the same cartoony style, you feel like
you’re creating your own episode. And every place you go there’s secret equipment
and clothing to find. So, by exploring you actual make character
stronger. There’s development by going off searching
people’s garages, trash cans, and the occasional side mission with rewards, like weapons or
Facebook Friends. The game has its own ambient soundtrack, a
set of perfect tunes that compliment the gameplay, and enhance the experience. There can be a lot of exploration and going
back and forth in the game sometimes, and the songs never get boring or overused. You can tell effort was put into the atmosphere
of each area. As a little sprinkle of love for the fans
as well, when walking into some shops you can hear songs that have been sung in the
show, like little funny Easter eggs to find. There are 2 things about this game that I
can criticize, one is that it’s very easy. Once you understand the equipment and battle
system, its super easy to stack up multiple status effects at once, burn em, gross them
out make them bleed, and in between turns, enemies will lose giant chunks of their health. You can even use this against some of the
so-called tougher bosses and they’ll fall quicker than an unwanted child down some sharp
stairs. The second is a real issue in my opinion,
censorship, what is the point of the pegi system or age restricting, if you’re still
going to literally pull out chunks of the game because you think they’re too naughty. An 18 rating in this day and age surely means
that anything goes, but I think it’s because they look down on games as a media? An 18 movie could have people being skinned
or their mouths sawn to assholes in a chain but we’re still toe dipping in playable
games. It to me feels like those who restricted the
content of this game, must have a real disconnect to the modern world. Games are not just these things that little
kids play at arcades or have child friendly adventures at home. They’re as varied as any other media; it
would be like ripping pages out of a book or blocking a sex scene in a movie with a
picture of a kitten. It’s a joke and I hope this doesn’t become
a trend. There has to be a balance in games like these
that draw on specific source materials. If it’s just funny and lacks in the gameplay
department, then it won’t be a fun experience and progression will feel more like a tour
rather than a reward. And if the gameplay and your input is the
main CenterPoint of the game, with the story and canon taking a back seat, then fans of
the show will feel cheated that it’s not a true South Park experience. But, in my view, this game creates an excellent
balance. Which is why in my opinion this game should
receive Top Priority in your collection. It’s a truly well-crafted game and I believe
that this game should be on everyone’s shelfs and would brighten any gamers day. Thank you very much for watching my South
Park Stick of Truth review today, if you like what you saw please give it a like. I publish New videos every Friday. And if you want to see more please subscribe
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