Are we shooting him? come on guys come on noooooooo What’s he saying? He’s saying he’s friendly Is is ok? What’s he doing? He’s still alive I think You’ve got that mosin I’ve been looking for
bro steady pulse you can take my mosin, I have a bunch of mosin
for you Can I live? Your speakers are really loud Im going to go to higher ground I’m going to hand cuff him Keep an eye out for me just heading a bit up the hill to scout out
anything do you want anything off his body? no do you have any broken bones? Just let him go now make sure you ditch your m4 away from him do you have any friends around? Oh you have no shoes on you know that? Yes that’s how we identify eachother I have a friend in Balot I’m going to meet Ok sweet, the Handcuffs we put on you are
badly damaged so you can escape easily we are going to leave you now ok? ok I wont leave until you do. Ok cool, see you man Yeah he’s cool He’ll just have to get out the handcuffs himself usually i would kill him you lead the way Let’s run with our guns for a bit oh *heavy breathing* Fresh spawn? He’s gone round to the other side I saw that because there wasnt any textures
when I logged in He’s leaning through the wall to see us Dude we’re fucked! I’m going to go outside and blast him I heard a mosin shot I missed him There’s another fresh spawn here Dude what have we logged into!? cover me I’ll lead, okay fuck! I can’t see this guy in the police station his body was poking out through the wall *gun shot* Dude who shot? that was me, I nearly hit him! That was so close I nearly hit him! There’es two guys on the… main street? yeah? did you go inwards? yes just a bit, retreating now I see him running out to the right cool I think I hit him then M4, oh I missed it some guy just got killed by m4 by the medical
center that m4 is either in the pub or in the medical
centre or on the road I’m just below u by the wall, i flanked round If they were by the road I’d see them there’s a fresh spawn in the shed in town Oh fuck I’m dead! He’s really close Isee them I see them *Sporadic gun shots* I killed them both, if you kindly get your
ass back here you have plenty of gear! he headshotted me so my gear should be fine I wrecked him They came up right behind trying to loot your
body immediately like morons! Oh hang on a minute, fresh spawn going for
your body dead now Live or die? You decide! What does he have? Wrench, baseball bat, beanie Go talk to him I’m not getting down Shoot him in the leg and break his leg *gun shot* Dude some guy is having a fight, I killed
him Dude get off my ladder! thats not going to work is it Dude fresh spawn here *gun shot* *gun shot* what the hell’s he doing here? He’s trying to bait me out into the open is there a guy on the ladder? dude what the fuck? dude *gun shot* dude this game is broken This game is a joke He double tapped me Good game! (speaking to my killer)

South Park the stick of truth Part 2 – How to escape the space ship (Anal probe scene)
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