a week away from competition does not
mean the Spartans are taking it easy cohesion stems from repetition and
consistently pushing one another to the next level for this young group the
grind never stops the goals remain the same learning from others is a skill that is
tough to master for redshirt sophomore Jerad Rosberg he’s soaked in lessons
from many along his path to Michigan State
my dad coaches football he would switch jobs and in the football ranks you know
you’re always trying to you know move up and find the next best opportunity and
he’s pretty good at what he did so he just kind of kept building up to better
and better universities and then the pro and then ended up in Baltimore with John
Harbaugh and one of his best friends and you know coaching side by side with him
so they’ve been friends for like 25 years and for them to be able to coach
together side by side is really cool being around the players being around
the other coaches you know you kind of get a feel for the pro lifestyle the
high-end sports like how you should act how I should prepare how you need to train and
I learned a lot of valuable lessons through football that I’ve tried to
translate to hockey my dad wakes up your like 4:30 in the morning and then
he’s at the facility all day till like 11:00 and just like seeing him you know
put those hours and you know really it makes you realize like how hard you got
to work to get where you want to go so I just think growing up watching him work
set a good foundation for me and like a role model to strive to be like Jerad’s
father led him to another role model one who Jerad would strive to represent
every time he took the ice so OJ Brigance, he used to play for the
Baltimore Ravens when he retired he took over as a player development which
player development role is kind of more off the field like helping them and like
their personal life and helping them grow as a man and just anything kind of
do to developing like the human themselves and when I got to Baltimore
he was very nice to me he kind of took me under his wing because I was around
the facility quite a bit he’d always show me around and hang out with me and
talked to me and he really cared about me even though like I was just a new kid
so shortly after you got diagnosed with ALS which is Lou Gehrig’s disease you
watching him struggle through that was it’s still pretty tough and watching him
go from this big strong man to you know be in a wheelchair was it’s tough too
tough to take and yeah I admire his courage and I admire his attitude because
even today he’s like he’s one of the happiest guys he was like a animated
computer system I can talk through and he’s always cracking jokes and trying to
talk to everyone he can like there’s a smile and like you know raise his
eyebrows if you say something funny I put OJ, i I have it like it engraved
on my stick next to my name it’s like it’s like Frostburg and this is oj right
below that and then I put just OJ on the tape with the top of my stick
just so like throughout the game if I like glance down or look at my stick like
this kind of reminds me of OJ like you know kind of give me a little
motivation like who I’m playing for who I’m trying to represent also when he got
diagnosed I switched my number to 57 cuz that was his number growing up and
and that was his number in the NFL when you played for the Ravens I kind of
wanted to honor him I was in I was in youth hockey time and every team where
they allowed me to pick my number I’ve picked 57 and when I committed here well
ask questions I asked before I committed I was like I can work for these seven
right and they’re like oh yeah yeah sure I’m like okay we’re good then
it just whenever I you know see you know even on tape just watching myself or
seeing pictures and like you know seeing the 57 it you know something bigger than
myself that I’m playing for and I feel like I’m trying to you know carry his
his like I guess playing legacy on through the number when I see OJ I talk
about OJ he just inspires me to do every everything I can cuz opportunities
can be limited and yeah I mean it’s like it I don’t really know how explain it
but you just like you see OJ and it puts everything into perspective my neighbors
played hockey I always would kind of watch them even though it’s tiny I’d
always watch them play and just kind of wish I could play with them and my first
like memory is it’s just like my neighbor’s house and then playing street
hockey it’s like the first thing I’d remember mesmerized by it and you know
when you see like the older kids around you playing you kind of want to fall in
their footsteps and kind of start from there my mom is a unsung hero and she
does not get as much credit as she deserves
my dad always been in the facility there’s only one person at home taking
care of the kids and I have two other sisters so there’s three of us growing
up my mom pretty much had to take us everywhere just herself like any any
sporting event in the school anywhere we had to be the schedule in hockey itself
is pretty absurd at a young age like you’re always practicing early mornings
you’re practicing every day of the week you’re going to Canada traveling across
the country eight when you’re you know ten years old and she loves her kids and
are very appreciative of everything she’s done for us with the support of
his parents and a family connection with the school Michigan State University had
always been a special place to Jerad ever since I was little I’ve been at MSU
fan because we have family friends that work at the school my dad roomed with
coach izzo at Northern Michigan Michigan they’re both grad assistants
you know watching coach do his thing kind of growing up but you know MSU
basketball was like my favorite sports team when it came time to get recruited
for hockey it was definitely one of my first thoughts it was just like wow that’d
be cool like if I could play for the team
I grew up cheering for jerad is a kid I’ve known my most of my
life selfishly I’d like to seen him here and so he came for a visit and we spent
some time together and it’s big strong tough kid and good student that that
cares about winning and he’s a true Spartan I was I always kind of knew in
the back of my head that yeah it’d be tough to beat MSU no matter how cool
other places could be because MSU is like where my heart was and where I always
wanted to play and it just like seemed right because of you know the family and
my dad almost like predicted it I was like yes just like all those things that
combined it just seemed like the right fit Jerad had found his perfect match in
a school however his nagging injuries were getting to be too much leaving his
young career in jeopardy I’ve had three knee surgeries two on my
right one of my left and when I came here to MSU
I already had two and they didn’t quite like work out like I wanted like I was
loving pain and I like partially retour so then I had to get like a 10-month
surgery here at MSU which was tough obviously cuz you know you want to play
you know being a freshman you want to be in the lineup you want to contribute
want to be part of the team and getting injured and not really being around the
team it was a tough start to you know college career. Ace, he’s been a big help to
me helping me through the injury always being there like helping me out with the
rehab and in the process of that but also just you know trying to keep my
spirits up and just being someone to talk to and chill in the the training
room with um he’s uh he’s helped me out a lot too Jerad is already built to have
that athletic determination to work as hard as he can every day
and I saw them and the truth is I had to tell him to back off at times not to be
too aggressive but when we got to fully healed it was full throttle for him
obviously the rehab process when it first happened you got take it really
slow I did like a straight leg brace for over a month and then I could like
barely walk or do anything for another month after that there’s for awhile like
I I didn’t know if I was ever gonna be able play again
Rosberg comes in on the right wing Rosburg out in front put it in a goal
for Michigan State the Spartans the overtime extra point I guess you
would call what a move by Rosburg kind of beating the odds I guess and getting back out
there was it was pretty amazing like the first couple practices obviously you’re
focusing on playing but at the same time like you know you’re waiting in line is
like wow okay I made it back I could it was a big moment for me I proved to
myself that I could do it yeah it made me realize how lucky I am to be back out
there and to play at the game and then that kind of took for granted before and
it was definitely a tough here looking over and it took a while to to get back
in the eye so now that I am I’m thankful every day when I go out there that I can
play I think sports in general are a great teaching tool for for life I mean
you have to work in a team you have to work hard you got to work together when
you go through a bunch of trials and tribulations you definitely appreciate
everything a lot more and to be out there playing it’s pretty incredible but
you gotta put a lot into it and sometimes you got to pay through
injuries sometimes you got to pay through hardships and sometimes you just
pay with your time and I I believe it’s all worth it and I love doing it and so
you know if tough times come along the way you know you work through them just
like anything else and you know just to be out there playing after all all that
I’ve been through is you know it’s pretty cool it means a lot to me and I’m
excited to keep it going stepping into Big Ten hockey is nothing
to take lightly this season eight freshmen have found
their way into Munn Arena and are adjusting to their new competition we
know as freshmen you have to come in and really try to work hard to earn your
spot but there’s eight of us so we know there’s there’s openings and we’re gonna
have to really work to not just earn her spot but make a difference in the team I
came in wanting to meet everybody get used to the school and used to living in
a dorm I guess try to get to know my teammates and I kind of came with an
open mind and they really know what to expect but it’s been awesome every day
has been been fun a new challenge so I can’t complain what anything so far I
think one of our expectations going into the season for the whole team and the
freshman class was kind of culture change and we wanted to get more wins
than we had last year so we’ve accomplished our more wins than
last year and that cultural change is still coming along we’re still working
on it but I know Coach Cole wanted to take the freshmen in because they’re kind of
untouched from past seasons and kind of build his culture and build it up from
the freshman up because it’s easier than changing pathways you know so we’re kind
of I can kind of see the freshmen as a leading class because we came in with
Coach Cole with fresh minds I think as freshmen you gotta come in and try to
make an impact right away so you know meeting some of the guys I didn’t know
before like Geno Kamer and some guys I’d
never played before it was really cool it was special and to
be able to take that and try to turn into something big program didn’t have a
great year last year so trying to come in right away and just make an impact hockey wise, the speed is the
biggest difference just uh there’s just a little bit faster than juniors a
little bit stronger it was just that next level a lot of training obviously
the the Sprint’s was just something I haven’t done before like that to that
pace and that standard so I mean that definitely helped it definitely give us
that you’re pushing driving a lot stronger definitely the first game
especially when they scored a couple quick goals on us and I realized holy
crap like this is it’s the real deal you can’t mess around like everyone’s good
everyone’s talented everyone’s skilled you know right when they scored those
they scored three goals in ten minutes so that was kind of the all right you’re you’re
in obviously our first home game was amazing the fans and when they call went
into the fight song after the game after our first win that was kind of like wow
I’ve never been around fans that were cheering for me like that so home
exactly I was awesome awesome experience just atmosphere and I was like wow like
this big ten’s a step above non-conference and I’m playing college
hockey and I got a got to prepare myself for that and kind of pinch myself you
know snap out at a Tommy you got a game to play obviously you guys coming as a
freshman we’re not gonna be the best player and I kinda it’s kind of
different from yours before I was the top guy I’m not the top guy this year so
I have to kind of get used to a new role but whatever role that is I’m happy to
take it as long as we win games and that’s all that matters hey regroup regroup heads up heads up
heads up as the freshmen learned their new roles and weave themselves into the
lineup it’s the veteran leadership that helps
guide their path you just took it from on side to off side to then off side well we only have three seniors and like four junior so we’re really bottom loaded and
sophomore in freshman class but the upperclassmen have been incredible we
have a lot of great leaders especially get the guys who are in the letters but
we have more leaders throughout the whole team Mini Pav and Gatter have done a
great job and the juniors also but you know when there’s only three of them you
kind of get to spend more time with each one personally and I think they’ve all
taken us in as but as good as I can and said not a great resource for us to use
and they gave us great advice it’s it’s the little things when you make mistake
or something or you’re having trouble with something on the ice you know older
guy will a like try this or maybe this will help out with you like or even just
when you’re on the line like Gatter talking to me on the ice or with Louie
on with Paddy and Taro it’s just communication between each other even
the sophomores have been awesome and there’s so many sophomores and it’s 10
of them everyone’s been really good I mean helping me whether it’s either in
practice in class or just come asking how I’m doing you know if I need
anything when we’re juniors I think we’re gonna eat teen upperclassmen give
us some time to mold and mature and then put us on the ice and think we’ll be
able to do a lot of damage in a couple years all of us are pretty much in the lineup every game
so I think he really he’s talked to us a lot about you know we’re stepping into a
into a situation where you know a lot of freshmen come in they don’t really play
that much or they’re not in the lineup and stuff you know we came right in,
one time even joke to use like I need you guys be sophomores already like
we’re pretty much playing roles where other guys as they get older that
they’re stepping into those roles but uh you know maybe got Louie on the first
line he’s is Lina team and goals so I think he kind of leans on you know us
even though we’re a younger grew up a little more than some teams do with
their freshmen it’s important that we that we give them opportunities to learn
and give them opportunities to grow and I think that’s exactly what we’re seeing
and it’s right from Tommy Miller Mitch Lewandowski who are playing high minutes
with it whether it’s our top pairing on D or a top scoring line but it’s all the
way down down to Austin Kamer and in Gino Estevez they’re they’re all doing a
great job and it’s one of the things we’ll expect from them will be continued
growth that will probably be the biggest factor in our improvement over the
course of is the growth and development of your young guys because
they’ve got the the most to gain in that regard so we’ve been real happy thus far
and we’ll we’ll expect a lot of that moving forward you know what otherwise
we’re getting better every day as a team and it’s also nice how close of a class
we are really care about each other and we want each other to succeed and we
push each other there’s not a couple times where we had eight freshmen lineup
and you know we all want to play and like I said make an impact so I mean
being able to just to skate every day with each other and bond off the ice and
that the dorms live with each other watching other guys play like watching
Smitty go out on the penalty killer or Keef on the powerplay – is it’s
awesome to see and I mean it’s more of like a personal thing where you get to
see your friends doing well at the same time so it’s awesome I think it’s a lot
of excitement we’re such a young team and we’re
already kind of showing that we we’re right there with the top I think in the
future it’s gonna it’s gonna show exponentially because we’re we’re gonna
keep learning and going in the right right directions it’s looking really
good for us kind of taking that role that Coach Cole gave us and building the
team and the culture that also goes on the ice so we know we have a big role
for future years but we know we have a big role now and we know that everybody
on the team is gonna have to contribute we want to become leaders on the team
and hopefully we can try to get the championships whether it’s Big Ten
championship national championship we want to build this chemistry off the ice
and build an ice is the ultimate goal Sup spartan all access my name is Anthony Scarsella and I’m a sophomore defenseman here welcome over to the apartment I’ll show
you around a little bit alright so this is the famous MTV Cribs
shot of opening up the fridge so nothing nothing major we just got the basics
eggs are huge in this house everyone wakes up with eggs alright max have you
seen the kitchen we’re gonna walk into my room here a couple goodies Drew Miller
came and skated with us a bit beginning of this season so he gave me a stick
that was a pretty cool NHL-er, Stanley Cup yeah I got a couple jerseys from
juniors this was like the all-star game that was my high school Kevin or high
school and then I hung up my varsity jacket that’s a pretty special thing of
course can’t forget about the first goal puck I got it off the boards and ripped it
and couldn’t tell you where it went but when I’m back in the net so I
was pretty excited about that oh alright so here we go we’re entering
my room right now I put this here to let away to everybody know that this is a
Zach Osburn’s room right here this is freshman me I don’t think it looks too
much like me like I get I get it a lot then I look a lot different today than I
did back then so I don’t know so yeah this is this is my room right here these
are a bunch of my jerseys a couple of them from juniors this was when we went
to the national championship with my victory honda team and then my favorite
one is this one right behind my bed here it was a special Jersey for the I think
50th year anniversary for the guys that won the 66 in the national championship
I jumped in during the summer camp as a coach and took a picture with them guys
a joke you know I never really thought anything would come of it but he ended
up signing it and giving it to me so pretty happy about that I got my fishing
poles my my brother-in-law got me into the whole thing so I go
fishing with him who was Adam Eaton and we do this yeah it’s something I picked up
one Easter with I got a bunch of Easter eggs I just started going at it everyone
my name’s Jerad Rosberg I might remember me from a little earlier in the show
this is my room welcome I got a lot of stuff just
reminded me of my past teams my family and you know Ravens hockey big shoe guy
that I had a smaller rack earlier in the year but I had too many shoes as
overflowing so I invested in this new five story guy here I got a little
putting green here that I like to rip every night a little bit just try to get
better at putting oh That’s how it’s done I’m Brennan Sandford this in my room
nothing too special obviously got the always all the essentials I like my bed
closet even got a TV I study here when my roommates especially Ozzy aren’t bothering
me I like to mess with Sandy a lot Clubs sitting underthere hopefully I can pull those out
maybe a month or two and start in the range hardhat here sometimes we make
scarce wear it protect his head but we want we went down to Detroit in the
summer and I checked out Little Caesars Arena before it open so that was pretty
cool alright you guys gotta get out I’m sorry
alright it’s been great having you guys thanks for stopping by we appreciate it
we got to get back to a little bit of studying right now and getting ready for
the big weekend against Ohio State so time for you guys get the heck out of
here get out of here all right we done here Do I look like Miles
bridges or what? We good? You gotta shut the door though

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