(determined music) – [George] Good evening everybody and welcome to another exciting season of Michigan State Spartan Football. (crowd murmuring) Friday night lights at Spartan
stadium in East Lansing. (crowd cheering) (intense music) (crowd whistling and cheering) – [Tim] Seven and six a year ago, had a disappointing offensive season as far as injuries were concerned, kinda set them back. (players chanting) – [George] Tonight against the Golden Hurricane of Tulsa, a team that will play with amazing tempo and a team that loves to run the ball. The Michigan State defense will trot out the best run defenders in America. Last year, same guys in
the middle this year. Tulsa wants to run the
ball, that’s what they do, they average 200 yards
per game on the ground with two big time running backs and Shamari Brooks and Corey Taylor. – [Tim] That’s right and Corey Taylor’s a guy who, this weeks stepped out and said, there’s no reason they can’t do it again. He thinks that he,
himself and Shamari Brooks are gonna get 100 yards a piece today, five yards a carry, and I
think the guys up front, Kenny Willekes and Mike Panasiuk, Raequan Williams and Jacub Panasiuk, you’re gonna have something
to say about that, George. – [George] This may be one of
the really underrated teams in the country to make a push, not only for the Big 10 title, but for the College Football Playoff because of their strengths. – [George] And Timmy, I think
the X Factor is, of course, in Willekes, that’s the difference. – [Stadium Announcer] And proud sponsor in Spartan Athletics. (thoughtful music) – Growing up, basically I had the idea to do the best I can
in school and football, I knew not a lot of, probably the best opportunity for myself. When I was at Timber Creek High School, in Sicklerville, New Jersey, um, I had opportunities to develop great relationships and bonds
with all of my teammates and all our coaches, etc. But I had some couple
friends, couple buddies that I knew, uh, get themselves involved in some, you know,
different type of things going on in the community,
some more negative things, and just like, you know,
mischief stuff like that, um, that you know, basically had me with the idea of uh,
coming to Michigan State, and be an Education
Major, um, this way and, I’d basically be able to graduate and get a master’s degree and be able to become a high school administrator to be able to help, uh, direct the kids into, you know, the right classes, that way you can be on
your way to college. Uh, so the different type
of disparities goin’ on in, in uh, different communities so I was kinda thinkin’, you know, how I can make in impact, how I can change some of those things. To my research, I realized
that a lot of things have come down to policies
within towns and cities, and also the different types
of laws that, you know, are going on, so, my
process, my thought process, was, how can I, you know,
make this, this change. I started turning my focus more towards the low aspect of things, um,
doing some creative thinking, I kinda, uh, came up with a plan, an idea of going into corporate
law, and um, basically wanting to advocate for corporations and move their companies into, like, the inner cities,
or to low income areas, that way, we kinda revitalize the schools, the school districts in those areas, and give, you know, people
different type of job, job growths, and tax
revenues, and stuff like that, that um, I thought would be
really good for the community. (light piano music) I used to sometimes come by and just walk into the law school. I remember the first
time I came over here, I was like ay, and I said, so I think, maybe I’m gonna come here one day, and my ma says, like, you
know, it’s a possibility, maybe in a year, once I’m
done playing football, and done in the NFL, just uh, you know, walkin’ by, got some free
time to start chatting with the secretaries, and then after that, you know, every year, they
started chatting with ’em. So, they already kinda knew
who I was a little bit. Um, they didn’t really
fully know I was gonna try something like this,
and I started basically doing my research,
reaching out to mentors, sliding somebody a DM on
Twitter that’s a mentor. I said, hey man, can I ask
you a couple questions? Um, so that’s literally
how I was able to start connecting with people. So, I really started studying for how set, the end of the season, so basically I would have a whole
lot of time to basically prepare for that all. Sometime, just where I kinda finally told Coach Dantonio, hey this
is what I been thinking about. You know, the back of
my head, you know, um, I already was, I already was going through the process, um, you know while I was still
playing during the season and stuff like that, you know, but I didn’t actually, you know, open my mouth, say anything
to the coach and staff. And I definitely was really nervous. I was like, you know, you
knock on Dantonio’s door, you know, and sat down,
and he was you know, hey Cam, you know, what’s goin’ on. And I kinda just broke it to him. I’ll never forget the look on his face, you know, so um, it was definitely an interesting conversation. Walking out of there, I
definitely had his support. And, um, he was all for it, really positive about it. – [Mark] It was exciting for us, for him, very exciting for us as a program as well,
uh, to go to law school, knew that it would take sacrifice on both ends of the stick there. At the same time, you
know, it was something that maybe for a lifetime, will provide opportunity for him. So, I thought it was a great thing, a great opportunity that
we were gonna support in any way we can. – [Josiah] Coach D’s one of the people who comes to us all the time and tells us, you know, find something that you love outside of football and
law is one of his things, and Josh, obviously with
the video stuff, so. A bunch of guys have
like a bunch of interests outside of football and
it tells a lot about us, that we’re just not football players and we do more things than that. Say, not around the country you see most people would be able to go and be able to put hours into other things outside of football, and so uh, it’s a special place,
to be able to come here, and be able to do what you wanna do. (woman laughing) – [Mark] I want everybody’s
dreams to come true here. You know, I’m just, not just
a coach, football coach. You know, to me, you know, you take on this responsibility, you’re a little bit more
of a life mentor too. But, if we got guys that can
play baseball at this level, I want them to play baseball, if we got guys that can
play baseball at this level, I want them to play basketball. So, you can be a lawyer,
go be a lawyer too. But, let’s come to Michigan State and then try and fulfill
all of your dreams, not just the dreams in this locker room. Let’s take things and try
and expand on those things, and use these moments as, really moments that can shape your life. (cheerful music) – [Amy] We are the first
land grant institution in the country, and for us to continue an agricultural heritage
has always been important to our administration at the university as well as in our athletic department. Every day is different. Mother nature gives you
a different scenario everyday of the year. Weather-wise, we had a really
horrible summer last year. And then the fall was very, very wet which made for some really
challenging conditions in Spartan Stadium. So we began the discussion, if we were to put in an NFL quality field, with all the bells and whistles, what would that look like? The field had originally been installed for the season of 2002. There were a number of
things that needed to be either replaced or repaired. We just rolled it all up and
redid the entire field level. We’ve had a long standing relationship with Sports Fields Inc. The owner of that company, Brian Storm, is an alumni of Michigan State, and has been involved in
many field projects here. With his experience in the NFL, MLB, MLS, it made perfect sense for
us to reach out to him, and talk to him about what was best and what was needed for the future needs of Spartan Stadium. (crowd murmuring) – [Announcer] And the spring
game concluding practice here, at Michigan State, so long everybody, and go green, go white. – [Amy] The Monday
following the spring game, we began a renovation of the field level which meant that we
removed all the materials at field level, the track surface that surrounded the field
as well as the field itself. And we built the field literally, from fifteen inches beneath the field up. (perky music) We don’t have the time to just, you know, cancel a season at Spartan Stadium and let it grow in, so
we have to bring in sod, and when you have to bring in sod, you try to find the best soil match and the best turf grass types available. (cars driving) (door opening) – Hello there, sir. – [Cam] February 1, um, I started working for the Beulah Firm, started off as more of a legal assistant then eventually got promoted to more of a
law clerk type position. And, that has opened up my
eyes to the law process. I had an opportunity
to work on real cases. I remember my first case, they just basically threw at me. They said, hey Cam,
start breaking this down. Like okay, well, what do I gotta do again? You know, trying to figure
out the whole law process. Basically between February 1 and now, I’ve had an opportunity to, um, work on a ton of cases. I had an opportunity to participate in a whole lot of mock
trials, stuff like that, actually in this courtroom, here. Uh, worked on a few mock trials, and start preparing our
head attorney for trial. Also, I had an opportunity
to follow motions, work on some briefs, a whole
lot of different things with the Beulah Firm. So it was definitely giving
me a whole lot of confidence going into law school that, you know, hey, not only is this just an idea or thought that I have but actually
to be able to see it done in real life is, you
know, definitely something that I know I can do. (group of people talking) A whole lot of stereotypes get placed on football players as well
as athletes in general. Um, as well as, you know, men of color, as far as across this country that I feel like, there’s definitely a whole lot of different,
I don’t wanna say pressure, but, you know, it’s
kinda just, I feel like I look at it more as motivation to try to basically show what it is that I can do, as far as, you know, the
stereotypes and expectations are definitely, um, not limiting me in any type of way. I know it’s gonna be, you know, a whole lot of people that are gonna be welcoming, accepting, also gonna be some individuals are not all excited about what it is I’m trying to do, um, but at the same time, I
definitely gotta stay positive. I use the term that I tell myself a lot, just uh, basically just
run through the smoke, you know don’t worry
about things too much, don’t overthink it, just go out, and just basically do what I’m doin’. (crowd cheering) – [George] Connor
Heyward, the running back, the ball to thirty-seven
yard line of Penn State. He’ll hand the ball off to Connor Heyward, he’ll wind up and throw it down the field. (man shouting) It is caught by Cam Chambers. – [Cam] I just kinda just
have a drive about me, I just, you know, I know
that I wanna be successful, um, in whatever I do. For me, my freshman
year, I was red-shirted, so I was okay. If I can’t, you know,
be great at football, I’m gonna be great at
school, so I kind of just went on that aspect, and tried to just do the best I can in my classes, and then when I had an
opportunity to play, you know I realized that
I already developed skills academically as my own as well. Just, continue to do both the best I can at a high level. (energetic music) (crowd shouting) – [Announcer] A little
play sight bootleg action for Lewerke who’s got outstanding legs. Markers come and slide
him down as he’s hit right out of bounds. – [Announcer] Third down,
seven at the fifteen, Heyward to the right of Lewerke, shotgun, snap, quick throw,
right side of Connor. – [Announcer] Flips under the tackle, he’s at the ten, he’s at the five, heads for the right pylon. He is close, he’s in! Touchdown MSU! – [Announcer] A successful opening drive, When we see the nine plays
and one opening drive for a touchdown all season a year ago so the pace was a little quicker. – [Announcer] Then throws it left side, nice grab by Keylon Stokes. He’s hit hard at the nineteen, but he hung on Josiah Scott. Smith takes a quick snap, does it out in the right flap, and knocked down is Shamari Brooks after he caught the ball but Antjuan Simmons snapped
back to Brian Lewerke. Left flap toss to
LeDarious, shifting move, fake left, took it right,
he’s in the Tulsa territory. – [Announcer] Tulsa celebrating as if they have stopped the Spartans. And I think they may have. – [Announcer] Tulsa’s gotta feel good about themselves and this defense has really given the
offense an opportunity. – [Announcer] He is blocked! Special teams, baboom! And it’s picked up by the Spartans. – [Announcer] That’s what
Mark Dantonio’s team does. (announcers yelling) – [Announcer] Throw a thirty-eight yard try for Matt Coghlin. It is on the way and it is good. It’s Michigan State ten and Tulsa nothing. – [Announcer] Let’s see
how Philip Montgomery handles this, how aggressive
he is backed up here. ‘Cause at some point in
time, he’s gonna have the leverage of skill set that makes this offense special. – [Announcer] High snap over his head. They’re running after it,
who’s gonna get there first? It is gonna be the Spartans
at the twenty yard line. Kenny Willekes, who else? Caught on the run at the
thirty-five yard line. – [Josiah] Yeah, it’s a lot
of hard work and effort. We’re really puttin’ in the hours here and then also putting those
hours in school time too. All the studying hours
just like regular students but we have a bunch more responsibilities, like being on time to meetings, and lifts, and things like that,
so it’s very hard work, and it’s a bunch of dedication. – [Cam] I thought they were like two different motivations,
how to be motivated in football, how to basically be trying to be dominating football. I thought school was just studying more, but then I kinda, the older
I got, kinda realized, is basically the same
thing, where if I can be really motivated and try to be the best football player I can be, real dominant in the football field. I take the same attitude,
mindset in the academics, and I can basically do the same thing. I kinda thought that was
pretty cool, I could, you know, squish that together. And even now, with the law side of things, hey if I can try to be real dominant in the football field, let me, uh, basically learn the
tools that I need to be real dominant and have the same attitude and aggression in the courtroom. I’m trying to defend the client. (inspiring music) – [Mark] What I see in him gives me reason to believe that he can
is he’s resourceful, he’s patient, um, he’s a guy that can sort of schedule his time, and itemize what he needs to do. He looks to be a guy that, uh, can be stay focused on the task at hand. And I think all those
things are the things that he’s gonna have to
be able to do a great job with his time management
and he’s done that so far. He’s graduated in, um, I
guess three years time. So, you know, we’ll see
what the future holds. – [Cam] The opportunities that’ve been opened up for me since I’ve come to, came to Michigan State,
it’s truly amazing. Coach Dantonio’s been, you
know, he’s been phenomenal. He definitely always had
my back through my time here in Michigan State
and he’s always been extremely supportive,
you know, the opportunity to play football at this
big time university, and you know, we have an
amazing law school as well, so it’s kinda, just basically
living the dream right now. (tractor engine) – [Amy] From the day
that the grass went in until our first scrimmage, you know, we’re very detail oriented in maintaining the grass everyday, making sure that no
matter what mother nature throws at us, that we’re doing the best that we can in those situations. You know, hot, wet, and humid are very difficult conditions to establish a high quality athletic surface. We set the stage for greatness
for our student athletes, and, you know, providing
them with an opportunity to achieve their dreams has always been a really important thing to us. – [Josh] The new turf, I
don’t know, it’s just nice, you know, it’s so good,
you know, the lady, she takes real good care of it, like, that is her baby for that
grass, she loves that grass. (guy mumbling) – [Tyler] A lot of people
take the time and effort to make sure we have the
nicest playing surface, and I can’t wait to see what the new grass is gonna be like, if like,
it’s gonna be super nice, and it’s gonna be perfect,
perfect conditions every time, it always is, I
just can’t wait to play on it. (crowd yelling) – [Amy] Well we’re mowing
it everyday right now, making sure that we’re
not over watering it. When you’re having heat like this, you wanna provide the
surface with the exact, correct amount of water,
and not over water it, otherwise it’s like sleeping in a wet bed. It’s really waking a fine line everyday, just keeping a detail to
it, putting fertilizer, and other plant protectants on it that might be needed or necessary. So, it’s really like babysitting. It’s a lot of babysitting everyday. When we get towards a season, we’ll be painting it and doing some other things with it, but getting it to a more playable state, but right now it’s just
about growing grass and maintaining healthy turf grass. – [Announcer] Tyler Hunt will hold from the left hash
mark, is it long enough, yes it is! Matt Coghlin from way down town and the Spartans go up
thirteen to nothing here. – [Announcer] Well this
top-rated rush defense is showin’ their ability
and it’s outstanding. Negative twenty-five yards
for the golden hurricane on the ground. – [Announcer] Wild snap to his right, it’s in the endzone. Spartans dashing for it, it goes beyond the back
side of the end zone. That is a safety. – [Announcer] It’s nothing doin’ against this stall work Michigan
State defensive front. – [Announcer] Now back
to Smith, stands back near the goal line. The ball is loose. Scramble for it at the goal line, no indication yet. – [Announcer] Touchdown. – [Announcer] If it is in the end zone, yes it’s recovered. Kenny Willekes makes another play. Wow! Touchdown, MSU. – [Announcer] Raequan Williams
knocked it out of there. And then Willekes used the two guys that will be playing
on Sunday’s next year, making big time plays. – [Announcer] Throw it left
side, it’s gonna be picked off. The Spartans gonna pick,
it’s Antuan Simmons. Simmons on the return
to the thirty yard line of Tulsa. Low snap, hand off Shamari Brooks, and in the back field for a big loss, back inside the thirtieth to twenty-nine, Mike Panasiuk makes
another punishing play. So it’s third down and one and the one yard is not
comin’ on third down. A two or three yard
loss, half back to Brian. Goes over the middle, catch
made by Derek Stewart. Almost lost it, now cuts who was left and runs away from Hurricanes. The kick is on the way. He’s automatic, Matt
Coghlin strikes again. Shamari Brooks is the running back, Zac Smith in trouble and down he goes. Shamari Brooks to the left of Smith and he’s hit again. The ball came loose as he was hit hard by Jake Panasiuk just
’cause it snapped a time, and he hit down, as he winds up to throw from his weak side linebacker’s spot. Antuan Simmons, third and seventh, Zac Smith occupying for Tulsa. Hit down at the goal line and banged back into the end zone, and that does it. (crowd yelling) – [Announcer] It’s the end of the game. – [Announcer] The game has
ended with the Spartans winning over Tulsa. Twenty-eight to seven minus seventy-three. – [Announcer] Minus seventy-three – [Announcer] The golden
hurricane, that record is now this 2019, Spartan
beat Fence’s record. – [Announcer] That’s sixty-nine years ago. (football team chanting and singing) – [Football Player] First
game, you know what I’m sayin, it’s always good to start
the season out with a dub. Uh, did some good things,
did some bad things. Gotta make sure we keep getting better each and every day. (intense music)

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