We’re gonna start some articulations right now and we’re gonna focus on the spine So our spine shouldn’t be stiff. Everyone’s spine should be to be nice and mobile. It should move around like a snake It should bend, it should flex, should twist. So we’re gonna show you using the short stick how to create that. So first thing Mitch is gonna do is place the stick right against his chest or actually just below his chest on a sternum He’s gonna lightly Pull the stick into his body to create a little tension Okay. Now he’s gonna do is we’re just gonna start with some rotations So start rotating to the right left or just start really small Get comfortable None of that should cause any pain Feel ok? Feel great Perfect. Okay so now As he gets comfortable he’s gonna try to increase the range He could pull the stick into his body and if he wants to increase the range He could pull one hand up a little harder than the other, while this hand is still fighting So not only are we getting some rotation in the spine the rib cage. He’s also working on some scapular strengthening So we’ll get about five or six there and now we’re going to make it more complex so he’s gonna start to draw forward circles and This whole time just like when we were doing the rotations, his hips should have minimal movement Because we want to focus on that spine movement So increase that range So again, so some twisting we’re getting some lateral flexion here Okay, let’s do a little more coordination so let’s go backwards so The reason why we start with a stick in front is a lot of people Don’t have the ability to get the stick behind them which will be our next progression So go ahead relax, and now Mitch is going to place a stick behind the crooks of his elbows Okay, so they’re gonna be sitting in the crooks and then what he’s going to do is he’s gonna lightly push forward, palms up This gives them a natural extension Okay, so from here we’re going to start doing the same thing. We’re gonna start to push his right hand forward, get some rotations So now we’re getting the scaps to move a little bit more a little more intense on the ribcage And now we’re going to teach the scapulars how to move up and down here. Now Mitch is going to draw some circles We’ll go forward So if you watch here his hips aren’t moving at all Okay now, let’s go backwards He’s going backwards and he’s still pushing If you watch his head, his head staying in the same spot We don’t want to lose it All right, because then if his if you see your head moving that means your spine is moving laterally with your hips Okay relax, so the next progression here is we’re gonna have the arms out Now we’re going to get even more motion and start involving the arms. So the same thing we’re gonna start with the rotation So he’s gonna push his right hand forward Now we’re getting a nice big stretch in that chest the rib cage so He’s pushing with this hand, but he’s also fighting back with the back hand here Another thing we can add in is he can start to lightly pull it apart create more strength to the posterior chain Okay, now let’s bring some complexity into it coordination let’s go with forward circles hips stay still Let’s go even bigger circles keep that head still and Backwards And relax so five or six wraps these progression if You can’t go here because there is pain in the shoulder or your posture to get stuck like this Let’s stay in front until you have that mobility and that is how we warm up our spine

Spine Articulation Warm-Up Stick Mobility Exercise – #5 Fundamentals

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