sport has always been like present in my
life football that’s how my dad and I bonded
especially if we were not getting along we watched football and everything so as
far as always been there for me to bond with people and to create relationships I’ve seen a lot of kids be saved because of sports and get a college education
because of sports and to me that’s really important. Being a Division one school you have opportunities to work in Division one
athletics as a student as a student team manager or in marketing. I interned with
the Cleveland Cavaliers and Canton charge
I loved the proximity to Cleveland and my hopes to working for a professional
sports team it’s not many Division one schools around per se and and this one
is top notch in our pro football team I was in gold jacket relations Super Bowl
and we hope with the enshrinement that’s our main our main focus is the enjoyment
and it was a very very unique internship opportunity and the event planning
portion I loved but I also really liked working with the professional players
that kind of 1-on-1 basis. Through the internships and practicums that you do, you really get to choose a field that you are comfortable with. So each class
is structured to cover a different area of sports administration so you’ll cover
the media, marketing, sales, event planning, all different areas. We have a sales
program where we work with the Indians we have an event planning class where
that’s like totally 100% up to you The event planning classes definitely units of
program you’re learning how to plan the event but you also get to plan an event
while learning how to do it My event was the sport administration
annual reverse raffle so it’s where we have to pretty much sell tickets to help
raise money for scholarships for sport administration students. During my undergrad I was able to apply to a combine program where I was able to take
some master courses still as an undergrad student and they counted for
both my undergraduate degree and my master’s degree. this degree program is so different when
it comes to the professors. The professors are huge here. They.. if you dive in and get out of your comfort zone a little bit they will really help you I
would not be where I am with my internships or have any of the people
that I’ve been networking with if it wasn’t for my professors

Sport Administration Program
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