The TRIA Sport Concussion Program is a
multidisciplinary program that has physicians, neuropsychologist, physical
therapist and athletic trainers. And we all work together to help each patient
and an athlete return back to their baseline, and return back to the things
that they want to do. In physical therapy would we assess an athlete. We look at
several domains. So we first look at the vestibular function. Often after a
concussion the vestibular system can be slightly abnormal. So we look at that for
sure. We then look at the neck and make sure that that the neck is okay too. If
there’s any impairments there we address them as well. Ultimately what we’ll do is look at that that athletes ability to increase their
heart rate again and to participate in sports. So we look at exertion, we look at
their tolerance to exertion. So we look at those domains, we look at the
vestibular, the ocular motor, the cervical the neck and then their ability to
exercise again. We developed the program out of passion and a desire to make a
difference in this field and make a difference in our community and you know from that we have brought ourselves to a level where we feel really, really
comfortable and confident managing both easy cases, but also really complex and
challenging cases as well. So our passion I think has driven our excellence in
this field. To be able to help a patient recover from a concussion is of the
utmost fulfillment I think as a medical provider. And to be able to initially
honor on our initial eval kind of see the things that they’re struggling with
and know that these things are going to get better. That these struggles that
this person is talking about, we can change and we can make better. And
then to be able to kind of progress them through the stages of that recovery and
and to see, that and to see them, see the light at the end of the tunnel to see
their emotions change and to get excited again about about the potential both
about the idea of that complete recovery. And then to ultimately see that
is amazing. It’s really really amazing to see there’s often some tears you know at
that point because I think people think that this is something that they’re not
going to recover from. And that they’re gonna be plagued with for you know a
long time to come. But that’s not that’s not the case in many scenarios. And to be
able to give them back that motivation that energy their life back again is

Sport Concussion Program
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