I tell you it is an individual sport IndyCar racing or Formula one. Sports car racing is very interesting because you
take that aspect out of the equation you now have to work together help each other, give each other tricks to elevate the whole team together and I found that fun. I enjoy it because there’s no there’s no games being played and it
feels more like a team win as well so it’s a very different mindset. Yeah sports car racing is certainly a different mentality you know it’s one
that you have to be a big-picture thinker I think all the drivers that are in the car have to be that way you have to set your ego aside it’s all
about compromises coming to a setup that’ll suit the different driving
styles that your teammates have and coming up with a car that’s going to be
consistent through the entire race. I think that compromise is the biggest
part one of the biggest parts of this whole job you know whether you’re doing
sports car racing like I am here at Daytona with Acura Team Penske
obviously I’m six foot three you know I’m a hundred and ninety pound guy Elio is this tall and weighs you know one hundred and forty five (pounds) we’re two completely different, you know body types and in sizes and so you know, you have to compromise. Yes it’s complicated, it’s the same thing with Montoya he’s very short and I’ve got very long legs Graham is super tall his head I think is touching the roof of the car it’s how tall he is so yeah it’s unfortunate it’s quite uncomfortable for the tall guys the key is to find teammates that are equally as good and about the same
size but it’s very difficult. Of all the challenges that having multiple drivers creates the single largest one is in fact the
physical size you try and find guys first that are size similar Tommy Milner and Oliver Gavin and Marcel Fassler you look at guys like Antonio
Garcia and Jan Magnussen same physical size as Mike Rockenfeller that makes just
packaging a little bit easier if you can make the drivers more comfortable in the
car from a packaging perspective then the differences in chassis setup between
their likes and dislikes becomes much smaller When it comes to chassis setup
particularly for an endurance race like this it’s got to work for everybody and
what I mean by that is there is gonna be a time when you know Helio might be able
to drive a car thats a little bit more neutral than me on the on the corner
entry I might be able to drive a car that’s got a little bit more understeer
than maybe what Helio or Ricky or some of those guys may want but
ultimately how do we work together to find something that’s going to work for
all of us when you have six one’s always going to be the fastest one’s always going to be the slowest but if you can create in their mind the confidence but
that’s not that important the important thing is their race craft understanding what needs to be done to bring that car home after 24 hours if you can create
that in their mind and build that confidence that they’re not gonna lose
their job because they’re not the fastest guy you create what we’ve
created a Corvette Racing that’s how we do it here. It’s true but you still look at it you still look at it, I look at it I know everybody looks at it, you
still look at your own performance because at the end of the day, you’re
being hired for what you can do and what you can bring to the team so you don’t
want to be the weak link ever in racing that’s your job security is
performance. Driver changes are my least favourite thing in sports car racing because I’m a big guy I’m 6 foot 2 I’m getting in a tiny racecar so this Dallara the Wayne Taylor racing Dallara that I’m in now is great, no problem I was in the Acura NSX last year that was a really tight car to get into but there’s a lot of time to be won and lost on pit lane and with driver changes. You want to be
fast without rushing and when you rush you often make mistakes and losing two
tenths of a second it’s not as bad as losing 10 seconds right? So you want to
make sure you’re consistently fast the key is to really relax breathe before
the pit stop and feel like you take your time but everything slows down and
taking your time in racing it feels like an eternity but it really isn’t We put a lot of time and effort into it, it’s all about the sequence it’s all about the rhythm and whenever you start feeling rushed and frantic that’s when things
slow down, just like when you’re in the race car. In any position on a race team rushing is a bad thing you know calm yourself down, take deep breaths and do it right because if you try to rush through it
and you miss the clip or you put the belt in the wrong one or whatever, you’re
gonna find yourself in a lot of trouble. Rushing through anything is going to get
you in more trouble than taking your time and doing it right. You have to have like-minded people that understand what the goal is. The goal isn’t about an
individual on a team, the goal is about the team effort and the conclusion of
the event, that’s what we’re all here for and if you can find guys that can
develop that mentality and accept it and pick it as their target and everybody’s
pulling on that rope in the same direction you’re going to be successful over time.

Sports Car Racing: Driving as a Team
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