Okay… 4… 3… Breathe… The exercise is good and it certainly helps In the morning I’m all stiff because of arthritis
when I get up but when I finish with the exercise I’m so flexible that I can do so much more. I thought I was flexible but then, my God, when I started the exercise I can do so much more. It’s helped because we need to do more exercises
and them coming here and doing them at least we know we don’t have to leave the building. I’d like to see a bit of basketball Maybe soccer Maybe a little bit of tennis They seem to have a lot of fun with the balls,
maybe basketball.. we became like children again when we play with the balls. You know.. sports where they can work on their hand-eye coordination and muscle a bit. They
would be great activities. I think for some of them perhaps they played
sports when they were younger and and it’s really an opportunity to revisit that. It’s a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning We love it.

Sports for Seniors – Game On Toronto
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