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check it out alright so in this video I’m going to teach you how to use my
Olympics inspired sports title pack that I designed just for you.
Of course it can be used for other sports videos not just Olympics related
and right now the pack is free in honor of all the awesome Olympians out there
competing in South Korea but once the Olympics conclude on February 25th this
title pack will be on sale on my store at regular price the download link is in
the description box below so this is a motion graphics template also known as
.moGrt and it’s optimized for editing in Premiere Pro so you need Adobe
Premiere Pro CC 2017 or later to use it because it requires the essential
graphics panel so once you download it you’ll find a folder full of the 4 .moGrts and you will need to install this in your central graphics panel so in
Premiere Pro first go up to window and open up essential graphics then from the
Browse tab here you’re going to select the folder icon and then here is where
you can select the first .moGrt to import then you need to click on it
again and install the next .moGrt and repeat until you install all four I
really hope the next version of premiere will enable users to install multiple
modes at once because importing this should not take this much time okay so
now that we have them all imported let’s make a new sequence I’ll make a 1080p
sequence and then let’s drag the first .moGrt here from the Browse tab in to
the timeline before I jump into editing I just want
to show you that here on the timeline you’ll notice that on the graphics clip
you’ll see these white handles on the front and end and these are the in-and-out
durations you’ll notice that when I change the duration of the clip by just
dragging it out and then if I play it back you’ll see that the in-and-out
animations here remain the same so you don’t have to worry about changing the
keyframes so this is an awesome new feature so let’s go ahead and edit this
first live graphic let’s use the type tool to type in something new here where
it says live let’s say live at 5:00 p.m. and as we type that you’ll notice that
the other asset shift over and that’s because I pinned the layers to one
another making it easy for you to update and now let’s just highlight at 5:00
p.m. and let’s use the shift baseline up feature just to move it up a bit and of
course you can change any color you like here let’s change the line shape here to
be like a red color cool so if you don’t want to have the snowboarder icon here
totally understandable so that’s something that you can replace
as well so go to the project panel and here you will see there’s a folder
called motion graphics template media here is where the essential graphics
imports any clip media that is used in the .moGrt that you imported so let’s
right click on the white snowboarder graphic and hit replace footage and here
you can search for any graphic you want and then hit open and then voila the
graphic stays the same and of course you can resize it if you need to all right
now let’s go into the winner’s list motion graphics template and let’s drop
it into the timeline so notice how it’s over to the right and if you want it to
be in the center no problem you can just use the main layer effects controls and
you can use the position controls to just shift it over and tell it’s in the
center now you can use the type tool to edit the text let’s change this top
event name to say Olympics 2018 south and I made the shapes adaptable to the
size of text so it makes it easy for you you can also update these names so if I
select it delete and type something new you’ll see that it adapts as well and
let’s say that the names all end up being longer than each other but you
want these rectangles to be even no worries just go over to the essential
graphics panel find the corresponding box layer and just use the selection
tool to resize the shapes until they are even you can also update the country
acronym and also replace the flags from the motion graphics template media
folder in the project panel just like I showed you with the snowboarder graphic
you can also change the color of the text or the backdrops here and the same
applies to all the .moGrts in this pack now on to the next graphics .moGrt
you will see that when I try to type in new text that the shape does not adapt
here and I did this on purpose because if I made it adaptable the shapes
actually distort because they have slanted angles so pinning the layers
only works with straight edged rectangles right now in Premiere Pro but
no worries if you change the text you can use the pen tool to change and adapt
the shape until it fits and lastly the lower third score graphic here if you
want to update the Olympic name you can do that and let’s type in Chloe Kim and
you can see that the shape adapts to her name and of course we can type in new
scores if we want and instead of total let’s type in best and then we can type
in a new score also Chloe Kim is not an ice skater she’s a snowboarder so let’s
go ahead and replace that ice skater clip let’s right click on the ice skater
clip from the folder in the project panel and then hit replace footage and
let’s select the snowboarder clip and now let’s go ahead and scale it back up
and reposition it so it looks nice so that’s how you edit these motion
graphics templates I hope you all enjoy this and find it useful to your future
sports related content and enjoy the rest of the Olympics everyone and I’ll
see you all very soon bye you

Sports Olympic Animated Title Pack for Premiere Pro CC + Tutorial

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