Hello… Boss?! Yes Sir, how are you? You want me to go play rugby? But…but Boss… You want to join the team? But I’ve never played… Right. I think I’m ready now. I’m all warmed up. I’ve never played rugby, but there’s always a first time for everything… and today is going to be my first time playing rugby. What the hell are you going here? My boss told me you guys were in need of a powerful player like myself. You guys need the best, so… And that’s you? Yes, that’s me. I’m the one. Me me me. So how did MTV come to sponsor this team? MTV has been sponsoring us here in Estoril and has been a great help to us. Since then it’s been nothing but victories. Exactly. And now that you’re here… And now with your new player… It’s done. Invincible. Ok then. Now what? Alright. That’s more like. Now I’m feeling it! How did you become interested in Rugby? I’ve been playing since I was 12 years old. I’m studying to get into the restaurant business. I started playing rugby as a kid in South Africa. I was born in South Africa. How long have you played rugby? I started early. MTV U! In New Zealand the do that dance before each game to intimidate their opponents. When you guys show up with MTV on your jerseys, you intimidate everybody. Being from Estoril and with MTV…of course! No doubt about it! Guys, excellent work, lots of luck for the finals. With this MTV amulet on our jerseys, we’re going to win it all! And with an excellent new player, no doubt the trophy is ours. Let’s win this. Guys, thanks a lot. Great job. Let’s go!

SPORTS – Rugby Estoril – MTV U
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