(upbeat rock music) – [Narrator] After taking care of business back in Vancouver, the Canucks
begin a four game road trip with a visit to St. Louis. Confidence is mounting
after a perfect home stand which saw Green’s troops
light the lamp 16 times and go a perfect three for three. Belief is something the
visiting side will need as it’s the defending
Stanley Cup Champions who await their arrival. – [Myers] I always say you wanna focus on each game the same way. But with them winning it last year, you wanna come in and it almost feels like
you wanna prove a point. Beat the defending champs. – [Narrator] Regardless of the intensity and the focus that the stage requires, putting smiles on the faces of fans is an integral part of the job. (upbeat pop-rock music) – In net, number 35, Thatcher Clark. – [Player] He he, yeah! – And right defense, number 57, Dunk. – [Player] Hey, Dunk, woo! (suspense music) – [Narrator] A shot at the top dog. A chance to prove
yourself against the best. The opportunity is knocking
and the moment is now for the Canucks to test
their strength against the worthiest of opponents. (dramatic action music) The defending champs come out swinging, building a three to one lead. The visitors would use their
league best penalty kill and catalyst to start their comeback. – [Announcer] Edler with
a long shot, tipped, Rebound, they score! Ferland got that one as the puck popped right in front. – [Narrator] It’s a blend of fresh faces and familiar favorites that
combine to get the job done for Vancouver. – [Announcer] Motte towards
the goal, he shoots, hit the post! Free man in front, Miller scores! J.T. Miller and the Canucks after killing off a two man advantage
have pulled to within one. Now it’s centered, Pettersson dekes, and he can’t jam it home. And he gets to the
line, and he puts it in. Three whacks at it, and finally it went. – [Bo] We fought back hard. It just shows the character
in our room right now. We got our confidence going early. Come back like that against
a great hockey team, it definitely gives us
confidence going forward. – [Narrator] Goaltender
Thatcher Demko makes 34 saves and another six in the shootout. Forward Josh Leivo completes the comeback. – [Announcer] Scores! Josh Leivo, the 12th shooter of the shootout, he gets the only goal. – Woo!
– Yeah! – All right.
– There we go. – Yeah.
– Oh baby! – [Narrator] The Canucks
knock off the defending champs on route to making it
four straight victories. Something they didn’t
accomplish all of last season. (dramatic action music) – [Narrator] Next up for Vancouver
is a visit to New Jersey. Where they’ll play the first
of back-to-back matinee games. It’ll be a chance for the
Canucks to exorcise some demons as they’ve dropped nine
straight to the Devils. For the Hughes family,
this day’s been a lifetime in the making. Brothers Quinn and Jack
Hughes are set to face off for the first time in their NHL careers. – [Jack] Yeah it’s exciting. First time I get to play
him on the NHL rink so, should be a lot of fun. – [Quinn] Yeah, we’re excited, I think. Honestly, haven’t talked too much about it just ’cause I think we’ve
both done a good job at focusing one day at a time. Now that it’s here, it kinda came by quick. – I’ve tried to stay in touch with him, I watch all of his games. We’re in the same situation now where we’re really good support
systems for each other. – Right when I come to the
rink for our game I just kind of chill out for a couple hours and watch his game on the couch so, I’ve actually been able
to watch all of his games for the most part, so
definitely keeping up. – [Jack] I think we have somewhere around 75 people at the game. Friends, family, so it’s a great time for me and Quinn obviously, but, it’s also a great time
for our family and friends to be proud of us and
see where we’ve gone. – [Narrator] An opportunity
they could only dream of as children is about
to become a reality. Quinn and Jack get set to
battle on the grandest stage. (upbeat rock music) While the theme of the day’s
all about brotherly love, there’s no love lost between the two sides as they engage in a spirited affair. (upbeat rock music) Younger brother Jack gets the lone goal as Quinn and the Canucks
see their winning streak come to an end. – Yeah I’m happy for
him, but I’m here to win and I’m here to do a job. There’s a lot of brotherly
love, obviously, but, you know I’m gonna
congratulate him and stuff but, I wish we were winning one to nothing. – [Narrator] 24 hours after
falling in New Jersey, the visitors have their chance
at redemption right away as they cross the Hudson river to take on the New York Rangers. ♪ I’m going off ’em as
they turn on the lights ♪ ♪ I hope you ready
’cause we came to fight ♪ ♪ Win every day, we
gotta win every night ♪ ♪ I hope you ready
’cause we came to fight ♪ – [Narrator] The bright lights
of Madison Square Garden. A setting that, simply
put, never gets old. No stranger to the Big Apple, is Vancouver’s leading scorer
Jonathan Tanner Miller. Miller was selected by
the Rangers 15th overall at the 2011 NHL entry draft and remained with the
franchise for seven years before joining the Tampa Bay Lightning. (upbeat rock music) – We talked about it earlier as well, our compete level. That’s the biggest thing right now. It drives your feet, it
drives your puck battles, let’s win the first. – Come on, come on, come on.
– Come on Mysey. – Let’s go, let’s go.
– Come on, Schall. Let’s go baby! – [Narrator] The slate is clean, and the aspirations are high. The time is now for this
version of the Canucks to write their story. (dramatic suspense music) Green’s side comes out flying. Amassing 20 shots on
goal in the first period. Including finding the back
of the net three times. – [Announcer] Centers for
Horvat, and he scores! Bo Horvat. – [Narrator] The captain
scores his 100th goal of his NHL career. (dramatic action music) – Comes towards the middle,
Boeser, shoots, scores! (dramatic action music) Beagle to Schaller. Jay Beagle cutting towards the goal, shoots, he scores! Short-handed goal for Jay Beagle. – [Jake] Being physical and, with that hit, and then two
or three guys come after me, and I’m just not even worrying about it and the guy breaks a stick over me and they call that and, I wanna keep on doing that and creating power-plays for us. – [Jacob] They had a little more, more push, they were down a goal and, we played last night a really
physical, tough game, so. I thought the guys did a great job at blocking shots and battling. (dramatic action music) – [Narrator] Goal tender
Jacob Markstrom is lights out making 38 saves on the day. Including 16 in the third period. (dramatic action music) Vancouver gets back on track, making it five wins in the last six games. (dramatic action music) (upbeat rock music) Next up, a visit to Motor City. Where the Canucks will conclude
their four game road trip. A battle in Hockeytown
marks Vancouver’s fifth game in eight nights. ♪ Can’t tell you what it is but ♪ ♪ I can feel the danger ♪ ♪ I can feel the danger, recognize ♪ ♪ I can’t tell you what it is but ♪ ♪ I can feel the danger ♪ ♪ I can feel the danger, synchronize ♪ ♪ Synchronize ♪ ♪ I can feel the danger, synchronize ♪ ♪ Synchronize ♪ ♪ I can feel the danger, synchronize ♪ – [Narrator] Tonight the
Canucks are presented with the opportunity to
turn a good road trip into a great one. (suspenseful piano music) Vancouver finds itself in trouble early. Taking seven trips to the sin bin and falling behind by a pair of goals. With a single period
left on the road trip, the captain puts the team on his back and the rest is history. Literally. – [Announcer] Blocked in front, pucks shuffled on goal, Horvat scores! (dramatic action music) – [Announcer] Here’s Hughes
letting one go, scores! Horvat was in front. The way he celebrated, I
think he got a piece of it. – [Narrator] The Canucks
tally five unanswered and end the road trip
the same way it began by erasing a two goal deficit
and completing a comeback. (dramatic action music) – [Announcer] Turns to the empty net. – [Announcer] That’s the hat trick! From right in front of his own bench. – Bo Horvat scores a
third period hat trick. The first of his NHL career in front of 70 family and friends. – [Bo] And we all said it’s
gonna feel a lot better going home three and one, than .500, and I thought we gathered it up here in the three period. It’s gonna feel nice going home on the plane with another two points. (fans cheer) – [Narrator] This is a
night the Horvat family will never forget. (dramatic action music) The team travels back to
Vancouver having won six of its last seven.

St. Louis, New Jersey, New York and Detroit – All Access
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