Hey guys, welcome back to Stick Mobility TV. Dennis and Ray here for Stick Mobility. In this video we’re gonna be over going over a couch stretch Which is going to open up the anterior tissues into the hip flexor What we’re seeing is a lot of people are taking that leg and jamming it up against the wall It’s a pretty aggressive move, especially since if a lot of people don’t have that Natural lengthening of those tissues. It can be a little bit of over stimulus on that So we want to give you a little bit easier way and a lot more Receptive way for your tissues to get adapted and like them So what Ray’s going to do here is he’s going to use a plyo box. So we have this set up at the 30 inch pipe so Ray’s going to step out in front of the box He’s gonna have his sticks at 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock And he’s going to do is take one leg in he’s gonna place the top of the foot up on top of the box Alright from this position He’s going to place his hands on top of the sticks to lengthen up the top He’s actively going to take this foot back here and he’s gonna push the foot lightly into the box at about 30 to 35% perceived exertion What that’s going to do is that’s going to start to activate all the anterior tissues up into the hip flexor as soon as he does that he’s then going to take this right glute and he’s gonna squeeze the glute and he’s gonna go Posterior pelvic tuck to lengthen and get that nice stretch to that hip flexor Once then he’s engaged that he’s then going to slowly start to drop down Soften and put weight on that left leg as he does that he’s still actively pushing this foot down. And now as he’s Dropping down towards the ground He’s generally still pushing those sticks into the floor also about 35% percent insertion. And that’s building strength in neuromuscular control as we simultaneously Lengthen the tissues get a good stretch in that hip flexor region and anterior tissues of that right quad Okay, so he’s gonna hold out for about six to ten seconds and he eases off of that What he can then do and that second go-around Is he can start to bring a little bit more attention Into the move by even boosting the tension up to about forty Forty-five percent doesn’t need to be much stronger than that So if it goes the second time around it’ll increase it to about 40 45 percent perceived exertion He’s breathing nice diaphragmatic breathing and he holds out for six to ten seconds Longer if you’d like to us perfectly fine, and then he’ll come out of that Thanks, then of course as soon as he’s done with one side He’ll switch over to the other you switch over to the other leg. All right, so that’s how we started that’s the first basis for what how we Stretch the anterior tissues into the hip flexor as opposed to using the wall Dropping down into a full nailing position and getting a little over-aggressive on as far as lengthening those tissues So thank you for checking out this video. Be sure to check out the link in the bio for more video content Schedule as far as our education as far as our certifications are concerned and also to buy products So for Stick Mobility, Dennis and Ray, movement made better.

Standing Couch Stretch Part 1 of 2 – Stick Mobility Exercise

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