Hello everyone! Welcome to Cosmic Kids. I’m Jaime and this is your place for
yoga, stories, and fun. It’s easy. Just copy the moves I do
and enjoy the adventure. Now, we always start
in the same way by sitting on our bottoms crossing our legs and bringing our hands
together at our hearts and saying our secret
yoga codeword which is Namaste Ready? After three. One Two Three Namaste. There! Now we’re ready to begin. So let’s have a little loook
through our cosmonoculars thumbs and fingers together and see what our
adventure is about today. Have a look through. Wow! Can you see that? That looks amazing. All those colours, those shapes Cool! Ooh! Can you see it? It’s getting clearer. Oh! It’s a stick, just a stick. Oh! No, hang on.
It’s a stick insect. It’s Stella the Stick Insect. She’s doing yoga. She’s doing Eagle pose. Wow! This is great. We’re off to the park today to
go and find Stella the Stick Insect. Let’s begin our story
lying in our beds. Lying all the way down make your body nice
and long and relaxed and we’re going to pretend
that it’s a Saturday morning. Aaah! Bliss. We wake up and we stretch our
arms and our legs. Aaaah! We come up to sit crossing our legs
and stretch again Whooaaah! Then we stand up and we fold all
the way forwards reaching our arms forwards
to draw the curtains. Shhhhoop! Oh! it’s a bit rainy today. Let’s have a shower
in the rain. Standing up we pitter-patter all over
our heads that rain all over our bodies
and our arms all our tummies
and our legs. Oh! Dear, we’re getting
a bit wet in this rain so we rub ourselves
dry using our hands. That’s better. Time to go downstairs
and have some breakfast. Down we go down we go
down we down we down we go! We sit down with
our legs crossed and we reach up to
get the biggest pot bringing it all the way
down in front of us. Now, we’re going to
make some porridge. So we take our hand
across to our knee and twist around to
get our porridge oats. Here they are. Let’s shake them in the pot. Shake ‘em! Shake ‘em! Shake ‘em!
Shake ‘em! Shake ‘em! Shake ‘em! Take your other hand
across to your other knee and twist the other way. This time we need
to get some milk. So we get our milk
and we pour it in the pot Shhhhhooooo! There we go. Now we need to stir it. So we take our
legs out wide and we take hold
of our stirring stick and we stir it! stir it! stir it! We put that stirring stick down and we take our
other stirring stick and we stir the other way. Stir it! Stir it! Stir it! Oooo! It’s ready. We cross our legs we fold forwards keeping our bottoms
planted on the floor and then we eat
up our porridge Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Mmmmm! Delicious! We sit up nice and tall and we rub our hand
on our tummies and we pat our heads
at the same time. Oh! so so clever. It’s time to go. So we come up
to two knees we take our arms out wide and we give everyone at
home a great big hug. Bye! Time to open up the door. We take our leg
out to the side our arm up to the sky and we fall down
to the side Whooooo! Opening the door. Then we close it behind us two knees together leg out to the other side arm up to the sky and close the door Whooooo! Time to get on our bicycles. We lie on our backs and we crisscross our
fingers behind our heads lifting up our legs then we have to pedal really
slowly as we go up the hill. Oh! it’s quite hard. Oh! now we’re going
down the hill. So we go really really fast. We arrive at the park. Let’s go on the swings. We stand up and we bend our knees. We reach our
arms up high. Ready? One Two Three Weeeeeee! And up and again One Two Three Weeeeeee! And up. This is great. Should we go on the slide? Yeah, come on. Sitting on your bottoms legs out long take your hands
behind you point your fingers in
towards your bottom. Ready to go on the slide. Ready? Whooooo-Vooooooo! That was brilliant fun. Now, we see a little lake. Drawing the soles
of your feet together make a big diamond
shape with your legs. On this lake there is
a tiny little boat. Turning yourself around lift up one foot lift up two lift up one hand lift up no hands and give me a wave Hi! We row this little boat
across the lake. Legs out long take hold of your
oar and row. Let’s sing our row row
row your boat song. Ready? Row row row your boat
gently down the stream! Merrily merrily merrily
merrily life is but a dream! Ring-ring! Ring-ring! That’s the phone. Should we answer? Hello! Oh! there’s going to be
a bug ball tonight. Oh! we’re invited. Hmm! Yes, we’d love to come. Okay, yeah, see in a minute. Bye1 We put the phone down
and we row with the other oar. Picking it up here we go. Row row row your boat
gently down the stream! Merrily merrily merrily
merrily life is but a dream! Ring-ring! Ring-ring! That’s the phone again. Can we answer this one? Helo! It’s Stella the Stick Insect. Hi! Stella. Oh! you are in
a bit of a pickle? Oh! all right then yeah we’ll be there in a minute
yeah we’ll help Righto, okay. Bye! We put the phone down. Poor Stella, she’s in
a bit of a pickle. When we get to the
banks of the lake we take big squidgy
mud walks. Standing up coming to the side ready for a
big squidgy walk Squadge! and back and again Squadge! We come to a clearing. This must be where
the ball is happening. We find all of the
bees tuning up. Crossing your legs take your fingers and see if you can close
your ears and go… Mmmmmmm like a bee tuning up to play
its musical instrument tonight. All around we can
see beautiful butterflies they’re going to be doing
the decorations for tonight. Drawing the soles
of your feet together hold onto your toes and flutter your
butterfly wings. There are also lots of rather
wonderful caterpillars wiggling around. Coming onto your
base everybody hands underneath your shoulders point your toes back yes I’m just trying out
all of the leaves to check that they’re going
to be tasty for tonight. Hmmm, these are really good. Mmm! Oh! it’s good we’ve got the
caterpillars doing the catering. Next we see the grasshoppers
in the hopper hair salon having their wings trimmed
and highlighted. Laying all the way
down on your belly take your arms out wide bend up one foot
and press it to the sky. Then see if you can use your
other foot to hoist it up. Yeah, Sharon I was just saying
that’s Stella the Stick Insect she’s in a bit of a flap
at the moment. We hear this and we wonder
where Stella is. Swapping your legs
all the way over now lift up your other foot press it to the sky
and hoist it up. Oh! Yeah, Stella, she’s over
on that broken branch go see her We put our foot down and we roll over
onto our backs. We take our arms out wide and we lift up our legs Then we take our legs
over to one side and our head over to the other making a broken branch. We look all over
this broken branch trying to find where Stella is. Where is she? See if you can take your legs up
and over to the other side now and take your head
around to the other side. All of a sudden
we hear a… Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! We sit up and we look
really carefully and sure enough
we can see her but it’s very hard to see Stella
when she’s sitting on a branch because she looks
a bit like a branch but now she’s crying,
we can hear her. There she is.
Poor Stella. Coming up onto two knees take your leg out to the side and take your arm down
to the side beside you reach up with your top arm up and over your ear coming into your
stick insect pose. Oh! It’s awful there’s no point in
me going to the ball because nobody can see me. I’m always camouflaged
by everything. Coming to your knees. Oh! Stella when you go to a party you should
wear really nice bright party clothes. Then everyone will see you. Stella thinks this
is a great idea but we need to do
a bit of a wash So we cross our legs and we bring our hands
back behind our heads and we wash Stella’s
best party clothes Wisha-Washa! Wisha-Washa!
Wisha-Washa! Wooo! Wisha-Washa! Wisha-Washa!
Wisha Washa! Wooo! Then we dry them in our
special tumble dryer Bringing your fingers in front
of your mouth and blow. Haah! Fooooooo! Now Stella pops them on
and shows them off. Coming up to two knees arms out wide drop down onto
the other side take your leg up to the side and stretch your top arm
up and over your ear. Oh! I feel all right now. Shall we go? Yes. And there is only one way
to arrive at the bug ball and that is in style,
in a ladybug limo. Coming to your knees fold all the way forwards now crisscross your fingers and rest them on the
base of your back. Now lift and lower your
elbows like a little ladybird. We arrive at the party sitting up it’s in full swing Everybody’s dancing. Stella stands and stiffens up Ummm! the problem is I’m really
good at copying everybody else because I’m a stick insect but I’m not very good at dancing
just being myself being natural. Oh! Stella, you’ll be fine go on, go and have fun you’ll find your groove but sure enough Stella’s not very
good at just dancing as herself she just copies
everyone else. First she copies the
termites doing the twist. Jump your feet wide and twist. Then she copies the caterpillars
doing the caterpillar dance. Coming down onto
hands and knees press up into your dog pose come down to your knees drop down to your belly roll your shoulders up
like a caterpillar. Try it again. Come back to your knees tuck your toes up to your dog back to your knees down to your belly and up like a caterpillar. Then she copies the beetles they’re on their backs doing
some beat-box dancing. Coming up onto your bottoms
lying down on your back. Now reach up and see
if you can grab your feet. The beetles are having a great time
wiggling around doing their beatbox. Purrr! Purrr! Tst!
Purrr! Purrr! Tst! Stella is very good
at copying them all. Yes, she would be so good if
she could just dance naturally be herself, find her own way of
tuning into the music. We decide to have a little
rest and have a drink. We have some firefly fizz. Now we make a straw
with our tongues. Curling up the sides like this and we take a big suckin’ Sluuuuurp! Mmm! delicious. Now if you can’t do that curling up
with the sides thing do this instead Eeeees! Mmm!, so refreshing
and cool in our mouths. Huh! All of a sudden landing in front of us is
a Fairy God Praying Mantis. Coming up into a
squat position everyone sitting right the way
back on your heels taking your elbows
inside your legs joining your hands together
like a Fairy God Playing Mantis. Dearest Stella, wherever you go, whatever you do never be
afraid to be completely you. Trust in yourself,
believe and let go. Forget all the others. Let your light shine through. And with that the
Fairy God Praying Mantis launches itself into the night. Ready for a jump? One Two Three Woooo-Weeeee! Oh! my goodness me that was awesome and it seems to have
really spoken to Stella she feels ready to show
what she can do. She comes to the dance floor takes her position takes her leg out to the side and her stick insect
arm to the ground then she waves her antenna
around and around and she puts her leg forward
and bows to the ground. She comes on up
to the other side arms out wide down to the ground and leg out and long she waves it around
and around and around before she puts her leg front
and to the ground. Stella is amazing when she
dances and she’s herself. She’s captivating. Her confidence radiates. It’s wonderful to see. Here comes
Steve the Spider. Standing up legs a little bit wider bend your knees and make your
fingers like spiders then bring them
inside your feet take them around the back
around the side and sit down. Umm! I wondered, Stella he is a bit shy could I – could I ask – could I dance with you, Stella? Stella comes to her knees she opens her arms wide and she beams Steve her
biggest stick insect smile giving him a
great big hug. Yes, Steve, let’s dance
the night away. We better leave these
two love bugs alone. So we sit back
and we blow them a kiss. Muah! Fooooo! We hop on the back
of the ladybug limo folding all the way down crisscrossing our fingers
at the base of our spine and lifting and lowering our
elbows like ladybug wings. Then we find our bicycles
back at the park. Lying on our backs we crisscross our fingers
behind our heads lift our legs to the sky and we pedal slowly
first up the hill oh! it’s quite hard and then oh! really fast, as we go down the hill. Wow! Look everyone,
it’s really dark. So we stand up and we tiptoe, tiptoe,
tiptoe, tiptoe! inside back into our bedrooms where we lie down aaah! blissfully in our beds Oh! That feels nice all snuggled up and comfy
and cozy lying in our beds. As we lie down we remember the words of the Fairy God Praying Mantis. Wherever you go whatever you do never be afraid to
be completely you. Trust in yourself believe and let go Forget all the others let your light
shine through. As we remember
these words these wise words we think about the
light inside of us. What colour is your light? Maybe you can close your
eyes and see it now. As we feel that
light inside of us we know that when we
are just being ourselves that light shines brightly it fills us with warmth and wherever we go we need never be afraid
of what people think because we are just
being completely ourselves. Feeling that light
inside you now let’s bring ourselves back breathing into it. [Breathe In] [Breathe Out] Wiggling our fingers
and our toes we give our knees a hug and we roll onto our sides slowly coming up to sit with our legs crossed and our hands together
at our hearts and we finish just
the way we started with our secret yoga codeword which is Namaste. Ready? After three. One Two Three Namaste Well done, everyone! Thanks for coming to see
Stella the Stick Insect with me and for coming
to the bug ball. That was great fun. I hope to see you again soon for
another Cosmic Kids adventure. Bye-bye!

Stella the Stick Insect | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!
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