Welcome back to Foundation Physical Therapy’s
YouTube channel. We’re going to go over an activity to help
improve your posture. If you find that your shoulders tend to be
a little bit slopped down this will help. This will also help the mobility of your neck
in that if your shoulders are pulling down on your neck you won’t be able to turn your
head as much. So the other thing that it’ll help with
is it’ll help to address the soft tissue problems in the neck and upper quarter that
can sometimes lead to headaches so you can jump ahead of that and not ever worry about
headaches. So it’s a very simple activity. What you’re going to do is you’re going
to put one foot in front of the other and you’re going to be facing the wall here. Now what I want you to do is reach up for
the sky right. Think of gluing the hands to the table or
to the wall excuse me. Then what you’re going to do is sink your
body away from those hands and you’re reaching up, reaching up, reaching up. Then when you get here you’re going to breathe
in deep, exhale, don’t change the position of the hands then you come on down. Again reach up, hands are glued to the wall,
reach ,reach, reach, reach with them. Make sure you’re not arching your neck to
get there. You breathe in deep, exhale. What you should feel is a little stretch in
this area, you’ll also feel the upper back muscles working. You shouldn’t feel any tightness in the
neck. So again this is a good postural activity
to help assess the upper quarter or to address upper quarter and neck kind of soft tissue
problems so we hope you enjoy it.

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