Hey guys welcome back to the channel my name is cupcake, and I’m here with my husband Red! Hey, what’s up guys? It’s Red. And it’s time for another husband vs.. Wife! Yeah! I don’t know why I’m doing this I feel like I’m like doing it towards the audience But it’s more, it should be like this. You’re going down! That’s a little fist, hahaha! I still could beat your ass! Today we’re gonna check out a game called stick fight. Yeah, because it’s great to fight with sticks or It’s great to be sticks and fight. Yeah kill your friends to start Press a button. Oh that’s me. Ooh I’m yellow! Oh you’re blue! Okay we gotta kill each other to start, Okay. Oh oh… Oh Jesus We’re so little Wait, am I even hitting? Hold up, get over here! Oh woah. Get over here! How dare you hit a lady! Hey, wait a second, wait a second Ahhh! Hahaaaa! Real nice! Blue is the king! All right, so I guess were starting, theres weapons. Yeah, there’s weapons here, Oh Oh! Wait why did I drop it? Why did I drop it? Lets see… oh wait, uh, I need to, figure out these controls Oh! Oh my I do too? I won! Shut up. Get outta here! – I am the winner! Look, I’m the king! Oh, man, I didn’t know how to uh, like uh you know… Oh wait you still have the gun? Oh my God, Get over here, son! AHHH Oh you fell off. What! That’s me Ha ha! Aww man… Oh oh oh! Yeah! No! It doesn’t matter if you have a gun I’ll still beat you Okay this looks like a, Hi-yaa! Oh, Give me that! Wait, look at this, Hoo-hoo! Die! Ahhhhh! I need to aim! Ooh! Oh god oh God oh God Oh my… I had a gun! You had a gun? I didn’t even know that I had a gun! I didn’t even know that you had a gun either. No, get over here! Get over here! Ahh! Oh my God! Oh get that gun! What is that? That looked cool. My goodness. I’m dominating you You are, you are Come on oh no! Yay! Dang it, come on, man. I can’t move it This is fun! Alright that’s it no no more no more Mr.Nice guy no more Mr.Nice guy How did I get down there? I don’t know how you did that Oh, wow Geez okay, okay. Oh, now it’s falling. Oh, oh, jeez no! Oh, I won. That’s baloney. Thanks for ruining it That was your fault. Why was it my fault? You’re the one that started shooting stuff! Oh oh oh, jeez, no oh oh oh Oh god this one, look at the knock-back on this oh oh oh oh oh oh Can I aim? Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha, I’m just fighting my own. I’m just trying to survive there Oh come on, you always get the guns Well, because, I’m good Oh wait, I’m sorry Why you gotta, why you gotta, do that? You’re a cheater You’re, you’re a lame cheat. You’re cheating, you’re pausing the game, Look no I, that was an accident. I swear I swear it was an accident Ha ha ha, I’m not even aiming! Yahhhhhh! Oh! How is that even Yes! I was shooting through you With the power of the block you can block everything from your opponent Wait wait wait, stop stop how do you block? With the left trigger. Oh wow. Oh jeez you still destroyed me. Oh oh oh! Oh oh oh, Oh shoot, oh no, Okay, all right. Well played, nice. Yeah Ay, yi yi! AHHHH Oh no! Nice wow. Wait, is it keeping track of who’s winning? I don’t think so, I don’t know we should probably keep track of that Woah! WOAH! Woah woah woah, Don’t touch those Ahhh! Woah! Great job there *mockingly* Don’t touch those! I want that! Oh I want that! No! Come on! What an uppercut! I want to se what that gun does! What an upper-kick Oh. These levels are getting more difficult Oh look at me Walking does nothing against guns yeah yeah yeah yeah oooh Oh seriously? Give me that! No! Arghhhh! I finally figured it out Whats that? Oh no no no that looks dangerous. Why is it on my side? Should I grab it? Yeah, you gotta toss it I think you gotta toss it over to my side What the hell, Get outta here! Pfft, Ahh I just killed myself That’s stupid Aww, come on, you didn’t even get it over to my side. Oh! Come here! No! Ahhh! Goodness, no! Yes! I’m just running I’m just gonna run! Oh no! Dang it! I died. That reminded me of a level from uh… ooooh! You just spit on me! I’m sorry! *kiss* What the hell? I’m sorry You friggin’ just spit on me! Oh! Stop it! No! Gun violence, no! GG! I suck with the gun! I frickin’ suck with the gun! Why? Why do you suck with the gun? I don’t know, Then why did you get the gun? Because it’s, it’s more damage. Uh, but it’s, if you suck with it then it’s *mockingly* Uh but it’s *incoherent mumbling* Yeah! Sit down! Sid down, son! That was good Sit down! That was good, that was good. No that was a, I got confused, too, now okay, I got confused I see I see why you get confused. I see why Yeah you want to talk crap about me an then you want to be on my team I don’t think so What, I don’t want to be on your team, I’m against you. We’re against each other here, okay? Woah woah woah woah! Where are these lasers, What? Dude, no way. No, this is better cuz and then you’re just like you know See I just need to not get a gun I want to see what these big guns. What do those because you some big guns come on Okay, you’re coming back you’re coming back. No. No you are coming back. Oh Dude I ducked there’s just no way I know me too. I like soundtrack – OH Okay Okay I’m just chillin in this Wow wow wow okay? Killer killer He killed me he killed me my own snakes killer Yeah, that was a great gun there’s a lot of cool guns in this game. Oh geez oh geez oh wow Sir desserts no that’s a big steak Look at me. I’m having an intimate moment with the steak. Oh my god I’m in the same place right now. Oh Man those hilarious all I had to do is just you know Oh no I have no idea what I’m doing I think soon. We’ll be able to know oh yeah, I’m like You crushed me Oh, oh You know in other words they’re one of the worms Oh, dude, this is a black hole That was way cool Blue is doing great with Wow Well, what does yellow have well what does yellow hat how do we get yellow stats? Oh, yeah, there. We go come on yellow. You can do better than 20 oh Dang it looks like I’m just I’m just winning I fawn oh Wow that’s that’s a pretty successful, you know shot radius rate rating I want to dance with you. I don’t I Don’t wanna dance you spit when you talk I just want to write you like a bicycle riding you like bicycle Oh Wow very happy to see me so happy to see me huh oh gee it’s my leg oh sure Okay, okay Yeah, it look we’re both laying on the beach You know Touching butts is an essential thing for life. You know it’s uh. It’s a thing that builds character Mm-hmm and it shows that you care about the other person very much Thanks All right guys we’re gonna end this episode right here, this game is pretty fun like I could continue playing it Yeah, I could play this forever because the levels never repeat Well, I’m they’re different. Yeah, okay, now you learn how to eat We finally learned honey, so I think if we if we have another rematch, which I think you know we shouldn’t because I wanted but Now that I know how to play Wow I’m still gonna die wise right. I’m not gonna do anything. I’m gonna die. I know how to aim So I think we need to have a rematch. Okay, see I didn’t do anything and he’s still won Yeah, we need to have a room if you guys want to see a rematch Let us know leave a like and thank you guys so much for watching I’m red Like it’s just like stigmatic our duty not even stickman even stickman Take that sword back

STICK FIGHT w/RED! Husband vs Wife
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