[Both]Hey guys [Teagan]I’m Teagan [Sam]I’m Sam [Tegan]and we are The Rybka Twins. [Both]Welcome back to our channel! (music) (music) (music) (music) [Teagan]Today guys we are doing the much requested stick it challenge (music) (music) (music) [Teagan]Basically what that is were going to be doing a series of tricks and [Sam]obviously we have to try and stick the landings of each trick. and if you stick the trick, so you don’t wobble out of it or walk out of it you get the point yeah so obviously the person with the most points at the end wins the stick it challenge. Who’s gonna win? Me. No me. Before we get on with today’s video guys be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already and give it a big thumbs up [Both]if ya like it. And don’t forget to click that gray bell right next to the subscribe button so that you guys are notified every time we post a video and we are announcing fan of the week and giving an instagram shoutout at the end of the video and don’t forget guys to follow us on musically, instagram and facebook. Yep our accounts are down below (instense music) owww uhhhh alright so, with the forward walkover are we landing with our leg up in the air or is it Finish like this, and then if we both get that let’s make it with one leg in the air on the ground ( yea ) let’s do it ( one leg in the air ) Guys by the way it is so hot right now I am like sweating I swear it is like 40 degrees which is probably like 100 degrees Fahrenheit . Yeah the mat fells like it is on fire ooh can we try the one with the leg in the air we are going to try the other one just to make it really difficult pretty good okay so front now no handed handspring ooh my feet are on fire Alright so flip back ready so a flip then an Ariel You guys are probably like what is that buy you’ll see Aw nice back but did you stick And that brings us to the end of this video guys we hope you enjoyed this weeks video and the winner is sam this weeks fan of the week goes to Nutellow AJ and EsraK 202 thank you guys so much for commenting on last weeks video if you want to be shouted out next week all you have to do is comment down below in this weeks video and the instagram shoutout goes to I think i am saying this correctly but nyrita smith so thank you so muck for liking our photos on instagram guys


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