Right fuck… Open the till or I’ll shoot your face off! Well don’t just stand there you big Vin Diesel looking bastard, open the fucking till! Come on, come on! Yeah, quick, put it there! Hurry up! Are you taking the piss out of me? It’s early. Who the fuck robs an off on a Sunday morning? Tom! Names mug! Ey? Don’t use my fucking name! Right, I think I’m having an asthma attack… You don’t have asthma. I used to, it plays up when I get nervous. Ryan, Shut up! You said not to use names? Yeah, I know, now! You said mine… Yeah starting now! Are you fucking crying? No… Yeah you are, you’re fucking crying! I ain’t, I’m sniffing! What you sniffing? This mask it stinks. What dya mean? I burped, and now it stinks… You ever shot that before? Its half the size of your head ain’t it. You wanna hold it with both hands so you don’t fall down. Tom? Can I have a curly curly? You don’t need a curly curly. I really want a curly curly. Fine have the curly wurly. What else you got, there must be a safe or something mate? No. What do you mean no? I mean, no. CCTV Tom, shit! What the fuck are you doing? Look! Up there! Yeah… Well its obvious we’re robbing the place ain’t it if we have them on! Well shall we buy some fags, and thank the fella as well, you fucking div! We are robbing the place, we need the masks, we need the fucking gun! Oh, don’t start. You helmet! Alright mate… We’ll just get off yeh? Sorry… Errr… Sorry mate, infect how much is a small amber leaf? Oh, get Golden Virginia! Hear look, oh wait, that’s yours… Errr, yeah we’ll just get off… Sorry mate! Sorry! Mem, lock the door. You lock that door your brains will be all over those fucking carrots! But we ain’t got any bullets Tom… I hate you…


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