Beaver made walking stick I think it’s going to storm! Me and my family really enjoy making videos and sharing them with you This time I’m gonna be showing some behind the scenes footage at the Beaver Dam I Rigged up the underwater camera to a long pole to try and get some interesting shots The problem is the equipment wouldn’t cooperate very well Yeah, I think does it… is it counting down? Yeah! Beavers are really good at making meadows and things like that. They back the water up So that floods certain areas so that they can get to their food Get to willows and Aspen Cottonwood and things like that so they can store it up and eat it in the winter time And they’ve got a dam built right down there and it’s flooded back over this way clear around this corner Sometimes they make a big pile of sticks for their winter home and dig into it and make the winter home that way but when they have a A Mud Bank like that over there. I think in that case they just dig in under the bank and Hollow it out Store all their stuff in there for the winter I Think that maybe where they dug in the bank to make the winter home back in there I’m not sure So you can see where they’ve been Chewing on willow sticks That’s a pretty fresh one Here’s an old piece that they’ve gnawed on It’s not a very good idea to be packing a metal pole and a camera in a thunderstorm As the storm got closer I started getting more nervous Creek’s all dammed up and looks to me like the beavers Have been coming up here and they may be living in this hole It looks like it’s been abandoned for a while But surely they lived here some time or another I’ll have to see if I can find where they’re living now My little 360 camera is pretty handy for getting into places that I can’t fit into Beavers were the….oops There, now. Beavers have been making walking sticks a lot longer than I have look at that It’s been chewed by a beaver You can see little gnaw marks all along the edge of it where he’s taken the bark off Here’s the other end where he’s chewed it in half and you know what? That’s just the perfect length for a walking stick. This might end up being my favorite new walking stick Beaver made walking stick I think it’s going to storm! Do you think it’s about over, now, Pearl? It ain’t quite over, yet. I don’t know if we’ll be able to film long or not cause there’s so much thunder clouds. Thought I’d try one more time to get some underwater shots. Pearl wasn’t too sure it was gonna work I think if I just keep it like that It’s really hard to hold that still! Pearl! Ready? Yeah Ok, this way Come up here! Come up here. Some pretty plants here. The whole area smells like mint. There’s wild mint growing all over I Wish you could smell it because it smells really good here You start getting the smells of the fall to All These leaves are starting to turn color It’s just after a rain so it smells really fresh out here I bet that would make a good tea Yeah, it’s mildly minty. Tastes really good! If I had a little bit of honey in there it would taste better Get out of there. Come on Come on out of there When we’re all done filming we head back to the studio where my daughter and I piece it all together Thanks for watching I’ll see you on the next one!

Stinnett Sticks Behind the Scenes at the Beaver Dam
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