So what we’re working on now is how to activate
into medial and lateral aspects of the hips for your split, for your frontal plane split. So Neal’s gonna set up in the straddle he’s
got the stick under the balls of the feet. He’s got his hands about shoulder-width apart. He’s going to create extension through
the thoracic spine so he’s gonna pull in. He’s gonna feel the adductors start to automatically create tension. Now from this position he’s gonna take his
feet and he’s gonna try to shorten the stick. So as he grips the feet into the stick he’s going
to try to shorten it and pull the feet together. That’s going to create strength
in that in-line as he pulls in. He’s then going to reverse and he’s going
to try to lengthen the stick with his feet. That he’s going to feel in the lateral
aspect of the glute and the hips. He’s going to hold for six seconds on each
and you can do about three reps of each. And then gradually start to increase the intensity
and the amount of force that you can produce, and that’s going to help build a stronger medial
and lateral aspect to help you get into your split.

Straddle Stretch For Middle Splits – Stick Mobility Exercise

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