What’s up guys? It’s Derek from Total Hockey. Today I’m testing out the Surgeon RX2 stick. Obviously the first thing we need to talk
about here is the new shape of the stick, the Puregrip. Alright, new geometry here on the underside
of the stick where your fingers and palm meet so those fingers curl around, you get more
contact with the hand with this new shape here that I thought was going to take a while
to get used to and it surprised me that it didn’t. Just picked it up, brought it on the ice had
really good puck feel right away but I still, like I said had really good balance, really
good pop from my shots that I had with the RX last year. Again, didn’t really know what to expect from
it. Because, you know, up until now we’ve only
had two choices the shape of the stick you’ve got squared or rounded and they weren’t all
that different from each other anyway. This is very different, very innovative. Credit STX for you know bringing some of that
Lacrosse innovation over into hockey here. I don’t know how many Hockey players know
that STX is a Lacrosse brand that transitioned into hockey but they brought a lot of inspiration
from the Lacrosse side of it into their hockey equipment and implemented it into the hockey
sticks here with this under part of the shaft. It’s important also to talk about the Pureblade
technology that they’ve done here. 3K carbon fiber on the the front. That’s going to maximize your feel, provide
really great feel when you’re handling the puck and then to reduce weight on the blade
we’ve got 18K carbon fibers on the back so you’re going to get really good feel, lightweight,
and durability from it. The RX2 has Precision Flex which is essentially
a dual kickpoint making it a great stick for any type of hockey player whether you like
the quick release or you like to load up for a big heavy shot or if you’re an all star
and you can do it all, that works too but this will be a great stick for you. Great stick for anyone and I really enjoyed
using it. Some of the specs for this stick. It’s 425 grams, very lightweight stick. It’s also a very durable stick with Nano-Enhanced
Resin throughout the hosel and I’ve been using an 85 flex with an X9 pattern. Tell us what you guys think about the new
shape of the stick and if you don’t want to talk about it and just want to buy it, go
to TotalHockey.com. We’ll see you next time.

STX Surgeon RX2 Stick // On-Ice Review
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