oh hello bullet if I’m gonna hear me
that’s fantastic um apparently own life we’ll see if we
are yeah hey hello and welcome to this EP round 18 review watch by DrivingMaul I’m Paul the guy behind DrivingMaul your best place rate predictions and
opinion sorry it’s all a few technical issues it’s all been fun and games
hopefully we are actually live apparently steam reckons we are so
that’s all good so I will disconnect the Skype call with him and just just go
through the actual thing you know Jake and yes to take through the games I will
react and that’s kind of how we do things on the Monday night so hey Steve
and take it away that was exciting wasn’t it by a triple phone calls going
love it yes hello everyone.welcome long good oh oh hang on okay I can fix it as
I go wait wait let’s go disco it’s the camera problem anyway I’ll go through
the first match and then I’ll fix it anyway well it wasn’t the car girl
wasn’t it the first game of the weekend with the holidays to play the Waratahs
it wasn’t a glorious to have a rugby beckon and the car go again it’s been a
long time so we’re headed down here and thankfully least be happy it did not
rain for the stretch levels decent conditions and the cold however but some
it was good to ever back you down in south and again but the Highlanders they
had a simple equation that they had any chance to make it into the playoffs and
for this year and it was to get a bonus point victory and didn’t they do it well
they had a great start to the game scoring pretty much all through the
first half pulverizing the Waratahs the first try coming where Josh McCoy
who jumped on a spilt ball showed great composure and um great clearness of head
I guess you call them to not do anything too exciting to start the try scoring
for the hundreds then the dream started on from the NEC break down her moko
bolting away from halfway the whole Oh get some clothes and it was to beat Lee
busting two tackles getting a little bit of what we expect from him to make it 14
mil to the Highlanders and then even better it still carried on full control
the Highlanders and they are the bonus point in their grasp after just 20
minutes of the game nineteen phases of the line and the big boy Tom Franklin
finds a little gap well I big gate for him isn’t it to go through to make it 21
nil and then it got even better her fourth try line
out more gets a penalty to the pet close play and a bullet passed and the whole
Oh whoo bulldozers over the top of animation Teague pain goes right under
the stick to make it 28 now after 25 minutes finally a bit of bad news the
Waratahs I got a little bit of something back getting a rock turnover cross field
kick to Curtis Rona who holds up play pretty well finds wells Newsome involved
as well and they score their first try the match up but the game it’s a it’s
just be able really bolted from them at this point the Hunt has got more tries
going through a penalty try this time getting pressure kick chases what it was
all about here Thomason turning a yellow card for going straight in the side of
the little line out drive and there was him gone and apparently tried to boot as
well heading towards halftime to finish it in style
it was their sixth try of the half flat border ty Ward and better to a half gap
and cross over like a baby learning how to walk 42 points to 7 walk for the
Highlanders he kind of was just scrubbing his way so he wasn’t here it’s
about the only way you can describe it 42 7 it was at the break and the whole
is well they are home in hose with the bonus point already and they played like
it as well it took over 30 minutes before finally we got some second half
points the Highlands were happy to defend they forced the towers to make
all the play and it was an overlap out wide and a hole I went for the
interceptor avatars got the numbers out there and the good hands you got to come
in them here good hands quick play slip play and they got this stick and try of
the game but the Highlanders want to finish on a high for their faithful
Invercargill supporters and Rob Thompson our ranging sideways looking for a
little gap I’m a bit Damian McKenzie like and then sniped a little hole
straight through showed us speed and zapped them for the
final say of this match 49 points to 12 Highlanders absolutely thrashing or our
tires was a great sight to see Paul yes sir yeah you’re very happy we did post
match action this one really happy what’s with you I think there we go um
yeah very good game mate or very end by the Highlanders by the honess hurricane
the were tossed I if you’re not going to turn up with hot with with hardly
signaling this is the kind of thing that kind of that happens we the whole point
of resting players has season this this year was to give players a break during
the season leaving it to the last game I’m sorry that’s just bad management by
what’s his name gives the G doesn’t it lives there Gibson there we go
it wasn’t the only one to do it though I mean the Blues it as well the Blues
wrested Rico Barney or saw somebody now he played they arrested somebody for the
last game and see what is the point the whole point of resting if you break me
up give people breaks during the season not the end
guys get your management right and start thinking about the players stop playing
the top playing games around a be your best team out but yeah this one as you
can see on my notes half-time notes after halftime notes I mean really was a
total joke only right through to like three lines about second half because
the game was already gone it was it yeah and it was all all over over as they say
so yeah great great play by the Hollanders whereas ours as said in the
chat there haven’t played complaining again you could rugby in a month and
they didn’t even turn their full team so basically what we kind of expected I
thought the Highlanders would get the bonus point they did well done to them
they’re into the finals yeah at this point though they didn’t know if they
would be in the finals obviously they’d see their bonus points have a chance so
much had to happen not only in Australia of the Chiefs and of course in in South
Africa with the pools and then the Sharks as well and Stormers and everyone
and lions involved there was a lot to go under the bridge before this one got
underway by grief Andre good on you Andre Rob Thompson
loved it get there guy black jersey he is one of the best players underrated
players in New Zealand rugby so great to see him have another great game another
great season he just keeps on performing so awesome
well it felt real to sing about this game quickly before we move on was the
number team battle that make Mason in Joshua Ani
same age and kind of same progress up to the Super Rugby point where Joshua Ani
has significantly improved and Mick Mason’s gone sitting there right behind
burn a Foley so Matt Mason has not had any chance for something he can the
opportunity to grow a wine it’s going to give me opportunities you have to be I
thought was that all the play and and his plays improved because of it he’s
had some shockers I’m just like that labels be having so the Matt Mason just
needs more opportunities can use to move move franchises there there was my point
in in their whole statement is in Australia rugby isn’t those are the
franchisors whatever it is not giving these young guys chances to
to grow I really and not what like you’re getting guys like you only
skinning it and there’s just going and leaps and bounds isn’t it yes get the
bed you get the good with it as well so big difference here for me on that one
moving on though we went over to Melbourne with the rebels who replicates
the cheeks and the same situation really wasn’t it as the whole in this game
chief Cena bonus points the rebels needed to win and what we got was was it
surprising I don’t know if I really cool surprising the ribble has been woeful at
the posting of the season and it doesn’t end here either as straight pretty much
13 minutes into the game it was something special they got the
scoreboard underway kick reply from the man a former rebel
Jackie Rossini who found the inform number 9 in Brad Weber support from the
big boys Tar Valon Sam Kane he goes under the sticks untouched and it was a
great start for the Chiefs confidence building and led them nicely to the rest
of the game a charge don’t kick from Cooper found easy run away try for
Stevenson who stabbed off a very good performance by him for the night the
rebels they’re kicking was just giving points away to the Chiefs and they were
just scoring everything of errors from the rebels the Chiefs were the bonus
point on the school board for try created by another rebels era simple
things like passing and catching in the back line were being made to make big
deer it very difficult for the rebels and the ball bubbles on the ground from
another bad pass and who else but Stephenson yet again onto like a flash
goes all the way just to the line before your floats to bhashya who has just
enough to flop over the line and the score and other ticks try win to the
halftime break at 21 points to 3 the cheeks and control this one probably
more so on the ground and they were on that the actual scoreboard they kicked
off the second half like the first in and here we were a fantastic break get
some on the front foot more rebels era’s gives them another chance goes out wide
to why no he he crashes over and then we got more points for the cheeks and again
another try kick return sorry cooler was the man
involved all floating in the tackle to the since sensational in turn and a
brown and he deserved a try gets it from a standing start and he
deserves everything he gets from this match he’s been great for the Chiefs oh
I’ve been struggling Brad Weber considers fine form sparking a little
round off the base of rocky he’d squashed Hilton
which would have been very pleasing for him cut the line and plant a beautiful
ball to deep Rossini he went under the stick see and it was 47 points of three
at that point and then there was society that the rebels might actually play it
was the number 8 it’s a nice irani who kicked and I questioned why he even
kicked but it bounced rather fortuitous Lee for the rebels and they attacked
down the left edge five or six players on hand to score it but it was met
Phillip who threw a great dummy almost a Brady rotella kisk to score a try for of
the rebels the 50 come up for the cheeks sad part is though it was from a rebel
sit scrum they can’t even manage a simple play to kick a ball away
now they drop it McKenzie kicks it ahead and slides it up for a try 54 8 and then
the proud moment for Stevenson a rock turnover for the Chiefs punted he had no
one’s at home and footrace footrace with four Chiefs players on two one rebels
defender and Stevenson takes on Dane Hale at pitty squashes him and implants
a ball in the corner and it was just a thrashing for the Chiefs who destroyed
other rebels and I mean they had to get a bonus point to that are they to get a
win to get in the top eight that’s all there to do they couldn’t even get close
could they know they couldn’t I mean lobby was saying that they they fall off
into the cliff and I mean they’ve been awful the second half of the season so
actually when it looked at the results now opening game but they beat the
Brumbies they then beat a weakened Highlanders side at home then beat the
Brumbies that was their first three games after
that they’ve won four games two against four some wolves and two against the
Reds so two against 14th place and so against 15th place I mean they haven’t
fallen off cliff has been poor since beginning of the season to be
honest and we’ve just we just all got carried away by the fact they had 12
points in the bank from the first three games and went look they were on top of
the table they’re doing really well but know they’ve just been oh they just they
really haven’t picked it up and there are some serious issues off the pitch
four levels I don’t know what they are but it’s not just the fact they keep
basically changing their team every year yeah they got smashed and they a fifty
nine eight fifty one point thrashing it’s not looking good for the miz’ I
mean bring the t-nuts Austrailia conference
don’t you know oh it’s the same old story isn’t it for the rebels I mean
this happened what years now we’ve actually shown but a province and then
just yeah not not done now for like say feeding teams they down the bottom of
the table to keep myself slightly afloat keeping them and that’s sort of race
still but when it comes to the big big boys in the fight there they’d certainly
weren’t in the action at all and a thrashing
and there you go the Chiefs put themselves in the place of that one as
well so when put them straight and surprised
I was impressed by the Chiefs on this one I wasn’t expecting to take out the
bonus point but hey they they did the bit I mean what does this say about the
Crusaders okay I baked them 66 no it doesn’t make it less impressive now that
Chiefs is done at 59 eight and it was away as well there you go yeah the
Crusaders haven’t had a good game in a you know in over a month now that even
though 666 no it’s not a good game well I know you mean well because the
Crusaders well they’ve had two draws that lost the Chiefs in the last five
games they’ve had that one said yeah they’ve run away win against against
rebels who just moved to speech don’t it awful so the only game that they need
decent game they’ve had was it Bulls they’d be I think or Attar’s in the
middle there I’ve gone blank now but the yeah the Crusaders had that one win and
you say hey guys say the Crusaders are coming into the finals on some pretty
poor form but they well-rested aren’t they the nice and snoozy at home and
they’re cuddly little blankets and they’ll be ready to go cooked under cuts
well I mean if there’s either team to be the ultimate underdog it is the
Highlanders isn’t it they they rivalled and in that opportunity but we’ll move
on to our third match of the weekend the hog Juarez obviously Sun will sell these
guys had already well they’d already cemented their home cooler final spot
but it’s a bit of a decision where they’re gonna be sick and all third on
the letter and a win here would have submitted that number 2 spot for them
and the Sun also they create that hold their own in the only 10 minutes of it
but eventually the hog Juarez got their dominance now 15 minutes it was Lozano
breaking the line and find his speedster Carreras out wide to finish the job they
continued on from there though the hog Juarez long period but it was against
the run a play for the son was a knock on beyond sir
again fortuitously for the Sun rose and Vanda Hiva launches on a tech and this
is a great try chipping over top of me ah tea Reid gathering by his fingers and
really all could bounce and then open up the Sun was accounted they were holding
their own still at this point on the school board as well they were really
saying to gain cinemasins of the game and just as are opening it up and then
to sit try for kids sillier a just sheltered the Sun rules at that point
they were really looking hot the Sun holds and it went back the other way and
their fifty-fifty play pays off for the hog Juarez again but the sun’s don’t lie
down from that a gift of a penalty puts them in an attacking position in the 22
they launched a good series of phases and then Matsu Hashi with a cracker of
an offload to who else but your favorite Mercer Whaler who crashes over firs
first try of the night later on those muscle right around the action once
again he played the lottery at them pay off for him this time a 4-1 overlap a
tries to intercept and slaps it down and of course we all know that suits you had
a lot of trouble maybe sled down overlaps like their little choice the
referee to UM throw the yellow card and give away a purely try and that put the
hug words in a commanding position it was 1410 just before they happened it
was right on halftime made it 21 points 18 hug worries just that little bit of
difference here hitting into the second half run off the kickoff though the hug
way I sauntered launched a destructive line out more there Bordeaux’s over
he’s just the one defender that the Sun was actually put into that ball and
Watauga subsite slips off the side of it and
without anyone in its way extends of the lead
now let’s with us gang got a little bit stickier got a little bit weird and got
a little bit confusing as both the Sun Woo’s hookers got injured meaning
uncontested scrums and them really being completely oblivious as to who actually
had to go off the field at this point a lot of confusion no one knew what was
going on at this one and it really the game almost stopped to a halt as they
tried to decide what they were going to do they did carry on they’re in the hug
burrows obviously at this point they didn’t have to worry about the set piece
they had a man advantage as well because at that point they saw at the yellow
card as well so they were down to 13 men and for some of us period they brought
up the bonus point try the big pity busting through booths tackle and going
on a rampaging run being dragged down by the goodwill offered to Amalia
to score another try for the hog Juarez and then it kind of blow out with 20
minutes to go to each a man really costing our son will scarcely ride down
the right hand flying mattias Moroni who just come on the field and he gobbled it
up with his first touch of the matchup another one was dropped and off the
bench again was DCO this time who made his impact found out too much room out
wide and when they get him behind the hog Juarez they support their ball
running very very well and they approve the chance there with that support play
kiss there he had another one in huh groans breaking from their own 22 spaced
it away once again they’re getting behind that man overlap it’s just too
much in the wheels from the outside backs were far too quick it did blow out
a lot 52 team but I guess playing of 13 mean it really does hurt yeah I play a
man down the hole the second half three doesn’t help at all does it
um but the 12 changes thank you I was going to this one Plus thing you’re late
late injury take change as well which basically yeah which explains why we had
a lot of issues for the pad for the hug wives now first off they took awhile to
get their game for the game to click lots of errors we lots of just little
things weren’t quite going their way they could have scored could a wrapped
up much quicker in that first half if they had been but yeah they’ve been
dominant they’ve got themselves they’ve well entry on that’s on the second place
and home advantage all the way to the final well until the final yeah I mean
that’s what we talked about in the preview isn’t it this Homer aside all
the squad has such depth such amazing group of players I feel they can make
team changes they can make 12 changes they can make 8 change it doesn’t matter
because they have such like-for-like quality and their team and experience
that they could just keep you around fresh everyone’s playing 100 and they’ve
just got their everything covered and I think squad squad weighs over a
whole team they’ve got to be the flock the beast and in the competition at the
moment so they look in tops and they look yeah they’re gonna be hard very
hard to stop as well and they’ll be going up against women throw necks they
finished second place so they should be the Chiefs hitting over there to face
them and that was decided at that point obviously with the Chiefs in the
playoffs and hope where is taking that second place as well
yep negative so they had Chiefs with got an airplane and fly for a day to get
over there now and it’s also they’re playing on Friday night in Argentina so
yeah they’ve given basically whoever comes over as short a time as possible
to to cope with the trouble unfortunately I mean that Friday night
games in Argentina brilliant more please Sunday games terrible idea because I
can’t watch them live anyway so so more Friday night games please some over in
Argentina would be great even South Africa as well jump on board with that
oh I like it moving on anyway move on I hear here we go Paul this this one’s
just for you hurricanes vs. blues let’s go let’s know you want to be here for
the first half right here because it was a great start for the Blues and there
now we’re getting all the territory and they’re getting all the points on our
fur and they grabbed the first tried the game through a tell Allah who got a nice
delayed pass from or Teddy black and the Blues we’re first on the scoreboard they
got another this time Clark a scrum sheet piece simple play cleaning around
his great line in a superb finish allure Blues who doubled their lead but the
Hurricanes stood had Beck though to Allah breaking the tackle he on the
right hand side and support from an impressive I must say Ramona Jensen
running onto it to score his first of the night as well halftime was about to
ring in the blues give him another good spot here for a taking rugby i Rico you
Ally doing the hard work but the forwards playing it out why do some hot
feet from Milani no no I got the Blues up to 24 points to 5 over the Hurricanes
at halftime now Paul tell me what were you thinking at this point I was
thinking at this point I actually messaged Stephan who obviously on the
show quite often a half-time saying is is it worth back in the Hurricanes this
point what the odds of the TA and and he took them they were playing some like
four dollars or actually look up in a second but yeah they play it play paying
long long odds and yeah he picked up a nice a nice a nice tidy tidy sum and as
I say yeah even a yeah even as you say 45 24 ahead my question have time was oh
is this when you is this when he put some money on her
because the second half comeback even with I mean we’re talk about players
here right so Salewa hoo-hoo-hoo cept a manga Jensen for that some that try has
played four games for Hawke’s Bay he’s played four games at NPC level had
thirteen minutes of time at super ugly level and he’s playing as good or better
or or matching it with Sonny Bill Williams Wow
you’ve got a mango Jensen again I’ll be played any time at Super Rugby an
outside center doing the same thing with TJ funny so look it’s not like the
Hurricanes came in with a top notch side and still the Blues bottled it I mean
just threw the game away yeah man I’ve nicknamed the players in the Hurricanes
the – Brothers for the remainder of this one because it was all about the hyphens
for the rest of this game straight into the second spell it was Garden Bishop
who started all off a perfectly way to kick I tried to put feature Smith in
there but it quite doesn’t work and but the two number teams combined to kick
off the second half of the try to the Canes and then I’ve got here uh-oh Blues
the Canes are and again yeah the tip kick was working magic and the hyphens
well they were combining ones skiing garland bishop he was involved Fletcher
Smith this is what I tried to get involved but I was – start the – finish
Walker Leary who scored at 2419 the – boys getting it done for the Canes our
than five they tied it up with a super strong fit outrun and an offload that
put Sonny Bill Williams to shame and then it was that man we spoke of earlier
Ramona Jenks and we winner under the sticks and with the conversion nailed
they took the lead and they played its way out getting a little penalty towards
the end to make it 29 24 but blues horrible wasteful goodness me they’re in
trouble um yeah they are I mean we’ve got a
going and biased rugby you say in your chat saying do you think the Blues are
getting better so a positive season it’s hard to see whether the improvement is
look they were up five 21 over the Reds and lost the game
29 28 they were up this game five 24 and lost the game
29:24 and it’s just yeah just can’t win away from
home and they’ve got to pick up at least one away win I mean blue sports for life
Paul on there has be was putting out positives like yeah we have got a win
against the against the new Syrian opposition in the Highlanders and they
did the same thing against the beat the Chiefs as well the first time in coop
for ages um they did put four wins backs back at home so look there are positives
there negatives they still can’t went away from home and they still bottle big
games they don’t know how to win and there is you’ve got to say there are
some of those there’s some issues around that squad but because they just get
there they just they they shouldn’t be this bad talk this week about the
departs is that the Blues going to be suffering you think getting rid of that
old guys bring just just getting the fresh blood and it’s going to help them
or they think they make those experienced guys around I mean you do
need some experience cards around but do you want but you need the right
experience around don’t you you need a quitting experience unless there’s an
awful lot of losing experience in there so you yeah you need guys who have got
the right attitude of training who will lead by a good example off the pitch and
it’s interesting that you that they’ve gotten reassigned possums which seem
like a strange one because yeah okay he has been on the fringes of All Blacks
squads about three years ago so this and Andre says they need to accrue a little
more experience in the key positions and if they don’t get burden bearer at ten
they’re still going to have a nine ten actresses problem where they just got no
experience in either position and that’s so both of them can’t some we’re both in
copied Joshua what are the away win stats the win stats the Blues are they
lost every single game so zero from eight because they play a game so why
don’t they so here how don’t even have to go and look at their other but it’s
no they didn’t win near them so the yeah the next season they’re
going to have inexperienced nine and ten fuck whoever it is because burden bearer
will be taking a will be taking a sabbatical anyway even if they do bring
up but yeah without that nine ten losing any other experience
as well because nanu and sunny billow expected to go so who’s going to run
that back line and yeah it’s Brits can be a real problem for them it’s Back to
the Future for the blue say it’s gonna be 2017 and 18 all over again
Oh we’ll talk about the next year anyway moving on Oh take we’ll take this good
chance hi hurricanes ramps against moves we do because hey look man you’ve lose
Jersey on but this we should should I mean hurricanes well done great win for
them exactly what they did didn’t really need a good win but some it shows
they’ve got a good they look good systems in place that a lot of the
players know well that they can that they can learn on training panic and can
put into action on the pitch we’ve seen that without with without any experience
in sparing they also coach while injuries we had our a surveyor out on
the wing towards the last what 10 20 minutes or so so even there they managed
to deal with with injury as well we played on a position so no great playing
well done to the Hurricanes rested a lot of players as well should be feeling
good going into the finals and they say you build deep which a lot of other
teams could take a a long note from a specially across the ditch as well um we
are about halfway through so halftime team talk anyone
halftime team talking buddy yes we’ll be back tomorrow night with the hash rugby
chat obviously myself and Herrmann will be sorry Herman and Michael be joining
me for that one and in black black back for the all-black edition on Wednesday
night over the All Blacks Edition channel as well we’ve might with Herman
and Michael again so join you from both of those and then the Thursday preview
we’ll have to see might be might be Steven might be might be Ryan might be
someone else who knows we’re after Paramatma Steve not Steven we’re
discussing options for that one and yeah do do thank you for watching do hit all
those likes and subscribes all those things lovely thank you boy goodbye
don’t go anyway three games to go hang on hang on let’s give her that blue shirt the sad
part that’s the video is over so we’ll move on across to the Brumbies versus
the Reds for our mix match of the weekend and the Brumbies were done they
were safe for it though they’re on the top three so they obviously with the hug
Warriors winning they didn’t have anything to really battle for apart from
obviously Darby pride against the Reds but it was a Reds it struck first and
I’ll see at why scoring machine Bryce hickety who thought would ever say that
who spun over from close range when the Brumbies defense was caught short at the
back from a kick then what thus this the spun me straightaway in this matchup an
intercept no not an interceptor I was pulled back for the shoulder from to PO
get some of yellow card now we’ll get your thoughts on it at the end I guess
but personally now I’m not having you near that one at all but I’m sure we’ll
talk about that one further on after the game but um so no surprise of course a
man in the pin it was the Brumbies who took through the full toll but knew his
squirts over and the match had already been tainted by the cards a formula
scrum for the Brumbies was too big of a chance for their Peck and they
demolished the Reds completely disintegrated and Brumbies Peck just I
walked over pretty much of anyone in their way and the McAfee grabs at the
try for the Brumbies Angus Carden his name was under serious threat here as I
Scott Higginbotham was sent to the bin just for halftime collapsing the
Brumbies smaller pili tribe was awarded and Higginbotham was seemed on his way
and it made a pointless game even more pointless Brinson halftime break at 19
points to 10 the Brumbies in the lead and the yellow cards really were killing
the reads of this one the Brumbies dollar down twice in quick succession
Rory Arnold gets some over just minutes into the second half a strong tussle by
the lock to charge over and then in a sip – Tom Wright an easy run to the line
and the game is well it’s long over by this point but it’s even more deal and
be read as we went on memory guy and put a high load into the second half it
wasn’t a try it wasn’t a conversion it wasn’t anything flesh he was a drop goal
missive Lee pointless like has been the theory this whole game but men it was a
super nice kick and that was my highlight of this
matchup the job Campbell had a good game I fought for the rear seats for the
Brumbies defense and have to breathe some life into esteemed
uncle pay our in support to finish with the try but the Brumbies are putting
into that with the big boys they’re charging through Douglas special over
with some short forwards place to get things back to normal for the Brumbies
the pin these push the reeds back into more ticking areas and they went to
their peg let’s I’m Liam right pushing a couple other Finas away to put the reeds
in for another try 40 points to 27 the Brumbies win was a bit of a non-event I
don’t even know if the players really queued their hats at that one well I
don’t know what they said about the Blues we could say about the Reds as
well to be honestly another thing they’re losing Corelli and say hello
what team thanks to you guys cuz yeah the big guy around them he’s is their
captain he’s a leader on the pitch so yeah it’s going to be it’s going to be a
PMS but some the Reds been a mess Romy’s looking pretty good and they’ve got they
saw you start the season slowly but it built up and got their form good at the
right song the year they could cause some that could cause I think it’s what
the Sharks have got this one shorts yeah yes they click on the shorts a couple of
definitely should feel confident going up against sharks so yeah so they are
looking looking good and you say yeah another pointless game and every game up
until this point has been a blowout and this one I kind of gave up soon after
halftime to be honest the same thing with the Chiefs and rebels by the way
and check out $0.02 channel because he does watch heaters watch watching videos
where he’s live watching streaming so they were good and they’ll be good for
good chat so um so yeah the red yeah again rebuilding in next year’s lot the
Blues gonna be really building again and the the Romneys showing you that you
look if you get systems in place if you’re hi guys for those systems then
you’re going to end up with the with the game that can work you talk about them
losing career Lee which is it’s gonna be a big blow for the reeds obviously but
lilia fauna departing for the Brumbies just gone through today I think as
officially announced I’m big loss for them as well now I’m hitting into a but
thoughts on the yellow card to to power you
and so initially you look at and go oh that’s yeah that’s a car and I think
that was what was part of it it looks bad right yeah he was a he’s a big boy
and he hit with some force and yet that was a nasty tackle then you look at and
go actually he did drop his hands initially you look at in the shoulder
charge but he’s off and then you go well actually watch his hands
so actually what’s technically wrong with this he look at just go through and
go yeah is he high it’s it’s it’s high it’s he’s up but it is on to the
shoulders not on the head or the neck so yeah I’m with the youngest one I think
that some yet could even do feels like he could have gone lower you can always
go lower there’s no way you hit the less you’re getting right around the ankles
you can always go lower so yes he could have gone lower but it was a bit nasty
and I thought yet and it looked bad and that’s why I got the card rather than
technically did anything particularly bad there’s a flipside to that though to
say could go lower I think it was a snowman
they got sent off for going too low at a couple games later so too low with no
arms that was the difference right that was that’s what you called grass cutter
which I’m sure so he said too high too low I mean yeah let’s get a bit silly in
it yeah and actually on briefly he was initially it was like he’s not because
he hits the guy so hard and it is it’s I would yeah I’d be in hospital after that
put bluntly if I was alive I mean that was that was a serious serious hit I
mean having had back operations he could easily yeah I would have been mangled
but no guy mean the fact that leaf on I got back up again was with miracle and
that was yeah that was a big hit there’s a good sake of a good sake I
think he’s house done by the on that one um yes but and I’ve seen about their at
least move on I’ve got a couple games if to go so at least records or Stormers
up against the Sharks and well there wasn’t too much to speak of about this
one al first half logic dominated by the Stormers in terms of opportunities it
was a high paced game there was a high action game but the cam seemed to be
played it almost a pace too high for the players really continuing from our
lacking a bit of Composers to really get away or
for the game plan they are executing the storm so did open up at the points with
a penalty after 25 minutes and just like it look just when they look like they
were going to crash that lead open up to ten points are on the Sharks line and
lucky intercept if you could call it that
run Oh Smith kind of jumping fly kicking the ball from a pass
hacks it away open it up gets the bouncing Rockets way hundred means to
score for the Sharks and completely against the run of play for what was
pretty much the only Hallows the first half in Minami Dukey seemed to the bin
just for about half an hour mark for going in there too and with the four I’m
at the Nick so a bit of vet before the it’s a fiend Oh which is a bit of an odd
way to get it out of car between two the break at five points to three the Sharks
in the lead by a slimmest of margins the high intensity defense I almost got the
Sharks a little bit of a trouble at the tip tackle but I only resulted in a
penalty some way have given that one is a yellow but have put the storms back in
front six points to five quickly like that though we’re into the final ten
minutes in the Stormers bomb a big try from a forward pass but get a penalty
and that makes it nine points to five and just when it looked like that would
be all she wrote time was up it was all but over and there was one facelift to
play and it seemed unlikely with the effect I’ve only had one try and the
whole match so far with the sharks they created a miracle the worst offense
probably of the night as it was the cannula out wide by himself cutting
beckon off the left wing leaves of the finish sprawling all around the floor
and he stole it he absolutely stole it for the Sharks 12
points to 9 a fairy tale finish one could say as they submitted the finals
place of that try yeah actually I mean I stayed up and watched just wanted it
alive did a did a live live stream for this one and in four hours straight I
did this game and the next game and I woke up the next day thinking the storms
of one even wrote an article on my patreon site say the storms have won it
wasn’t worth it doesn’t until I went and checked my MTA be a count I mean back
when oh they didn’t good on here so I had that’s gonna rewrite it so yeah
I must be very tired but some this one they actually decided to to to tackle
and I know that bars storm as virtual charts not the greatest
game no maybe not but the tackling was up in the high 80s whereas in a lot of
these other games it was down in the 70s in and lower at times
tackling was optional in quite a few games this weekend but not in this one
the to the to the defense has turned up they tackled their hearts out and best
and yet and the defense has really couldn’t so the attacks just couldn’t
get through it all and yeah it’s a it happened but it wasn’t as bad a game as
everyone’s making out just yet the attacks would just not be we’re just
yeah just couldn’t get through the defenses yeah I thought it was quite
like see the stat there was quite a creative game a lot of half chances
Alaura see me breaks a lot was created but you
know you put it down to the defense like you said that the fact that they weren’t
actually converted into tries because the fence covered well made the tackles
and did the right things to turn the ball back over so yeah I mean isn’t it
remarkable a game that has so much riding on it not only for these two
teams but the whole the whole top eight well okay the second half of the top
eight so much riding on it goes right to the wire like that to have an eighty
second 83rd minute try whatever it was to change the result completely mix it
up just picture-perfect isn’t it for Super Rugby as a whole and say how the
competition has played out in yeah perfect so yeah it was it was it all
works kind of as a script writes would want it to go wasn’t it I’m quite sure
begins has just this big big ball carriers yet no contesting at the
breakdown very strange Super Rugby it wasn’t it was get men up getting a line
yeah you’re right there wasn’t much contesting at the breakdown but there
was just yeah just lots of players always in a line trusting their inside
and outside tacklers and making their tackles whereas a certain lot of other
games seems we’re not making their first up tackles and that just led to some
chaos and here is a special player for boise rugby yeah I agree
yeah good play definitely definitely he’s got to be putting his hand up for
the Bakke so I thought yeah not a great affair yeah I’m a big fan of like a new
arm as well I think he’s definitely a big talent for the Springboks this year
as well but some as weird isn’t it you go through those first few games 49
points for the with the all points big big thrashings
in in twelve nine so what what what happen there but yeah it wasn’t the
being the lowest aggregate score in a game until that last minute Troy I think
it was all second low so it was every one of the lowest ever scoring super OB
games crazy just crazy after the weekend you hit so far goodness speed we’ll move
on and business resumed you could say is we went to our final game which was the
Bulls versus the Lions and it was a rocket of a start to for the visiting
team the Deion’s a breaking right off the kickoff the game started and he’s
away and he found it as big bairdi manny another similar name and support and
just about as quick and kept off an incredible start for the lines who will
be more than chuffed with how that one got underway for them but sadly now for
the visiting team that was their only real joy of the half as the Bulls from
Mia took over he’ll roll even berg dr. smash the rack and a quick quick
sneaky tip try saying that ten times fast just three minutes later dots down
at for the Bulls then we see one of the greatest sea peace try as you’ll see in
a long time off the line out to a big pile of forwards stacked in at first
receiver they construct almost like a man-made building of a mall and drive
ten minutes to score then starting with the try I think there was a really
clever player and maybe they should have kicked that one for the quarterfinals
because that was a real smart play devil those guys stacked up there for the
pawns but then we’ve seen something special once again it was all just comes
here with the second drop of the week in there tell me what on earth is going on
vet we’ve hardly seen drop ease all season long and then we get to in the
final weekend go baka kids in your on the dominant for the Bulls of the third
try and there was a sixty minutes out great work from speakman and on del to
finish it off but all-around team try from a long way up there for the Bulls
the both sides grab we stick a pin at least in the last 15 minutes I have to
put it out to 31 points 219 and the Bulls leading the charge for the
halftime break Linna see Ellicott we talked about
before as a Simon it was him they were seen to the benefit of dangerous tech oh
yes Paul’s really covered that one but to low chopping him off no arms and he’s
off 14 minutes as well the Lions pick though took it up from the air and it
worth advantage on this side brink and Becca lineout mall drove over but at the
balls not to be outdone and it’s brilliant try you talked about players
who you like to see do well corneal Hendricks is definitely one of those
guys a solo piece of brilliance no one was stopping him there he was just
carving his way through and then Pollard showed us he’s not all boot and he put a
little bit of a power play on to child screen to Athena’s to score clothes boy
try before city went up for Manning the balk to seal their deal the balls look
good but hopefully where they play next is not a little trap for the T for AB
mr. Pollard yeah the balls ran out – ran out to a good old lead what 31:13 but
the ones who wells come back and get it – 3127 but then it all just fell apart
after that they only needed the bonus point in the and and they they even
couldn’t keep it that close and there the whole bunch people saying all
conspiracy theories hate to see African sides will they will they collaborate to
make sure they both get get through it’s like no these two no no no no no they
said this is a rivalry it goes back way way way long time because these two have
way before in the probably these two problems have been playing each other
what over hundred years I thought they are just on each side of river there
they’re right next door to each other very close yeah big big big rivalry
there’s no no chances was ever going to be a kind of giving each giving you
anything to each other and we saw that on the pitch and wonderful game and the
this this could be the biggest rivalry or the biggest Derby in super ugly I
think or look at the closest one and therefore longest standing yes this one
actually life in the same for the atmosphere would’ve been great
oh here Emma sphere would have been amazing yeah it would mean great um we
do have good for the game though that was there at the game was a great
atmosphere so yeah jealous of that it would’ve been amazing
no but comments in there as well be out the lines making the final the big dance
for so many years in row and now not even making the playoffs um heard a lot
that people are actually happy that this has happened happy that the competition
has evolved to the point of saying of seeing something different hug warriors
big example they’re there those guys are actually pushing up for higher honors as
well they’re not seeing the same old I think people are sick of Moby seeing the
Lions of the Crusaders in the final so it’s evolving its changing and the lines
are gone they are gone and they’ve just lost too
many talented players and they’re losing more at the end of this season as well
so that and that’s their problem they just hemorrhaging players to to Europe
which is obviously a problem for a full stop but has been a particular problem
for the for the for the Lions apparently the only one show any footballs and
that’s a storm so I’m biased over he’s a Bulls fan so he will know but for me I
don’t know just it’s perhaps the lines as the little brother of the of the
Bulls who’ve been the more successful side in Super Rugby at least so so for
me yeah alright there we go but some it’ll be it’s you’ve got a one
day we OH how are the lines going to come back
from this use gather using years think to rebuild the the soccer players and
probably just think if there’s new players that they’re never gonna do that
it’s affected us as a recycling thing isn’t it we we all talked about it with
no their prime know he’ll they built our bed team you know through the young guys
through the curry cup and they they built this the squad and they push them
all the way through keep the quality all the way through it needs to start again
and the needless is that again when they got to the lines when they got stay
super liberal they needed to go back and say hey this is phase two they start
again and then when those guys start drop off you’ve got the next way but
doesn’t seem like this happened of course a lot of changes way up top so
obviously they’re those ideas and practices are gone but there has to keep
revolving has keep changing is rotating and let’s say you keep at the top of the
game and look at the Crusaders like they have injuries they have players they all
the time and they just rolled them out it just keeps on going through and it’s
it’s you gotta say a highlight of New Zealand rugby that they can do that if
the talent that’s there and push players out there at that level and other other
franchises other countries have struggled with but I think agitators got
the good deal they’ve got a sorely out and yeah Anisa if they can all do that
goodness we will have an amazing competition you know but you can already
see with the Crusaders right from you know accordions leaving and so you’re
looking at that and going well yeah the the midfield combination for next year
is good Hugh and Brendan all it’s already they’re actually really know
what it is where is you look at other teams and go
right who’s lazy off what’s what’s next we’ll have to wait and see
are you blues with a prime example what the Blues should be is tjf eonni and man
who is Connie of the Chiefs the open midfield combination but we’ll see if
they can do that but some but yeah but you look at some of the this African
side and you you don’t know what it’s gonna be the MIDI I’m not as close with
those teams I am with an easily there was but some but I say you with a New
Zealand ones you generally can see what it’s going to be a a year out already
yeah I think so it does keep the cards or coast of Africa recap going through
their division they don’t try and probably push a lot of those guys out of
it until they need to or want to in that case whereas I think down here the
malting Cup to Super Rugby probably is a bigger gap some may argue but you
wouldn’t want guys to go straight up to it starting right you got it your wish
them through is affect so yeah it’s it’ll be interesting to see what happens
next couple of years for us they’re good but it’s still good there they got a
couple of teams in those finals and all we can say is what’s going on Australia
what’s going on this was until this even up to the last
weekend we were thinking you know we they could be force African teams in the
finals yeah if things and yes so it’s the South African conference has been
has been competitive this year no two ways about it it’s taking a real big
loss when it runs from the from the from the Chiefs and to the Highlanders to a
certain degree to get in there and it’s definitely much more competitive as you
say Australia yeah what’s going on yeah they’ve got a lot to improve on but hey
it’s good for I’m delighted for snaring rugby which is amazing and they actually
out there kicking it with the Top of the Pops again so awesome and there’s a war
out the bottom five teams are from the Australia Conference rebels Waratahs
Reds and someone’s yeah you the the ball living the lines and storms only missed
out on the playoffs by one point each both are 35 points one point guard the
Chiefs now at Holland those Islanders so you go say yeah
competitive that top 10 is competitive but so your problem is that other
conference yeah well we’ll just stitch them off and they can float away and
move on from there but there lets us anyway we went ramble on and then
spending runs else’s nights are too long round 18 now Super Rugby thanks to
everyone for joining in and I’ll leave to Paul to to wrap us all up in a
eloquent way eloquent on my word it’s been a it’s been an absolute pleasure
bringing you these we will be back after the quarter-finals semi-finals and also
final and so don’t go away don’t think this because because round robin is over
that we won’t be here on Monday night yes we will thank you everyone has been
in the chat it’s been fantastic to see all there it’s great to have you all
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Super Rugby 2019 Round 18 Review

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