We arrived it’s now … I do not think you’ll see, but it’s already 9 AM and the jet lag is strong so we came for a walk – Thais excited?
– Wow! Super …. (ironic) Look at me, are you excited? I want to kill you! (laugh) – “Are you excited, daughter?”
– Uhum So let’s go! “Tito are you excited?” – Yes! So let’s go! 1, 2, 3, and ….
– Now! Talk to me! I am Giuliano Passini and
This is The Rugby Family (music) First of all subscribe here to our channel click on the bell to get the news And like this video! Your support is super important.
Thanks! And for you that is arriving now The Rugby Family is this ALMA RUGBY show to show the national teams, the clubs, the schools the rugby people around the world And look, to get to the other side of the world. it takes as long as you’ve seen but the hard part is here
accustom to the time zone we are 15 hours ahead of Brasilia time that is, if it is noon in Brazil it’s already 3 in the morning the next day
here in New Zealand and to fight against this time zone As soon as we arrived we tried to climb Mount Eden a super symbolic mountain in Auckland the highest natural point of the city and has a fantastic 360 degree view
that you can see absolutely everything but as you watched in the beginning,
did not work very well, right! Thais wanting to kill me (laughter) So we went back, we did not even come half the first week was just for us to get used to this crazy schedule and in the sequence it was already Christmas one of the curiosities that everyone has
 in a new country is to go to a supermarket and see what’s different the food, new things and Thais is no different and we took advantage of the Christmas shopping to get to know what it’s like here in New Zealand. Let’s Go! – We’re coming to a supermarket now. with the mission to make Christmas shopping – Rice and ham, is this Thais? – Yes! And other things, right ?! (laugh)
(background music starts playing) Let’s show you a bit of what the supermarket looks like here in New Zealand … – I’m still going to hit with the cart that the man … (laughter) (Nina speaking in the background)
– I want juice – Do you want to appear in the movie Tito? Take the pacifier then … – For Christmas!
(laugh) – What is this, Thais? – I do not know.
– Do not know? – Is it ham?
– Christmas Ham (Thais speaking in the background)
Look at the two of them nice and seating. How good is this cart, there is room for both (Thais speaking in the background)
And good life huh? Tito knows how to live – So Thais! What’s the most fun in the supermarket here? Supermarket is always an experience right ?! The boy came to bring a balloon to the kids (bursting balloon noise) (laughter) and he has yet to give another. Thank you! (lady speaking in the background
“Only in a supermarket” (laughter) “Daughter, tell me what you just got. – A balloon! – You put water here shake, shake, shake and see that delicious pancake “Is that what you like best?” – That’s what I liked the most, I’ll take everything … – Look what’s in here.
– Cheese bread? (Nina singing) bread bread cheese bread
(Fabiano in the background) – You can put there that I already talked about cheese bread before I said, look at the Brazilian cheese bread,
still gluten free (Giuliano in the background) – so the credits are yours?
Will you want to appear? – No, I do not want any credit.
(Thais laughing in the background) (Nina singing)
bread bread cheese bread that’s all I want! Let’s go! (Giuliano in the background)
One cool thing you have here is that self checkout weighs, puts the other side … – Dad hold it! Now the family is in another supermarket to buy children’s Christmas gift See that now they chose …. (Nina speaking)
When to take it to school, you have everything in your bag, Father look! “And it was hard for them to decide.” (starting song) The mommy uuuuu (Giuliano speaking in the background)
“Now are you happy with the gifts?” Is that ir? Now yes? Is it to make bubble? – Please open, Dad. – We are going to open soon, ok? Now we’ll save it for Santa Claus to give you, right? – Dad, can I take it? “Do you want to trade one of the 2 for that one?”
– Not. Then forget about it – It’s too heavy! “Well, is not it your gift?” “But it’s too heavy.”
– Bring it there! (Tito singing some music that only he understands) Now Santa will pay – It’s the fat chubby is paying here.
(Thais laughing in the background for a change) And after this madness, of this madness that is to go with 2 children in a place full of toys We were getting ready for Christmas night and
Nina dropped that pearl (Giuliano in the background) –
 What’s the Santa Claus you said? – He’s magic! – What?
– He’s magic! “Is Santa Claus magic?” How so magical? – Because yes. – Where did you see that? – With Mom. “And what magic does Santa do?” – He’s going to deliver the gift to me. And I desire this purity and that it remains
the Christmas SOUL in all of you I confess that my expectation was to find or have a Christmas experience totally Kiwi, totally from New Zealand but … (Giuliano in the background)
If we were expecting a Christmas Neozealender
(Brazilian funk playing music) negative! There’s only Brazilians here. look at the table the people just finishing cooking totally New Zealander this Christmas? Full of Brazilians (Christmas music beginning) (Thais in the background)
– Did Santa leave
Any gift here for them? – Yes! (Tito)
– Yes? (Giuliano)
– Yes (Nina) (Thais in the background)
“Where’s the present?” “In the fireplace?” (Thais)
– Look, there’s a gift! (Giuliano) (Giuliano) Let’s give this one to Tito! (Thais) – Open, drop the chocolate!
(Giuliano) – Mother, give this pro Titus (Nina) This is Tito’s too. (Thais) What will be Tito? What will it be? (some word in Tito’s language)
(Thais) What? – A bola
(Thais) – Uma bola? – The ball!
(Thais) Will it? – Will! – Now to Nina Eeeee (Tito) It’s mine … (Giuliano) Give to Tito Mom
Merry Christmas!!! – Airplane – I want to open the plastic …. (Giuliano) Wait that we open, do not need to eat
(Thais laughing in the background) There’s one more gift there, who will it be? (Nina) – Mine! (Giuliano) – Have you been a good girl?
(Thais) – Who left there? Santa Claus! My Gosh, what will it be! (Tito speaking his language) (Thais) a microwave “Did Santa guess what you wanted, daughter?”
– Yes. (Thais) This Santa Claus is very nice huh! (Giuliano) Nice, collect the mess (Thais) – Shout in the fireplace, thank Santa (Screaming Nina)
Santa Thank you !!! (Thais) – Send him a kiss.
– Kiss Santa Claus! (Thais) – Tito also thanks Santa Claus (Tito) – No
(Thais) – He’s scared. (laughter) (Thais) – Thanks Santa Claus, TIto – No (low voice) (Thais) – Why?
(Fabiano) – I’ll send him an email later … (Tito speaking something like Santa) (Giuliano) – Are you thanking Santa Claus son? (Thais) – Go and thank Santa Claus
(Tito) – Thank you (Thais) – You have to go there otherwise he does not listen
– No (laughter) (Thais) – Are you scared of Santa? (Giuliano) – Cry out then – Nina – Nina already shouted. (Screaming Nina)
– Bye Santa Clauuuus !!! (Giuliano) – Your turn.
(Tito) – Santa Claus, thank you This for us is super cool,
see the children thanking because it’s something that we teach a lot as I thank you for all the support for all the messages of affection Thank you! Well, after Christmas and all the food we came back to the challenge of climbing Mount Eden and to be honest, there’s such an energy and a look so fantastic that we went up a few more times after this first time it had not worked (starting song) The ascent has in total 2 km but in the middle has a place to leave the car for those who can not handle it, or like us we have children and equipment, right? Hi! (Eden Park Stadium) Mount Eden in Maori is called Maungawhau and is an ancient volcano but you can rest assured that
the last eruption was 15,000 years ago but left a crater 50 meters deep and is a sacred place and super respected by the Maoris – Look at the bird on our side … Nina and Tito loved because we created a tradition Before going down, stop for a local ice cream with that beautiful view. Well, in the next episode we’ll show you a little
How was our New Year while we wait for the rugby season here in the summer is cricket season all the parks where people are used to seeing rugby now they are parents and children, children, adults, all playing cricket So we’re waiting, strolling and showing everything to you. I hope you’re enjoying it. feel free to leave your comments below and come together with us !!! Thanks! (scenes from the next episode)

Supermercado e compras na Nova Zelândia – A Família do Rugby Episódio 02
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