I don’t know how they do it at AGV, but this helmet floats, that is how light it is. It’s a miracle! Hi, my name is Rejoh. This is the new AGV Sport Modular Carbon. A 100% carbon modular helmet… that has been designed after the example of the AGV Pista race helmet. That is why they do not call it an ordinairy modular helmet, but a Sport Modular. And they are right, because this helmet is super light. It weighs 1295 grams (2 pounds) and it’s by far the lightest modular helmet I know. It is a very special helmet. Not least because it is made by AGV, a company that is been producing helmets for 70 years, and made the first glass fiber helmets, the first full face helmets… and now they’ve made the first fully carbon modular helmet and it can do a whole lot. First, it has a very special visor that is based upon the one of the AGV Pista GP. The visor is almost 5 mm in thickness, making it as strong as… the shell, so it protects your face equally. To make that possible, they had to make some adjustments. Such as… metal screens, so that in case something… hits the visor, it stays in place and will not fly off easily. For that cause they have made a special closure – made of metal too – that keeps the visor shut. Luckily it has 2 positions… so that you have a small ventilation gap… or can close it fully. The visor is closed firmly, so that it stays in place perfectly when you would crash. It has a Pinlock visor… a 120 Vision. You have a very broad view in this helmet. The view is very big, also to the sides. Except for the Schuberth C4, this is the modular helmet with the best view available. Like I said: the Schuberth C4, compare it with that helmet. It is a competitor for the Schuberth C3 Pro and C4 on the one side, and on the other side… the Shoei Neotec and Neotec 2 of course. I think it will be a fierce competitor and that Shoei and Schuberth have to be afraid. Moreover a special thing about this helmet is a nice… vent system on the back side, through a small spoiler… so that a venturi effect allows the air to be sucked out of the helmet. On top is a glove-friendly, easy to handle vent… and at the chin is another one, easy to operate with your gloves on. Of course it wouldn’t be a real modular helmet if it wasn’t for the sun visor. Needless to say they thought about that too, it’s here. It works perfectly. The sun visor is first class optical. The same accounts for the visor: you have perfectly clear vision. Another rare asset for a… modular helmet is a double D closure. Normally you only see that on sport helmets. This double D closure is made out of titanium, so extra lightweight and extremely strong. The big advantage of a double D closure is that you can… tighten it perfectly each time you put it on… and furthermore this closure is so simple that it can actually never break. So very special. Another remarkable feature is the liner. You can flip it in the helmet. There is a summer side and a winter side, so when you would reverse it… you’ll have a nicer, better ventilated inside… or more warmth in winter when you’d use the other side. This helmet has an amazing collar. Therefore it is said that it is as silent as the Schuberth C3 Pro. We didn’t test it ourselves yet, this is a first preview helmet… but if that is true, then that would be extremely silent and… a fantastic thing. It is going to be available in stores from 2018. If you are looking for a new modular helmet or a new sport helmet… go ahead and try this one, because I think it will be a redoubtable competitor of Schuberth… and Shoei. By all means a special helmet to try on. Thanks for watching, see you next time! -Aw… my arm can’t turn any further!

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