– [Coach] ‘Cause we are the Vixens! – [Players] ‘Cause we are the Vixens! – [Coach] The mighty mighty Vixens! – [Players] The mighty mighty Vixens! (Knocking) – [Coach] Alright let’s go. Get in there guys. (Girls Chatting Excitedly) (Upbeat Music) – [Girl] Oh My! (Excited Celebration) – I’m excited. I’m really excited. (Upbeat Music) – [Girl] These new uniforms, are absolutely fantastic. – They’re super fierce is what they are. (Upbeat Music) – [Girl] The white kilt. And the pink and the green and the blue, it’s actually our color
schemes, it’s amazing! (Upbeat Music) Yeah, we actually look serious, and we look like a competitive
team now, and that’s… – I’m gonna cry again, I
can’t do this, I’m gonna cry. (Upbeat Music)

Sweet Briar College Field Hockey Uniform Reveal
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