Millions of Q-Tips are flushed
down the toilet each week and make it into our
rivers and oceans.
(this is a real photo) When this boy is 45, there could be
more plastic in the ocean than fish. Because Q-Tips are so small,
they pass through sewage filters. The plastic is eaten by marine life
and ends up in our food chain. Natalie Fee,
Founder of City to Sea,
was fed up with finding
them on the river bank. So she created a petition
asking UK retailers to switch
from plastic to paper sticks. 157,000 people signed
the 38 degrees petition. They listened and committed
to “switch the stick” in 2017! Preventing over 320 tons
of single-use plastic being
produced each year! Proof that collective action works
and can make a huge difference. Share if you want more countries
to “Switch the Stick”! Subtitles by the community

Switch the Stick
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