Not easy. But, well, we worked well this week. I believe that since the slap taken against
Colomiers in the first match, the boys are working even more seriously, I want to say. I hope this victory in Carcassonne
we will have done good and we will start again in the same state of mind, trying to impose a little more, especially on the content. And try to produce a game, which we do not have
could still put in place this year. Yes of course. We have defended a lot. Indeed, on the state of mind, on the commitment
boys, we do not have much to blame them. By the way, the result was positive. Now, we know that, if in the content,
we are not more precise, cleaner, we will not have, perhaps by putting the same investment,
the same commitment, we will not always have the same result. We must really evolve. And quickly. In Carcassonne, indeed, we made a lot of mistakes of discipline. We also lost a lot of balloons. We had trouble putting our game in place. And we hope
that will change this weekend. I think it’s a club that’s in full swing
evolution. We already see it in its structures, the
stage, its effective. And, indeed, Aix has succeeded his debut
of the season. Including their first two games. A victory at Mont-de-Marsan. A victory against Perpignan. We know where we put our feet. We watched their games. Indeed, we saw a team that was
more than in place. So we will try to find loopholes. And make a successful match Friday night. Finally, we, since the first night … that
changed a lot. But, more seriously, Aix is ​​on two
victories. We lost our first match at the
House. I do not know if we can talk about a favorite. But in any case, Aix receiving us, we know
that it will not be easy. After, the forecasts, it’s one thing. We are going to see a little bit
goes on the field. And we just hope we will continue
on our match last week. In any case, on the engagement of boys,
on the solidarity that we could display, because that will be necessary. We know that it will be a difficult match. And I think the head is going to be very important. There are also a lot of injuries. That too is a problem. After, we only had two preparation matches. And, maybe this third match we
a little missed. It happened on our first meeting
facing Colomiers. We missed a bit of rhythm. Today, actually, the idea is to install a little boys, we continue to work automatisms. And then, after, obviously, there will be rotation. There are some boys who have changed. We do not change all the teams either. And, it’s true that when your team wins,
we tend to renew it. We made some changes inside
of the group. There are newcomers. Leka Tupuola joins the team. We also have the young Roman Fusier, who returns
on the bench. These are also important signs for the
rest of the group. Everyone can play in this team. But, for now, she’s finally staying
quite stable.

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