Hi, I am Brie from DMI Sports. Today I am showing you our HT250 air hockey table which comes with our patented Goal-flex technology, combining high-tech with the fun of traditional table hockey. It’s exciting new innovation in home entertainment. This mid-sized, six foot table provides great playability with a foot-print that won’t take up your entire game room. You might be wondering what the Goal-flex technology is all about. Goal flex allows players of different ages and skills to compete in eighty different game variations. The most popular feature is “handicapping”. Instead of the standard, immovable goal slots goal-flex uses LED indicator lights to define the goal size allowing you to customize the game to suit each player’s skill or excitement level. Before each game you can choose how you want to play. Options include: Setting the size of your goal and your opponents For instance, you can set the goal you are defending as larger than the goal you would have your child defend. Of course, if your child is better than you then you can have them defend the bigger goals. Once you decide on your goal size you can choose to play with a delay after each goal or continuous play. Many people prefer the continuous play option because the action never stops but it’s the players’ choice. These are just a couple of the variations you can play with the goal flex which really renders traditional table hockey obsolete. You’ll love exploring all of the options. One thing that makes this table so popular is the strong airflow you get from the powerful blower motor, you’ll enjoy the fast-action play With very sturdy legs this table will last and provide your family with many hours of fun. This table is shipped in one box and is partially assembled Two pucks and two pushers are included.

Table hockey table HT250 FACE OFF – DMI Sports
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