[MUSIC PLAYING] They’re four years
old, and they’re really trying to recognize their name. So in the beginning
of the school year, I take everyone’s
picture and their name, scale them to a small size,
and I’ll just Super Glue them into a Popsicle stick. When I’m doing read alouds, when
I’m doing event transitions, when I need a
classroom helper, when I ask a question,
any one of those, I’ll get my little bucket. And it has two, one on the
inside, one on the outside. And all the names go into the
inner bucket when we start out. And I’ll pull one out. Chelsea. I’ll ask them a question,
wait for their response, and I’ll put it on the
outside of the second bucket. And that way I don’t call
back on that same person. And it gives me the opportunity
to be able to call on everyone and not necessarily
on that kid that I know that is going to respond
because I know they get it. But it allows me to be
able to call on everybody. Finding a partner in
the very early stages becomes a little bit
difficult. The Popsicle sticks that I use that
are color coded just allows them to turn
to the right partner. They’re still trying to figure
out who their partner is. Some of them will turn
to the wrong partner, and the Popsicle sticks with
the color allows them, like, oh, you’re not my partner,
because you’re orange. And then they turn
to the other partner. You’re green. And then that’s how they
realize who their partner is. When I show them
the Popsicle sticks, they’ll be like, [INAUDIBLE],
like it’s his turn to talk. Or, like, they know that
it’s that person’s turn. So they really like
it, and they anticipate their name being called. And when they do get
called, they’re like– and then you have the ones
who get shy and nervous and they don’t want
to speak, but then you have the friend who wants to
chime in and help them out and so the kids really like it. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Teacher Toolkit: Popsicle Sticks
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