Well this funny-looking thing here is
called – well, we call it the ugly stick. The first time I saw an ugly stick, I went to a house party one night. And one of my buddies was playing the squeeze box, and a guy by the name of Cyril Abbott brought out this stick and started beating on it. And he was good at it. And I said, What’s that thing you’ve got there? And I tell you most people figures it’s something for scaring bears away, when they’re walking. You can tap it on the ground and it keeps the bears away. I get that all the time. Well I say, it might work for that too. The ugly stick is still evolving I guess, and the jury is out. It could be getting uglier, it could be getting prettier. Depends. We’ll see in 50 years where it goes. So it could be the pretty stick in 50 years time, we don’t know. The pretty, ugly stick.

The Beauty of The Ugly Stick, Newfoundland and Labrador
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