Good morning and welcome to Alumni and
Family Weekend at Providence College. Please take a moment to locate the
nearest emergency exit. In the unlikely event of an issue that requires building
evacuation, please follow the instructions of staff members and exit
in an orderly manner. Now please welcome this morning’s emcee, the Executive Vice
President of Providence College Student Congress, Phionna-Cayola Claude. Hello. Sorry, I was on the wrong page. Good morning and welcome family, friends,
and alumni of Providence College. It is my pleasure to take a moment and share
with you all today my brief PC transformational experience as you are
back on campus today the transformation is incredibly beautiful and hard to miss
and as a freshman who came to PC when Huxley was still a popular Street for
traffic in the parking lot in front of door Hall was where my parents would
park their cars during their visit it is clear to say PC has been through
tremendous change and it’s even more exciting for me to take a step back and
notice that just as my campus was transformed a transforming so was my PC
experience so where do I begin well let’s begin with the truth I didn’t want
to apply to PC at first I didn’t want to come to PC which in retrospect is
hilarious to me considering how and highly involved I am now and in with
students and with the Student Congress it’s something I didn’t plan on anyways
PC was nowhere on my radar and that’s because two years before I could start
to make my future College list my brother had already deemed PC as the
perfect fit for me now I don’t know about all of you but there’s this
natural human intuition to want to do the exact opposite of what an older
sibling or even your parents might tell you to do so because my older brother
made the suggestion for me to come to PC I wanted to stay as far away as possible
from PC because I wanted my college decision to come solely from me to have
the privilege and opportunity to make a really big decision and to take an even
bigger step into the next chapter of my life was so important so who can blame
me for wanting to make sure that that decision on where I’d be spending the
next four years of my life wanted to compare Lee from my own interest and
desires well four years later Providence College
has been both one of the best experiences yet hardest challenges of my
20 year 21 years of life therefore making it one of my best life decisions
yet yes I know I still have plenty of other
chapters to go through but I can’t speak to those because they have yet to come
my chapter at PCC however was one that started off unplanned yet managed to
shape me into the confident silly empowered and grateful young woman
standing before you today in the beginning of this address I told you I
would start with the truth and I guess it’s only right that I end with the
truth as well my freshman year at PCC was a shaking one and that is only
natural when starting a new life in a new environment on your own but as many
of you know PC has a friar family and it is that friar family that carried me
through my freshman year my sophomore year my junior year and even to this day
the same friar family I started with is supporting me and what’s great about it
now is that it’s so much bigger and stronger than what it was three years
ago what makes me proud to say I attend PC is that this friar family is
something that still rings through throughout this campus and I will be
realistic with you not everything is sunshine and rainbows on this campus but
that’s expected there is not one educational institution in this country
that is perfect but what makes PC different is that the students the
faculty and the administrators don’t settle for these imperfections every day
we constantly challenge the imperfections and work together to
ensure that we are constantly growing and evolving as an interest institution
to make sure that the PC experience for the next up-and-coming class is always a
little bit better than ours and that’s the truth there’s about 4,000 undergrad
students on this campus and again realistically speaking not every single
one of them is an intimate member of what I consider my friar family but I
would be lying if I didn’t say that I have found a new sister a new best
friend who started off as my floor mate my freshman year and is now my senior
year roommate or let’s talk about the fact that I’ve gained new brothers who
make me feel so safe and of that my home away from home and
better yet there’s faculty and administrators who have become mentors
friends and symbolic parents for me as well
PC has not only given me a new family but a stellar education in the midst of
the challenges that have grown from as well as memories that I will cherish for
a lifetime and more importantly a support system that I’ll carry with me
beyond my years so as I have the chance to stand before
alumni and Friends of Providence College I would like to say thank you thank you
for paving the way and giving back to PC it’s because people like you that I was
able to give PC a chance like a real open heart open mind
optimistic chance and I promise you it is in that special way that PC has
become my new home I would like to thank you once again for your time and as
always go friars now we have father Dominic Vernor
assistant chaplain with the opening prayer let us pray Heavenly Father you are the
creator of all that is good the source of every blessing we give you thanks for
this beautiful day we give you thanks for our family and friends our alumni
all who make our PC for our family such a beautiful family we give you thanks
for the mission you have entrusted to us the mission to form young men and women
to discover their potential and realize their purpose giving glory to you and
all that they do we give you thanks for all of these gifts and we ask you to
bless us bless our time this weekend together renew us in mind and spirit and
help us to celebrate all the gifts that you’ve given us with hope for all the
good that is to come we ask this in your most holy name amen it is now my pleasure to introduce
Providence College’s president father Brian Chan Lee a Warwick native who
graduated from PC in 1980 father Shanley has been president since 2005 overseeing
a period of extraordinary growth across the board academic quality diversity
buildings and infrastructure and more please welcome father Brian Shanley so I arrived at Providence College in
1976 and I still have some of my freshman year books and I have a copy of
the Odyssey which I had to read in the development of Western Civ course and I
took it off my shelf earlier this morning
it costs 295 in 1976 it’s the Robert Fitzgerald translation
and the Odyssey begins with these words sing in me o muse and through me tell
the story of that man skilled in all ways of contending and that man is
Odysseus and everybody at PC has to read either the Iliad or the Odyssey still I
had to read both of them the Iliad is a story about what war does to human
beings the Odyssey is a story about how you go back to home and Odysseus has to
go through every trouble you could possibly imagine to get home in case you
don’t remember the story from your time at Providence College or those of you
who have been through your freshman year you may not even remember it because I
know how much short-term memory is but the key line in that beginning is
skilled in all ways of contending because life is about contending you
have to compete it’s a struggle and you have to learn how to be successful in
that and this morning we have our Olympian women here from 1998 and 1998
was the last time the u.s. women won the gold in hockey and that tells you
because as good as we are we haven’t been able to win since 1998 and it’s a
testimony to what they did that that achievement remains a rare achievement
and they will talk to you about what they learned about how to contain
and they didn’t know that when they read the Odyssey and sieve but they were
actually preparing to contend and that’s part of what we want to do with our
students is teach them how to contend how to strive how to compete because in
order to be successful in life you do need to learn how to compete and that’s
part of what we’re trying to do with our students here at Providence College and
our Olympian women tell us that we are successful and Fiona’s success tells us
that we are successful we’ve built a lot of buildings on this campus in the time
that I’ve been here people come back and say that the campus is not even really
recognizable but in many ways it is the transformation of the campus in terms of
infrastructure all has as its purpose the inner transformation of our students
that’s the most important transformation at Providence College is what happens
inside of our students while they’re here the buildings don’t matter if they
didn’t help our faculty and our administrators and our students have the
kind of life changing educational transformational experiences that make
them different and you heard from Fiona and you’ll hear from our hockey playing
women the kinds of transformations that they went through while they were here
that they took into the rest of their lives and it’s what we all do it’s what
I did I remember my freshman self reading The Odyssey that’s part of who I
am now as I do what I do now and that is the heart of what Providence College
does and those of you who are alumni those of you are parents those of you
are students it’s the work of Providence College is the inner transformation as
wonderful is all the outside transformation is it’s the
inside transformation that is the most important work of Providence College and
it’s God’s work which is why we began with a prayer today it’s the work that
God entrusts us to here and it’s what we celebrate this weekend so we hope that
this weekend is a weekend of joy for you and as Fiona mentioned we’re a family
we’re an imperfect family like every family that I know including my own we
struggle but what gives us the Grace and the courage to engage in that work of
inner transformation is the encouragement and love that comes from
being in a family families jobs are to help everybody grow into who they’re
supposed to be and in the imperfect ways in which families do that we do it here
at Providence College and this weekend is a celebration of that experience and
of that charge so I welcome you back I hope this is a great weekend for you
there’s all sorts of games going on this weekend from last night we got lacrosse
we’ve got women’s hoops who got women’s hockey
we got men’s hockey excuse me men’s basketball all that stuff goes on to
remind us of the continuing challenge in our own lives becoming our better selves
and becoming who God created us to be so I invite you to enjoy the weekend enjoy
the the contest that you see and we ask God’s blessing on the continuing growth
that is the work of Providence College to become everything that God made us to
be thank you and enjoy the weekend and now please welcome friar women’s
hockey coach Bob Dharini and 1998 Olympic gold medalist Sarah decosta
Hayes class of 2000 mickeymo session class of 1994 and Lisa Braun Miller
class of 1988 well welcome ladies it’s great to have
you all here I think it’s really fitting that as the opening ceremonies last
night for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang South Korea that we
celebrate what you accomplished 20 years ago which still hasn’t been done as
father Shanley so eloquently eluded to the gold medal in 98
unfortunately for of Lisa Vicky and Sara’s teammates couldn’t be with us
tonight Chris Bailey actually got sick this morning she got the stomach bug
from her children which parents understand how that can happen
Lori Baker will be with us tonight but had a previous engagement as well as a
lineup lajas key who will also be with us tonight
I think the cutoff to start off today’s panel discussion I think we’ll turn our
attention to the screens as Cammi Granato
will kick off today’s discussion it’s such an exciting time it’s so fun
to watch some of the games and know what that felt like and just really
understand what goes on behind the scenes in the village and I don’t know
every year I get every time there’s an Olympics like it’s super emotional and
just so exciting for the athletes that are there and reflecting back now that
spent 20 years I first of all I can’t believe it that makes me feel incredibly
old but it’s been 20 years and no one else has done it no other US women’s
team has done it so far and I think that to me is the most remarkable thing
because we’ve been right there every time and I think I think this year the
girls are a ripe to win I really have a strong feeling that this might be the
year as far as looking back on what we accomplished I think the biggest thing
was you know at the time we were the underdogs and we just pulled together as
a team like never before and we’re completely selfless and totally in the
moment and everything was just perfect it all went perfect for us perfectly for
us and we came out on top and it was just incredible and now that’s been 20
years I think you know a lot of people were saying you guys are the pioneers at
the time and I don’t think for me ever set in until the years kept passing and
now looking back at you know what’s doing it 20 years ago being the first
team you know women’s hockey in the Olympics for the first time and now
having kids I realize yeah it really was we really were the pioneers and it’s
it’s really cool to say that and it’s a bond that will have forever again enjoy
your day and I miss you guys a lot teammate
and yeah go PC and go USA before we begin the discussion I just want to kind
of put in a little context about Providence colleges place on the
landscape of women’s hockey as cami kind of alluded to in 1998 that was the first
time that women’s hockey was a sport in the Olympic Games and a roster of that
size back then was 20 players and we had seven players on that team almost over a
third of that team was from Providence College and his father talked about when
you graduate from Providence College you go out and compete and contend well you
couldn’t ask for better competition and role models and successful women in the
workplace than the three people that we’re gonna have an opportunity to talk
with today so it’s really great to have you all with us as being the women’s
hockey coach I’ve always said I’ve been privileged to be the head hockey coach
here at Providence College and that’s because of the people like yourselves
and all the people have come before that give me such a I have a big
responsibility a very big responsibility to live up what they expect so for that
being said I’d like to kick off with Lisa cami kind of alluded to being
pioneers and trailblazers and back then there weren’t a lot of opportunities for
women’s hockey players or wave ways to develop gonna kind of share with us a
little bit of what it was like to be in a women’s hockey player back in the late
eighties early nineties sure and I’m gonna go back even a little further than
that because for myself I grew up in Michigan and the Detroit area and as I
was playing hockey I didn’t know of any other girls who played so I played on
boys hockey teams until I was probably about 13 or 14 and then I asked my dad
to maybe seek out if there were girls teams because I had heard maybe there
were and he did find a handful of teams and so that was my first exposure to
playing women’s or girls hockey and then I had heard there were some colleges
that had women’s hockey so being out Michigan and this was the time before
social media or even email I mean it was snail mail and I made
my dad bring the huge video recorder to the rink so that we could send these
huge tapes off to college coaches in hopes to have the opportunity to go play
college hockey and so once I’d narrowed my choices down and had decided to come
to Providence College I had no idea if I was even gonna be able to play on the
team because I didn’t know who my teammates were going to be I had no idea
the skill level of these East Coast women hockey players who I heard were
just awesome so I was all prepared to play on the fourth line and happy to get
some playing time when I did so I didn’t know what I was stepping into and so no
there weren’t a lot opportunities for me back at home and then making that
transition to PC the door opened a little wider and then as I graduated
from Providence there still wasn’t even a women’s national team yet so I thought
I was done in 1988 and then at another door opened so I have to be one of those
fortunate players who just as doors were opening I was able to step through I
have some teammates who were on the other side and they were just a step shy
of getting through that door so I feel very fortunate position I was in to
actually make this Olympic team with that being said it’s pretty good say
going into the Rhode Island sting program so why don’t you pick up on that
we’re you and Vicky have actually created a girls program here in Rhode
Island called the Rhode Island’s thing that give young girls an opportunity to
a very young level which to play together and to develop and chase that
dream yeah obviously we’re all very passionate about hockey and when it was
time for me to kind of go to the next stage in my life I couldn’t imagine
having doing something without having hockey in my life and I got right into
coaching and a few years later I had my daughter Kylie and Vicky has three girls
and I received a phone call one day from from Vicky saying you know we have we
have daughters we should there’s not many opportunities for girls in Rhode
Island to to play with girls I grew up playing with the boys you know first
time I ever played on a girl’s team was actually Providence College so you know
our girls we wanted that to give them an opportunity
to experience women’s hockey and to play with all all girls so Vicki called me
what do you think let’s let’s do this hey Aaron or Thailand and it’s been an
amazing experience to see the growth of women’s hockey from the 1998 Olympics to
now and to see the the current women’s hockey team and we’re very fortunate and
I don’t know how how much the girls are know that they this is our home base
actually right Providence College we skate here every day so we get the
opportunity to see the current women’s team and it is amazing to me to see you
girls to see you guys play now the skills that they have in the talent and
the role models that that our Rhode Island girls have to see every day is is
it’s been an amazing experience to to be there with our daughters and to be able
to teach them the sport that we love and to be able to do it with one of my
teammates and one of my best friends it’s been a great journey what made you
think of that idea Vicki what makes me think of a lot of things about really
first thank you to the college for inviting us back it’s wonderful to see
my teammates we haven’t seen each other in a while but to be remembered because
we remember our time here is really amazing so I played in 98 and had some
concussions after that point so I retired as did brownie and a few of our
other teammates and I I didn’t really know what to do with hockey I loved
being involved with the team I had volunteered here a little bit I had
coached a little bit at Northeastern previously but really wanted to try and
make a difference and my experience may be a little bit different there’s 10,000
girls playing in Massachusetts youth hockey so growing up in Massachusetts I
had tons of opportunities to play boys hockey and girls hockey at a young age
and that was so fun for me so 16 years ago I started a program in Massachusetts
as a way to give back and create something for young girls to have fun
and not worry about college prep school scholarships because we played at a time
where that didn’t really exist or sorry Sara
did play at a time but our generation on this side scoot scoot we we didn’t have
scholarships so I wanted to create an environment where a kid could be a good
athlete strive and play without the vision of it going anywhere other than
team so Rhode Island didn’t have that cohesive youth girls hockey program and
I wasn’t going it alone like I had in Massachusetts so my call to Sarah
although it was a recommendation there was a very strong recommendation to say
hey let’s do this for our kids and for those around them because if we can make
a difference and bring something positive to them it’s better than living
with what it could have become if we had leading off of that going back to the
Olympics you know in proms collagen you know one of the things that we talked
about is when you graduate from Provident College you can change the
world and obviously you guys are changing the world by influencing these
young people and have a wonderful role models I will say this personally
I coach men’s hockey for nine years and then a 19 years ago I switched to
women’s hockey and I switched women’s hockey because I had two daughters and I
couldn’t think of a better environment for my daughters to be brought up and
not just in a Providence College athletic environment but to have
wonderful role models and I can tell you when I look at my two kids I see a
little bit of all of my former players in my children and so when you talk
about what you’re doing there’s no question that you are influencing the
world by the program the ralindis thing and obviously the Spitfire program so I
want to say thank you because that’s what Providence College mission is is to
change the world and here’s a perfect example of how we’re doing it one child
at a time turn the sports Sara had a tremendous
career here can you tell me how that helped you in your Olympic quest to make
the team and then at the Olympic Games yeah well like I said before I grew up
playing with all boys and and kind of like Lisa I really wasn’t aware of what
the woman’s hockey world was at the time and I probably junior junior high school
when I realized like right here in my my homestay
Providence College has one of the best programs in the country and not only one
of the best programs in the country there was legends that girls that were
on the national team and someone like brownie at the time you know you were
competing living your dream so that’s when I decided that that’s where I want
to be I want to go to promise college so and actually when I was a getting ready
junior senior one of my teammates who are not here Chris Bailey she was
actually the one who came to my house to recruit me to come here and I I didn’t
realize at the time a few years later I would be competing with her in the
Olympics so it was pretty neat to have her but it was the best decision I ever
made to come here to promise college for for many reasons I mean to play on the
hockey team the academics but when I got here it was everything I dreamt it would
be as father Shanley pointed out I I didn’t realize at the time that even
Western Civ was preparing me for my life and competing in the college in the
Olympics so academically the the faculty the staff everyone my teammates my
roommates everyone contributed to me preparing myself for competing in the
Olympics and representing my country hockey I had never had a goalie coach it
was the first time I ever had a goalie coach and and coach Bellmore really had
his work cut out for me that I think my first college career game it was a very
first shot I think they shot the puck from the red line and it actually went
in so he I think he just kind of looked at me like oh boy wouldn’t what do we do
here so there I had a lot to learn and the coaching staff and my teammates
really taught me so much and anyone that knows coach torini he has more passion
for what he does than anyone I have ever met so so that rubs off on you and the
way that you teach how important character is that’s all stuff that you
need to become an Olympian and and that carried over so every aspect of
Providence College prepared me for the Olympic Games and I saw both you shake
your head so I’m not going to I’m gonna move it on to you guys to
share how your province college experience shaped you for what you about
ready to experience on the olympic stage well I was just as you’re referring to
Bob and his passion as a coach I did not have Bob as a coach I had John Marchetti
so some of you may be aware of that name and that man loved this team I mean he
he did everything so he created that sense of family like father Shanley was
saying that sense of family within the hockey team so coming from Michigan I
didn’t know a single soul on this campus when I first got here and my team
immediately became my family and coach Marchetti made sure that I felt welcomes
I felt a part of a group I felt loved he I mean he did everything he sharpened
our skates he after after practice was done we did all her laundry into a
hockey bag and he throw it on the back of his car and he drive it up here and
he would do the laundry for us he I don’t know if you remember but you’d go
to put your hockey skate on you’re like what is in my hockey skate you reach in
there and you pull out a little piece of candy so it was like his little way of
saying like hey I’m here I care about you this is a hockey team but it’s also
a family so yes you know the passion that our coaches put into the program
and the school puts into their student athletes or their students who aren’t
athletes doing other things like you Sara I mean it was one of the best
decisions in my life thank you Lisa Vicki I also had coach
Marchetti so I we didn’t get candy thanks it was
an incredible experience coming here the history of PC women’s hockey had already
been built prior to me looking here I entered school in in 1990 we had players
like Lisa Kelly O’Leary Cindy Curley Karen Kay those are the Trailblazers for
me as a youngster looking at schools when we were junior
and seniors we had the opportunity to come and play the college’s and PC Fit
and I think you’ll find seven of us that went here PC have like a common fabric
among our character and personalities and even former teammates that are here
today it’s that common bond of you know a Catholic school education belief in
something bigger striving through troubled times because
women’s hockey you know in our era we were the lady friars we weren’t allowed
to use the logo at the time and then it transformed to Providence so we were we
were joking about it last night where the girls from that city and and the
identity of what women’s hockey became was transformed here at PC so the
opportunities for the kids here and what it prepared us in that common fabric
coach Marchetti like Lisa said took care of everything for all of us he bought
pizza for us he did our laundry he made sure we had winter hats on running to
the cafeterias our hair didn’t freeze in the winter it we knew he cared and we
cared about each other and he didn’t push us too hard on the ice we actually
wanted to push harder than what he pushed us so we kind of band together
and we like would do aerobics class here extra and and work out extra because we
want it to be better together so in preparing us academically as well I
think because I wasn’t a scholarship athlete it it puts you in a different
mindset I had loans I had to do well academically because we didn’t know
about the Olympic Games 1990 World Championships was the first
time women competed and that was the beginning of it so we weren’t playing
for that reason we were playing because we loved it we were here to get a great
education and after that time we were here to work so the education provided
us that and the experience and the commonality among us seven of us but we
weren’t all at school together so Sarah
entered college after I had left I entered college but Lisa had already
left and many I played with Chris Bailey and Alanna but there there weren’t that
all seven of us here and that just goes to show the championship environment
that PC through built for sure least I guess let’s talk about the selection
process is going through that and making the Olympic team and obviously you know
we’re talking about some stressful times you might Sharon you know a little
insight into that and then all of us you know what what’s the US Olympic team
over there doing right now you know what are they feeling how are they preparing
so let’s take one at a time the first thing was going through the Olympic
process and selection process yeah and I just want to quickly say although it was
20 years ago that we won watching videos like that it gives me goosebumps and
brings tears to my eyes because it’s it’s like you can step
right back into that moment with just the 30-second clip and yeah thinking I
have you know every every four years when the Olympics come up it kind of all
these memories resurface and I knew like getting married
they say kind of slow down like try to take it all in and I ended up taking a
notebook and filling it with either thoughts or things that happened on my
journey because I knew I wasn’t going to remember it all so periodically there
have been times where I’ve read back through that said Wow
yeah and part of that was the process of picking the team and it was highly
stressful so at the end correct me if I’m wrong but I think there were 25 of
us at the very end so you’re supposed to be a team but at the same time you’re an
individual competing for a spot on the team so it was it was it was very very
challenging from a mental standpoint like on your own self and then to
actually go out and then play when it was your time to play because our coach
would periodically sit in five different players and you didn’t know why you were
sitting we’re sitting because maybe you had a pad game
and you shouldn’t play or because you had a good game and he’s given somebody
else a chance like you started going through these questions in your head and
so that in and of itself was daunting to go through that last leg of the journey
in the selection of the team I like to equate it to like a chemist so there was
no doubt that probably even the top 30 players could have easily played on that
team it came down to just picking the right combination of people to have on
that team so that’s where I kind of say coach Smith was a genius in that matter
because we ended up winning the day that the team was picked was highly stressful
we had all gone into this very it felt like a very small room I think it was
pretty darn small it was long and we were all 25 of us were in this room and
coach Smith decided he was going to read off the names of the player who made the
team and being a hyphenated name Brown Miller I wasn’t sure where I was gonna
fall on the list so I was really really anxious and thankfully it did come in
the it came as Brown Miller rather than Miller and I found that once I heard my
name there was a sense of like relief but at the same time I had this like
focus of this like really narrow focus on listening to the other names and
realizing the five names that weren’t called and although I was happy that I
made the team I had greater sadness for my teammates that didn’t make the team
and one of those players was Kelly O’Leary who I played three years here at
Providence and I thought she was a shoo-in so it was it was very very
difficult I know that I was a bubble player because I was the oldest player
competing for a spot they had five centers and there was this little
whippersnapper Jenny Schmid go who was like 15 and who had played all of two
years and she was like a child prodigy hockey player
and I was just she was my nemesis I’m like this little spark plug that’s gonna
kick me off this team and then Ben Smith he kind of worked it through his head
and he had five centers and five right wings and five left wings and what did
he do he like took all the center’s and kind of shuffled things around so I
ended up making the team thankfully and then played left wing position I’d never
played in my entire life and probably didn’t really have the best tournament
but I was thankful to just be a part of this team because it really came down to
that whole chemistry and by far the best team I’ve ever been on the most selfless
I mean it was the epitome of team there was no one person who would make or
break us everybody had a role to fill and and we
did it everybody filled that role and and as we
kind of run you know brings us to conclusion I do have a couple of to last
questions which I’ll leave to all of you first of all can be talked about it
being perfect and you talked about the chemistry being alluding to and I’m just
gonna feel imperfect I’d like to hear a little bit about that as you went
through the Olympic Games and then what it was like to be armor now there was no
podium and I can remember when they were placing the gold medals over watching on
my TV at home and placing the gold medals over your heads and be an arm and
arm and singing the national anthem so I’d like to just very quickly just walk
us through your experience as a team and that perfection that came in and at
least I kind of alluded to and then about that moment when you sing of the
national anthem we were all different so Lisa on the older end and then Jenny
and Angela on the younger end fifteen and thirty-one socially there’s a big
gap like farthest shanlee said life it’s a struggle it’s a challenge you have to
be competitive and it’s hard to find 20 people who can be competitive among each
other but maintain respect for each other as a teammate and in life that’s
kind of what we did at that moment we were 20 people who
it’s so badly to do well for each other and collectively win there was a poem
that we used to have to recite every time we got on the bus and Moffat about
it’s from the jungle but edibles and the gist of it is the strength of the wolf
is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf and don’t break it
because you’ll die and that’s in the poem and that was our motto going
through we would do anything for each other whether it be on the bench in the
village while playing or not playing or getting picked you never knew
is it your is it your turn to play and if it is you better do your best because
we wanted to win for our country it was so much bigger than any individual and
because it was the first time no one had done it before the business side of the
Olympics or athletics the professionalization of it hadn’t hit us
we didn’t realize people were actually watching the women’s team and and some
of the students here you’ll think this is funny
IBM set up a Surf Shack with yahoo email over at the olympics for us to contact
people at home but most of us had never used email for had computers in college
so we just emailed each other but and that’s also the truth but USA Hockey
started filtering in because they were aware of technology we were not
filtering in commentary and emails from people around the world supporting us
and at that moment we realized this is so much bigger than us and our team was
perfect to talk about a vicky n’ and lisa i mean you can’t say more and you
can’t really describe the bonds that the team had and and the journey that there
was seven months that we lived together and went through the the tryout process
and and then hearing your name called and for me when i heard my name called i
think i had to ask the person next to me because it was it was as if coach was
speaking in a different language so did they call my name was that I was at
decosta so just that whole experience and and once we got to the Olympics and
as far as you coach you asked about what it felt like when we were getting the
medals placed around our necks and all I remember complete chaos celebrating and
then when we started here in our the anthem I think our emotion at that point
in our journey it was like oh it’s not like we did it so everyone was guy just
remember everyone going crazy and then when you’re on the blue line and you
hear your anthem I think we just all reached down and held on to each other
tight and a lot of people always ask me like what what were you feeling and the
best way I can explain all the emotions that we were feeling is by describing
what I saw when I looked in the stands what I saw was our mothers huddled
together crying our fathers were high-fiving each other who and in
hollering and literally the siblings were being chased by security guards
because they were climbing over the glass to get onto the ice and a few one
visitor feelings didn’t make it over I don’t remember which one but the
security guards trying to grab them and it was just such an emotional time and
and to be joined you know hand in hand with with your teammates was really a
moment that I never forget in and hard to really explain to people how about a
big round of applause please for Mendes happy and I speak for everybody in the room
you’re not only just tremendous athletes you’re just tremendous ambassadors for
Providence College and we just marvel what you accomplished 20 years ago and
it just shows you they need more Providence College people on the Olympic
team if they want to win another gold medal congratulations again thank you
all for coming this morning thank you ladies very much it’s an honor and a
privilege to be with you just serving those tonight at 7:30 at Schneider Arena
we’re turning it into an Olympic Village and all the Olympians will be there and
that should be a really fun time it’s for your charge so hopefully some of
you’ll find time to come over and visit with us it’s gonna be a great night it’s
gonna be a great party have a great rest of the day everybody thank you

The Gold Standard: A Panel with the ’98 Women’s Ice Hockey Olympic Gold Team
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