Okay, hello beauty news family we’re doing another makeup breakup and this has been highly requested. Now we had to get this brought from a friend who went to the US because we can’t get Milk makeup in Australia soooooooo yeah we’re limited with what we can get with this brand but we are going to chop up this holographic stick in Supernova, it’s just a highlighter stick. We’re going to weigh it, chop it up, have fun with it, destroy it, get some satisfaction. Alright lets open this and just have a look at it Alright so it does look very pretty oooooooo [bang] oh everything is falling out…Beautiful So hopefully you can see from the packaging This claims to have 28 grams in it So we are going to weigh the full packaging Take it apart and weigh the empty packaging and see if it does contain 28 grams Alright so i’m going to swatch this out of curiosity…so that’s what it looks like We’ve weighed it already, so what we do with the product now it doesn’t factor in the final weight, so let’s swatch it just out of curiosity Gosh its halographic It just gives a pinky-purple color it’s a pretty color Alright so when you twist it up there is a lot of product and it just comes out like that, oh my god were going to have some fun just chopping it up look at it, thats sooo much product that’s ridiculous, why do you need this much highlighter You don’t, when does it go off? i’m shocked they don’t have a use-by date on it yeah there is no use-by date anywhere on the packaging i don’t know when this giant lump of slong bloody highlighter stick has to be used, we don’t know when it goes off it’s really weird and its all around the kind of plastic at the bottom as well, how do we want to cut this haley? Just smush it if I I would How about just dig everything out of the packaging that is the thing wait, thats the thing it’s just the packaging at the bottom what is this shit? like can i just… oops a daisy [laughing] oh wow look at it chop chop chop…it’s a pretty colour.. chop your booty Yeah its a pretty color Yeah i like it [music] alright this is it in a bowl this is the packaging we weighed before we are going to weigh it now empty, lets put it together for the fun of it [music] If you ever finish it up thats what it will look like you never will okay so this claims to have 28 grams, its 33.12 which is more…like here’s a lot of product in here, there is a lot do we want to try to put it back in…sure it’s all twisted down and we are going to just shove it in it’s like stuffing a turkey but we don’t stuff turkeys in australia we stuff chickens, or ducks this id kind of fun i’m not gonna lie get it in there eww it’s on my nail and it looks like nail foil stuff don’t worry there is 33 grams of it ooohhh yay can’t wait look at us go do it do it making a cake with… with milk makeup we’re making a cake with milk, makes sense a milk cake i wish they put in like a scent? yeah i dunno, i like to say like a citrus or something but some people are actually really sensitive do you want to twist it up haley? sure i reckon this could be a disaster but it could be entertaining my hands are too slippery i didn’t do a bad job i’m fucking working Air pockets kat, what are these? bloody hell it’s starting to feel a little bit wobbly, we are looking at our faults we can see our faults and can fix them later air pockets! ah there’s a hair in it! utoh spaghettio … yeah it’s actually like… it needs to be frozen, it’s gonna fall no, get back in i did it too far help someone send help well this is a fun one i don’t know if I’m going the right way or the wrong way no it’s getting worse ahhh somebody send help i can’t help you i’ve got greasy hands everything is alright i think haley officially fucked it overtime i touch it, it gets worse push it back in again, we’re gonna have to look, can I do this? ewwhhhh painting my nails with it oh beautiful, ice that cake it’s really fun to do with greasy hands as well because nothing works this looks fucking horrible is it coming out the bottom? yeah [laughing] that technique didn’t work it’s shit, twist it all the way back down and we can put it in i think it looks quite nice on the skin to be honest we’ve lost a lot or its gone down the bottom or something its shrunk a lot of it is on my hands right guys, there we have it the milk holographic stick you can get it back in there but it does get a little bit softer if you break it down obviously because these are solids or oils that are solid at room temperature so if you warm them up you get beautiful highlight everywhere we are covered in it, and honestly i think the highlight is pretty i’m not really a fan of oily feeling on my skin if that doesn’t bother you it’s really really pretty i can see this all over people’s bodies in summer we gonna put this in the fridge it will no doubt set and we could use it on our bodies yep, i would never use this on my face too greasy, too greasy for me as well but we are both oily skin girls yeah good value and fun product with a nice finish as well hope you guys enjoyed this video we’ll see you in the next one bye see cleans up just as good as new don’t worry guys

THE MAKEUP BREAKUP – Destroying, Weighing & Reforming the Milk Holographic Stick
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