– [Rob Blake] My job here
is to build a contender, and whether that be in the
present or in the future, every decision must be made
with that vision in mind. – The future’s a pretty vague word. I think you get scared
sometimes when you hear the word future ’cause you’re
thinkin’ so far down the road. The future, to me, is tomorrow. What are we doin’ tomorrow? – We weren’t stable last year. It was up and down,
players were in and out, so our main focus this
season is to be stable and to be a bounded group of individuals. – There is nothing that the
players go without here. The Kings organization from top to bottom, they give the players
everything they possibly can require to have success. (dramatic music) It’s not that easy though. It’s about putting it all together and becoming a good player
and becoming a good team. It doesn’t matter if
you’re a coach, a manager, even an owner, it’s tough when the plan isn’t real clear and concise. And when I met with this group, there’s a very clear, concise plan. – Now, the vision is to build a contender. Here’s a look at the new
players we have scheduled to make pro debuts with
the Kings this year. – [Announcer] Anderson-Dolan,
he comes to the net, fires a shot, shelves it and scores. – Comes out to the blue line, pivots, comes strong, fires a shot, and scores! – And Clague brings his way in, Clague and shoots scores! Kale Clague snaps it home. – Kupari (speaks in foreign language) – [Announcer] Dishes off, here’s Grant, back to Durzi, shot, scores! – Anderson at the point,
hesitates, fires and scores! (horn blows) Mikey Anderson, the Captain. Toffoli with a little speed, driving wide, feeds it out in front! (horn blows) (inspirational music) – (McLellan) Our job is to
create new memories for you and start to look to the future. To get through a marathon, it takes a lot of those intangibles. It takes heart. It takes commitment. It takes sweat, and blood and tears. I don’t know if the Kings,
when they won their cup, if they were the most talented team. But they had those intangibles. They ran the marathon. Do some of these players
want to run it again? And there’s no shortcuts. You can’t go from one to
fourteen to twenty-two and almost be done. You have to run every mile. And the future right now is getting them to the starting line. There will be some miserable nights. There will be some really good nights too. And it’ll take a lot of
work, but we’re prepared to do it, and we will get it done.

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