– [Garin] Sport is fantastic
because it does give you that range of emotions. – [Jonathan] Sport can bring
out the best in people, it can bring out the worst in people. – [Ann] When I’m playing rugby, and it’s going well, it feels amazing. Of course there are times where
it doesn’t go quite so well. – [Garin] It can leave you feeling absolutely on top of the world but sometimes it can make you feel sort of gutter level, and you know, that’s the territory of sport. (intense music) – [Rico] A great question
to ask anyone involved with any sport, at any level is, “What was your best moment?” I wonder what moment you’d think of with a sort of faint
smile of satisfaction. – [Garin] There were so many
great moments playing rugby, winning your first cap for your country, it’s a boyhood dream really. – It’s, you’ve arrived you
just feel that this is it. I’ve been picked for my country, and this is all I’ve dreamt
about really as a rugby player. – [Ann] My best moment in
sport was when I played for England at Twickenham in 2003. We were playing France in Six Nations, it was the first Women’s
Six Nations International to get played at Twickenham. The match was great, I was starting for the
first time that season, and we won 53 – nil. – [Jonathan] For England,
playing in France in this quarterfinal at
the World Cup in ’91, we were playing a very strong French side, and to win in their backyard, and it was a phenomenal
achievement for our team and very satisfying. – [Rico] I think what we so
love about those memories is that for a moment, our talent fulfils its potential. That’s where as Christians
we see sports people fulfilling their God-given gifts. – [Ann] I realised that if
God has given me the abilities and skills to play rugby well, hand-eye coordination and love the reading for the game, that I should be able to use those to the best effect by worshipping Him by doing as well as I possibly could. – [Jonathan] We all have God-given gifts. The way in which I feel blessed was that– – [Rico] Sport also reveals that there is something wrong in our world and there is something wrong with us. (gentle music) In sport there’s pain, cheating,
jealousy, and injustice. So just like in any other part of life, sadly sport reveals our brokenness, our weakness, and our wickedness. – Sport can bring out the best in people, it can bring out the worst in people. – The gift that I was blessed with, I wasn’t a great rugby player, but I feel that I was
blessed with passion. A lot of that passion was misdirected. I got sent off, I think, and one of the seven
international worst players to be sent off for his country. – When I was out here at
Twickenham kicking goals, it’s fairly obvious to the whole audience whether you’re successful or not. And naturally, despite
people possibly understanding that you’re doing your best, there’s huge disappointment and even anger sometimes at you missing. And I found that result-based judgement very hard to deal with. – The most painful moment for me in sport was the Women’s Rugby
World Cup final in 2002. I played the semifinal, we had beaten Canada comprehensively but I was dropped for the final, so at that game against New
Zealand, which we lost 19-9, I watched the sidelines feeling
absolutely gutted thinking, “I should be on the pitch.” And I got a silver medal, but I felt like it was the
worst day in the world. – Sport reveals much to us than that we see players and
coaches responding differently when things are going for them, when things are going against them and sometimes we see
flaws in their characters. I’m a flawed person, like
everybody else in this world, we’re all flawed but I think sport then, like in life a player that’s been great who is coming to the
end starts to get bitter when he gets dropped because you start to believe
in your own invincibility. – I remember taking the funeral to one of my best friends from University. We played rugby together
at Twickenham in 1987 and in 2005 he suddenly died. I still can’t believe he’s gone. So as I took the funeral
I stood at his grave side and I said these words from Psalm 103: “As for man, his days are like grass. “He flourishes like a flower of the field, “but the wind blows and its
place remembers it no more.” – I think in many ways sport is a sort of super-concentrated aspect of life, it’s everything that we
have to deal with in life but wrapped up in a far more, sort of bite-sized way of dealing with it. And I think the fact that we are mortal, that we are not here forever is one of the most disturbing things when you think about it. – It’s like when you play for Wales, you can be in jersey, but be only borrowing the shirts. You’re only there for that period and it’s not your shirt. – And I remember when I
got the phone call saying, my coaches words, “It’s not good news
Flynny, you’re not going.” I remember being distraught, and going for a run in
the rain in a nearby park and literally crying out to God, “Why? “I’ve worked so hard. “Why am I not going?” But the answer that came
back was really clear, “It’s not your time to go. “It’s time for something else.” (gentle music) – So we do flourish, but it’s over so quickly. It’s true of sport, and it’s true of life. But what can we do with a truth like that? Fortunately, the Bible doesn’t stop there. It offers answers to the deeper questions that life and sport
provoke but can’t answer. (uplifting music) – We’re gonna have struggles in this life. People say, “Why do nice people get hurt? “Why do bad things happen?” Well, we just have to
read the Bible for that and it’s all there. – What I found hard to
cope with was failing. Clear and simple. Not being able to put the kick over, not being able to play
the way I wanted to. And I looked for all the
answers in the world, and I turned to the Bible because the Bible seems to have answers to a lot of these questions. – The Bible calls us to acknowledge God as the giver of our gifts, including our sporting talents. It tells us that He made us
for relationship with Him but that we refuse to acknowledge Him, so we take His gifts, but push away the giver. And rightly, He’s committed to bringing this world to judgement but wonderfully, that
isn’t the end of the story. He’s also committed to rescuing
this world from judgement . How do we know this? Well the Bible contains
eyewitness accounts of the man called Jesus,
God’s son come to earth. But as you know, he died on a cross, so why did he die? Well it wasn’t just Galilean
carpenter getting crucified. Christians believe that
he died on the cross to pay for our sin, to forgive us our rebellion. Furthermore, he also rose on Easter day to offer us eternal life. So they took him off the
cross, certified him as dead, and put him in a tomb. And three days later, he
was walking around again. Now that changes everything. If he got through death himself, he can get us through. – Why am I a Christian? A lot of people say, “You’ve had too many bumps on the head.” But because I know when I realise what Jesus Christ has done for me. – The reason I follow Jesus is that he is the son
of the God that made me. He is the reason I have
faith that my God loves me, that there’s actually nothing I can do to make Him love me more, but actually also there’s nothing I can do to make Him love me less. And that’s a phenomenally
powerful thought and comfort. – So what do you think? Well maybe there are days when we see that there’s
something profoundly wrong with the sport that we so love. And maybe there are days when we see that death is the
reality that it appears to be. And maybe, just maybe, Jesus Christ is the
answer to those things. – I think if everyone
looks into their heart, there is often a gap, and I think that deep
yearning is God calling to us, and saying to us, “Actually, your life is not complete “unless you are with me.” – There’s only one person
that has ever, ever gone into a cemetery
and come out with life, and that’s Jesus Christ. Changes everything. Death has no grip on us.

The Two Sides of Sport | Rugby World Cup 2019
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