So what you all see is that this man is
trying to get into first receiver here and the width between one and two
I say we’re myriad you know we’re a bunch of different you know disparate
parts coming together and I think that’s where our strength lies is in the variety
we bring you know every guy’s got a different story a different background
you know it’s America right everyone’s come from somewhere else but they come
together under one banner to make something great so that’s probably our
strong suit that’s probably our identity is that that multi cultural aspect you
know it’s just been every day competing every day you wake up and you don’t take
it off you know you look after your nutrition you look after your body you
do what you can to put yourself in the best position to compete and then it
boils down to two weeks really of just you know competition straight-up man
versus man in camp If you start trying to to play the individual
one-on-one game with them you bring them into it it’s that simple
and you lost your way in a few reps when you started to do that rather than pull
back get your discipline just do what you need to do I’ve just got to get that balance
right between walking the line of being the you know snapping Jack Russell at
their their ankles and just sitting back and having the quiet word and you know
everybody talks to you about different ways you can talk to people there’s no
right way there’s no wrong way the reality is every one of these boys is
different every one of them needs to be spoken to in a different way and some of
that is going to be sharp words and some of that’s gonna have to be supportive
words There’s the twelve playing and the thirteenth man out there but we’ve got
like 24 25 guys that are pushing in that camp that are getting everyone prepared
and pushing everyone to the right levels and out here today you see all the mix
veg boys making sure we do our job and keep them prepared even though we’re not
going to play in the World Cup we’ll definitely be having having a part in
that I think if anybody outside looking in would have picked the 12 that’s the 12
they’d have picked but that’s testament not only to them having raised their game
but also to the 12 13 that have been in camp and the fact that they’ve raised
their game and pushed the boundaries and these boys have responded a number of
them have had some adversity this year in terms of dealing with injuries and
finding their way back that’s giving them
perspective that’s given us context that’s allowed other guys to get
flexibility in positions so you know the cocktail is looking decent
the ingredients are all here it’s just whether we can mix well and and drink
well I’ve seen the behind the scenes of how hard everyone’s been working and
what they’ve all been putting in we’ve seen from Las Vegas that we know that
they can when they put their minds to it I can definitely achieve it so all the
preparation’s done all the training’s done bodies where they need to be just got to
stick together mentally and just stay in the fight A few things to still get
right but that’s not a bad place to be Certainly it’s been an accomplishment a
bit disappointed I didn’t make it happen you know obviously you want to get to
the you know the finish line but definitely it’s it’s changed me for the
better as a person this journey the past year so can’t be too disappointed
Almost kind of emotional now being able to go home I don’t know it’s just
it’s gonna be fun I mean a lot of family a lot of friends for me personally I
know there’s gonna be a ton of people it’s it feels good to be able to play in
front of family and friends for me kind of lost for words now that it’s here I
think I held it together pretty good throughout the week but now you know I’m
pretty excited Sevens is just you don’t know what’s
gonna happen it’s just so exciting to watch him every time He always thinks of
me and the kids and his teammates cuz and his country because that’s what he mainly
plays for Sometimes I don’t really realise it because it’s just like he’s
like a normal to me it’s just my husband but yeah it’s like I guess it’s like a
big thing but to me he’s just Maka It’s good to be home for a bit and actually get on tour and finally get to be around the opposition and what it
feels like to get that last taste one more time before you know we actually
get into it Friday night The competition has started because Wales
and Zimbabwe are going all out for 14 minutes to get a shot at us and we need
to be battle ready and to play the game and feel the bruises felt the bangs got the
cuts feel the pain to go out there and do it There is pressure on me and I’ll have run
through those kind of mental reps of what we could do what we’re looking
for who brings what what combinations allow us to do certain things there are
no egos on on the starting seven there are no egos on the five that can come on and
it doesn’t matter who starts and it doesn’t matter who finishes it’s the fact
there’s a 12 they try and get the job done We know who were playing Wales have
just beaten Zimbabwe so time for me to step back into the background now and
just let these boys kind of take the ownership that they need to do and then
hopefully we can kick on It’s all calm thoughts now I like to
stay in the moment at the end of the day it’s a rugby game it doesn’t matter
where we’re playing who were playing at what level you’re playing at but for me
it’s it’s a kids game and it’s always ever gonna be a kids game whether it’s a
business or you’re playing in the backyard down the street with your
buddies I mean at the end of the day you’re gonna play hard
you’re gonna play fast and you’re gonna show respect to their team and that’s
what it’s all about It has been a master class from the USA
here in their opening game at the Rugby World Cup of sevens
Pretty sweet stadium it’s the first time I’ve been on the field here yeah I think the
crowd really fueled us and that big defensive stand we had early in the
second half I think our subs did a good job of keeping the game out of range and you can
feel it out there that’s for sure the crowds pretty electric so that’ll
pay big dividends for us going throughout the weekend You know you
just get in the zone you like you locked in like you seeing your opponent you
lining them look like you’re looking at them like you know we’ve been out here working
too hard for too long you know at the end of the day I just feel like you playing a
team and especially when you’re trying to make it to the quarterfinals final
you can’t let nobody take anything out your pocket you gotta be ready for
anybody at any moment Sevens is demanding it’s freaking
physically exhausting so when you get real tired and you’re you don’t think
you can go anymore you hear the crowd chanting USA or just cheering for
you guys it gives you that extra gear gives everyone that extra gear and I think
you saw that our defense right there like just the extra efforts the double
efforts triple efforts just keep going keep going keep going that’s what it
takes to win these games and win this tournament I think my mom my girlfriend
my my family my nephew my my brother’s my dad everyone
I wish I actually knew how many people were actually here but that was for all
of them and for you know all the sacrifices that they’ve made for me I
know all of us have missed some pretty important family moments our families
have missed just as much as we have so to be able to have all them here and
sharing in that victory with us is I don’t know you know it’s something
that we’re gonna tell our our grandkids and their kids and you know the stories
that will last forever Again you can’t afford to switch off
with this mob because Burgess and those boys are always looking for an
opportunity great second effort here as well again matts in beautiful working with
Stevie you create the opportunity with your speed of 3’s is off the floor to give
Danny the try we need to replicate those butterflies we need to replicate that
attitude we need to replicate that desire we need to replicate that
determination we need to replicate that spirit you cannot expect it just to
happen again you have to do everything and more that you did yesterday today I know there are some of you who are from the area and that will be a particularly special
moment but for all of us I think it’s gonna be special being out there and representing
our country our friends our family and each other and if we look at this 12 the
14 the squad in general I think it’s one of the most talented squads that I’ve
ever been involved with the US Sevens team but that talent counts for nothing
unless we’re willing to go in there put in the hard yards put in the hard work
and bring the attitude and that hunger to go out there and fight for every
single tackle fight for every offload fight for every breakdown and fight for
each other because if we’re willing to do that the talent comes to the fore we’ve blown
out the cobwebs we’ve had game one we’re not flying into game two Let’s enjoy it boys If we can control the ball then we’re in business
and I think that’s the key If we’re going to come out on top of this game we’re gonna have to
contol the ball because England are a dangerous team when
they have possession so that’s the challenge we’re under no illusions but
do we have the the armory yes we do Do we have the tools to get the job done
yes we do We just now need to do it We’re having just a little Danny Barrett support
party here a little tailgate, we’ve got some food, got some drinks and a lot of family lot of friends a lot of past players
that we played with they’re all coming out to cheer on Danny Barrett and the Eagles we’re very proud
of Danny Danny done a great job represented the Barrett family all the
way for a long time at Sacred Heart Cathedral here at high school in the
city and Cal Berkeley and now for the US been been an awesome little ride for us
He was a little whiny as kid but he was the youngest of three boys so he was just
trying to get the scraps that we’re leaving behind he’ll tell you man we
still got it We’ll take him down It’s pretty cool to have the whole stadium
cheering and know that one of your brothers is on the field and they’re cheering for him he’s
one of the star players of the team for you it’s pretty awesome Nothing but
pride for him he’s great he’s me he puts it all on the field you know he’s the man They stand by each other and they watch out
for each other and have each other’s backs
and they all say that and coach Friday’s I think done an
amazing job with the team but the different dynamics of all the players
they’re all so different in personality and background that he could get them
all cohesively working together Okay here it is the biggest game of the
day on the men’s side of things the USA up against England Iosefo
Iosefo goes himself Martin Iosefo back inside there’s the skipper Hughes Get’s there Get’s it away for Norton Norton with the shimmy and go Dan Norton It’s an immediate reply USA counter great work from Pinkleman Ellery has a sniff shortside goes to Mitchell
Mitchell they’ve got numbers in around here England
Burgess is explosive but this time round he shuffles it across park Lindsay-Hague moves it wide for
Glover Norton is out there asking for the seam and getting it and putting his team in front Tomasin cuts back in field Tomasin holds his
feet pops it now Baker Baker cuts them open Perry Baker Bang, stamp of approval This guy is legit he just has an uncanny knack You look around your huddle and
you think who is gonna be the man First to score wins away we go again
England doing a USA on the USA winning that re-start Mitchell now cross field kick for Burgess
has he got enough on it – Burgess Burgess breaks the locals hearts it’s a touch of absolute
magic It was a it was a
it was a bitty performance against England and we should never have been in
that situation and then you know the dealing with that disappointment of the
World Cup being over in the quarterfinals with you know it’s tough
to take I feel like the boys we put out on the field with and we gave it everything
we had I just think I think we came up short in a few of the moments that
mattered You know it we didn’t quite execute what we needed to execute and
we didn’t quite do what we needed to do and that allowed England in the game
and they came up at that moment and that moment was pretty special by them as
well and that robbed us of any future moments Like it didn’t go the way
we wanted in the end but it was it was still a success because we put on a
performance that our country was proud of The crowd is incredible man like I
mean we play in some of the top stadiums across the world and to play in front of
the USA crowd for a country who really doesn’t know too much about rugby and to see all those people come out people aren’t just screaming your last name that’s on
the back of Jersey people are calling your first name and they genuinely care
about you and love the game of rugby it’s crazy they love us so much and all I want
to do is just play for them this is just so
fun playing for them You can just feel that energy from the crowd when it’s actually your
own it like makes it a whole other level because it’s like it almost just goes through
your body you know and it just energises you and gets you where to go and and
motivated to put on a show for them you know you almost feel like you’re
obligated to put up a performance that they would be proud of I was telling my
wife when I’m watching TV and I see NFL and I see that crowd she’s like hey man I’m
so sick to playing in front of that kind of crowd and to come here and play in
that Stadium and see that much crowd I felt like I was in the NFL because growing
up I wanted to play in the NFL so I mean just to play in front of that and see a lot
of Americans and just to see that crowd in you know general it was
just amazing cuz I feel like I was in the NFL playing when I was really
playing rugby so it’s fun gave me a lot of goosebumps who wouldn’t want to be playing
in front of that crowd especially in America So special to be on home soil and to be in the crowd you can kind
of feel that you know excitement and that you know the lift of every time we
got you know on the field everyone’s standing up and like everyone standing
the whole game and it was just a different atmosphere and I think that
just shows that rugby in America is taking off and I think if you get that
on TV and I think if people watch that and there’s a lot of people there that
never seen rugby before I think its you know the sky’s the limit
Don’t give me don’t get me wrong like we wanted to win the World Cup but you know
now at that’s over we just start building into qualifying for the
Olympics the World Cup is the World Cup whatever happened happened it sucks but
we got the Olympics now and with these boys I know we can go far when you believe you
can achieve anything is possible I’m a lot more
determined now because you know I mean going into World Cup camp you know we we
really wanted everybody really wanted to make the squad and you know to get that
feeling of you know running out in front of your home crowd and into a big time
tournament you know not just the World Series tournament but a big time
tournament it only makes me wonder how great it could be to run out in the
Olympic Games and so now I’m locked in you know tunnel vision for that moment
and you know whatever comes I’m ready for it We still gotta break that top
four and we’ve still got to consistently get in amongst those tier 1 rugby
nations you know the American sporting public or the rugby community expect
that want that and we do you know I think probably sometimes people forget
how difficult it is to do it and it’s a it’s a brutal game the bounce
of the ball didn’t go how we wanted if I’m honest with you but that’s the nature
of the game as well you know somebody’s got win somebody’s gotta lose and it wasn’t our
time to win You learn so many lessons through the game that you translate to
general day-to-day life you know about how I react under pressure how I how I
view myself and you know times of disappointment and times of success but
mostly it’s about how to interact with like I said guys from all different
backgrounds you know and how to see from their perspective and empathise with
them that’s probably the biggest takeaway for me is you know becoming
brothers with these guys you know I never would have met in everyday life I’ll have that jersey hanging up on my wall for for the rest of time without a doubt It was amazing you know hometown the family and friends being able to score
in front of them was it was pretty cool it’s kind of a a dream that I never had
that came true a dream that I’ve always wished I would have had that came true
Been a long time coming I don’t get to see him too much because
they travel all over the world and it’s pretty awesome to have all the fans come
out and check them out and watch them play The big bearded Californian who seals it for
the USA Never ever dreamed that we’d have a boy
in the Olympics or in the World Cup or playing on a stage in front of our
family and friends it’s it’s so wonderful it’s that our family can be a
part of this as well My godson Benny turned one to be
back in in town for his first birthday it’s pretty awesome for him to be out
here and checking it out you know hopefully getting the taste for the game
for himself get him to fall in love with it just like you know I did his dad did
the rest of his uncles and auntie’s and everything

The USA Chase Rugby Greatness – The Pioneers | Part Two
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  • October 14, 2018 at 12:08 pm

    Awesome Video👍 America the sleeping giant

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    Keep it boys, super proud

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    Getting there, a sport with ultimately a legit world championship unlike the NFL.

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    Stop thinking Olympics. You gotta win some 15s Your goal isn't the Olympics. Your goal is test rugby. You won't excel until you do.

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    The amazing thing about this game is You can be a Giant and a little giant slayer

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    Rugby is not about gold medals and 7s is not the point of Rugby Union

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    To agree would of the comments. Rugby union is not about winning Olympic Gold medals or the Olympics. Its about playing 15 man a side rugby and going to the Rugby world cup which is the holy grail of the sport and winning it. 7 Rugby is the short version of 15 a side rugby. But its never about Olympic medals. If the United States wants to compete at international level all the time. Then the Olympics has to take a back seat. There is a reason New zealand,Austraila, South Africa, Argentina, England, France, Wales , Ireland, Scotland, and Italy are the top 10 nations in the world. We dont give a shit about the Olympics. Ask any Rugby player which he or she with win a Olympic Gold medal Or the Rugby World Cup 90% of them will pick the world cup every time. Rugby is one of those sports along with football(a.k.a Soccer for americans) that does not need the Olympics as it is already popular and growing world wide. The only thing good that came out of the Olympics was that americans needed it to get there just for them to take notice of the sport.

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    Whether it's Beauden Barrett or Danny Barrett. The parents must be so proud or their boys.

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    Rugby is the greatest character building sport. It teaches humility hard work honesty & camaraderie. I played until I was 40. My wife made me quit.

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    Olympic success appears to be the most effective platform through which Rugby can promote itself to the broader American public at the moment – despite increasing Player numbers & some recent success – Rugby remains a very minor sport in America (North & South).

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    The crowd think they are watching rugby when they are not, they are watching rugby 7's so please guys stop calling it rugby and call it 7's.  Rugby 7's is not what the world calls 'rugby', rugby union requires 15 players not 7 and lasts for 80 minutes not 14, the rest of the world plays rugby union.  The USA rugby union team the 'Eagles' are ranked 15th in the world at the moment, Tonga who are ranked 13th has a total population of 108,000 so you can see the mountain the USA has to climb.


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