Often up and out of the way – – sports announcers
provide important information to the fans. Even though they’re hidden – – you can’t miss
their excitement and passion for the game. Public Address Announcer
Darrin Looker, P.A. Announcer, Ladies and Gentlemen – – welcome to the University of
North Dakota and to the beautiful Ralph Engelstad Arena.
Attend one men’s hockey game at the University of North Dakota – – and the odds are – – you’ve
heard that voice. The man behind it however is a mystery to
many. Darrin Looker has been the voice of U-N-D
men’s hockey since 2005 – – and has loved it since day one.
Darrin Looker, P.A. Announcer, I was pretty ecstatic – – I’ve been a long time – – lifelong
U-N-D hockey fan and a lot of people call it a dream job – – but at the same time it
was kind of the job that you never really thought would open up.
As a freshman in college – – Darrin was handed the mic – – and in a way realized he was one
with the team. Darrin Looker, P.A. Announcer, There were
13 other freshman on the ice for North Dakota and I was kind of the unofficial 14th I guess.
Darrin Looker, P.A. Announcer, Here comes the University of North Dakota.
With an eye on the ice – – he waits for the next opportunity to inspire the fans.
Darrin Looker, P.A. Announcer, So when you get the building going and the sivs are raining
down – – and alright now let’s do a scoring – *NAT SOUND POP* – you’re pretty amped up
at the time. Darrin is a true model of do what you love
and you’ll never work a day in your life. Darrin Looker, P.A. Announcer, It’s that way
every night – – it’s such an enjoyment getting to do what I’m blessed – – and fortunate enough
to get to do every weekend. Until the puck drops again – – he lets everyone
know – – they’ve been heard. Darrin Looker, P.A. Announcer, You’re welcome.
Reporting for Studio One – – I’m Avery Robb. Darrin says after he’s satisfied with his
announcing career – – he would like to transition to the radio broadcast side of men’s hockey
games. And that’s the sports story for today’s show.

The Voice of UND Men’s Hockey

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