– [Blake] Welcome back,
you beautiful people. Yes, mountain-biking, arguably the best sport
in the whole world. So what does make this the best sport? (energetic music) Ah, yes, the great outdoors! The first thing you do is
get out there into the woods with your mountain-bike, exploring those muddy trails, hitting up that good old fire road, exploring new land, breathing in all that fresh air that the countryside has to offer, not all that city air when you’re commuting to work. It’s all about mountain-biking, the best thing for your soul. (energetic music) Escaping the pigeon-gray walls
that you call your office to the great outdoors where
the smell of the pine forest, the trickling of water
in the rivers, creeks, and birds tweeting, that’s what’s great about mountain-biking. It gets you out there. (energetic music) Another great thing, it brings friendship. (men laughing)
It brings friends out with you to explore and have fun
on your mountain-bike. Riding with your buddies
is what it’s all about. Having a crack, having a laugh, and then ending up at your
favorite watering hole, the pub, for a nice meal and a great pint or if you’re under the age, fizzy pop cola drink
and a packet of crisps. (energetic music) (man screams) – Oh, shit! – [Blake] Yes, you get to
feed off each other’s vibes, challenging each other. Also, you get to learn a few things from your other buddies that are a bit better than you, as well. So it’s a win-win situation. Biking with your buddies
is the best thing ever! You get to explore, you get to share, and you get to have a
laugh with all your friends when you’re out riding a bike because you all share the same interest. (energetic music) You’ll make new friends whilst biking and you’ll make memories
that will last a lifetime. – [Biker] Let go, let go, let go! – [Biker] Oh, no! Whoa! Holy fuck! – [Blake] Everyone
knows the bike lingo. Yes, the brrop, the rik, the sh, a skid, the bur-bur-bur-bup, brrrr, kekekeke. Oh, yes, everyone knows those noises. It is the lingo, it’s a language developed
by mountain-bikers to understand each
other of what’s going on in the woods. It’s a matter of expressing your feelings without even saying words, just noises. (energetic music) I just love hearing about
other people’s bike adventures, where they’ve been,
where they’ve explored, what they’ve done, or how they’ve crashed
on their favorite trail, and how they’re going to make it better. (man exclaims) (energetic music) (plane engine roars) Ah, yes, going on (bell rings) holiday with your favorite toy,
your mountain-bike, is the best thing to do. Going on holiday with your bike is fun. The excitement in the morning, the excitement the day before, you’re packing your bike in your car or if you’re traveling far abroad, on an airplane, which is more exciting. Venturing into the unknown with your own two wheels is exhilarating. You don’t know what’s out there, especially if you’re going somewhere new. (energetic music) Yes, your mountain-bike, something that you care dearly about, a lot of time cleaning, maintaining, making that thing as fresh as a daisy. Oh, that was nice! (bike clashes and thuds against the trail) (energetic music) So keep exploring, keep doing what you do, and that is just get out there, out of the office, out of whatever damn
classroom you’re in, dude, and go and get on your bike, bruh! (energetic music) – [Biker] Clear! (energetic music) – So that’s why mountain-biking is great! So stick with it! Head out there, make new friends, keep in touch with your buddies, explore more. Don’t keep riding that
old dull trail, sir. Oh, man, I love my bike! ♪ Oh, man, I love my fresh bike ♪ (energetic music) (liquid spraying) (bikers laughing) Bikes are great, any bike! This is the Colnago V2-R. But mountain bikes are better
than all the other bikes. Woo, yeah! (energetic music) – [Biker] Oh-oh! (energetic music) – [Blake] Thank you very
much for watching this video! And do you know what?
I’ve got one tip for you. You’ve got two friends in your life and that is your front
wheel and your rear wheel. Take care of them, they’ll look after you. Don’t forget to hit the globe to subscribe ’cause you’re missing
out on some rad stuff! Give us a thumbs up, Like, and if you want to see an
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we hit the Patagonia. Boom! See ya! – Go out and ride your bike.

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