in this video we share rugby renegades top
5 wattbike sessions to get you fitter for rugby. Wattbike Session 1 is a great speed endurance
session that is ideal for backs. and it only takes ten minutes. It consists of 10 x 6 seconds max effort sprints
with one minute rest. aim for over 120 metres in that 6 seconds
period, the best I’ve seen is 135. Wattbike Session number 2 is 6 sets of 500
metres with 2 minute rest again it’s max effort on the 500 metres and this is a recipe for
lactic acid, it’s a real lactic acid tolerance session it will give you a crazy leg pump. For backs aim for sub 34 seconds each rep
and forwards sub 32. Wattbike Session number 3 is called the clockface
simply because you go from 12 down to 1 so 1200 metres all the way down in 100 metre
increments down to 100 metres with 60 second rest between. If you’re really mental give it a go in the
opposite direction start with a hundred and finishing on 1200 metres. Wattbike Session number 4 is 4 sets of 4 minutes
with 2 minute rest. This is a great aerobic workout for backs
aim to complete 2750 metres and forwards 2900 metres in four minutes a real challenge is
to hit 3km on each rep. And our final WattBike session number 5 is
a 2km with 2 minute rest, 1500m with 90 seconds rest, 1km followed by 60 seconds rest, 500
metres followed by 30 seconds rest, then a 250 metre sprint followed by 3 minute rest
and then just to finish you off a 5km max effort. Now don’t start too hard on the first 2km
try and increase your pace obviously as the distance decreases and then for that 5km really
go hard and aim to get sub 7 minutes 15 a real good indication of aerobic fitness is
if you get it sub 7 minutes. Give these Wattbike sessions a go and let
us know what you think. Thanks for watching our video please like
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Top 5 WattBike Sessions For Rugby

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