It is generally a given that sports are physically
demanding. Even those that look easy are actually pretty
demanding on the body. That is why children are always encouraged
to take up sports as it helps them develop better. But then there are some sports which actually
take a great toll on your body. Let us take a look at some of the toughest
sports in the world. 15. Bull Riding. When you look at the enclosure and see the
angry bull behind it, you know why bull riding makes its way on the list of toughest sports
in the world. And we think that it would also make its way
on the list of the stupidest things people do pretty easily as well. When a huge angry bull tries to shake you
off, it will. All you can do is hang on for as long as possible
and you are supposed to hang on for at least 8 seconds. But as it turns out, those 8 seconds have
been termed the most dangerous 8 seconds in sports! 14. MMA and Wrestling. Considering that these sports involve basically
beating the opponent by sheer strength, it is obvious that it is one of the toughest
sports in the world. What makes MMA even more challenging is that
not only do you have to think about landing the perfect blows but you also need to avoid
getting hit by the opponent. And since the blows can come from anywhere,
mental agility is also a must for MMA. And its not just the ring where it is gruelling. Even the training required to step into the
ring is very rigorous and perhaps that is why MMA has become such a fitness fad now! 13. Ice Hockey. Most of us know how difficult it is to maintain
our balance on skates. Imagine doing that at high speeds with constant
turns and the more than occasional bumps. Ice hockey requires great speed and agility
and often enough the players have to go out in 45 second bursts of extreme speed and intensity. What makes ice hockey more demanding is the
fact that there is a mental factor that comes in because you have to overcome the exhaustion
that sets in after a burst to go out for another one! 12. Alpine Skiing. If your eyebrows are going up in surprise,
we understand. Skiing does not really look like a sport that
requires a lot of physical duress. But surprising as it may be, elite alpine
skiers need to have great muscular strength, endurance, co-ordination, agility and balance. And they need to have strong legs as that
is what does most of the work. Not to mention, skiers tend to get injured
a lot so they need to be able to withstand those injuries which in turn means that they
have to be in very good shape! 11. Rugby. Any contact sport is demanding on the body. And it doesn’t just require strength, but
speed, stamina, agility and conditioning as well. That is why rugby is one of the toughest sports
in the world. There is also an added tension because of
the constant tussle that individuals and groups get into on the rugby field. Maintaining that intensity for 80 minutes
is not easy to do, which is why rugby players are usually extremely fit. Also why they are prone to injuries as well! 10. Boxing. It should come as no surprise to anyone that
boxing is one of the toughest sports. It involves getting beaten up and then coming
back from that beating to launch an assault of your own! But apart from the obvious requirement of
strength, boxing also involves endurance and swiftness on the feet. Not to mention the gruelling training they
go through to step into the ring. The worst part about boxing is that after
each round, you have to will yourself to go for another round of beating and well it is
not something that most of us would be capable of! 9. Basketball. Given that it is a 5 man sport, basketball
requires a great deal of stamina. All the players keep constantly moving forward
and backward on the court as the ball moves. And then there are those enormous leaps that
they have to take from time to time. Basketball players need to be in great physical
condition because it requires them to move constantly. Not to mention that the celebrations that
come after scoring a basket is also pretty exhausting! 8. Tennis. Most of us are familiar with what a game of
tennis looks like. And we know that it demands the kind of fitness
most of us wont even think about! It requires frequent changes in direction,
bursts of speed, power and control. That tends to take a toll of the players and
that is the reason why many of them break down pretty often. Plus, the matches take around 2 hours and
more per game. Combine that with the fact that it is mostly
played under the sun and you know that tennis is a game that needs a lot of physical conditioning. 7. Gymnastics. Watching the beautiful and graceful moves
of gymnasts have made all of us wish we could move like that. And while some of us may have managed to look
graceful, most of us simply fell flat on our faces! That is because gymnastics is one of the most
demanding sports. It basically depends on your body being extremely
flexible to be able to pull off those moves and the strength to be able to hold on to
those poses without making a mess out of them. Not to mention that there is a lot of daring
involved as well as the more difficult and complex the manoeuvre that they attempt, they
end up getting higher marks. Of course the flip side is that if they fail
to pull it off they are more or less certain of a loss! 6. Soccer. One look at a soccer field and most of us
would not fancy taking a couple of rounds around it. It is huge and the players need to cover a
huge part of it in a gruelling 90 minutes that takes a toll on their bodies. In terms of agility, soccer is probably the
toughest sport in the world. And add to that the stamina, skills and speed
required to be able to be called a master of soccer is just mind boggling. And if that was not enough, there are 11 players
from the opposite team who would like nothing better than to bump you into the ground. Combine all that and you know why soccer players
are paid so much and why they undergo such gruelling training schedules. 5. Figure Skating. Figure Skating is a type of sport where teams,
duos or individual skaters spin around on the ice in complex formations. It was first introduced in the 1908 Summer
Olympics in London as the first winter sports in Olympic. Figure skating blades used in this sport is
typically 4.7mm thick with a slight curve of an arc of a circle having a radius of 180-220cm. Figure skaters usually perform spins, lifts,
jumps, throw jumps, moves in the field, death spirals and various other moves while keeping
their balance on ice. It is a sport which is very demanding as it
not only requires precision and accuracy of movements, the throws and spins require enormous
amounts of strength as well. Not to mention falling down in practice countless
times before perfecting it! 4. Swimming. Ever wondered why swimming is called the perfect
work out? Because it uses all the muscles in your body. And that is just for beginners. If you take up swimming as a sport, you are
in for a world of pain because it demands you to use every part of your body consistently. It requires you to put in more than 100% every
time because even a 0.1 second loss of focus results in a loss! And since it is an individual sport, there
is no one around to cover for you in case you make a mistake! And the amount of hard work that goes into
swimming can easily be gauged by the fact that a “swimmers body” is one of the most
desirable ones! 3. Water Polo. While wading in the water and throwing a ball
around might not look like much, there is a lot of physical activity that is required
for water polo. For a simple test, just go to a pool nearest
to you and try wading in the water for half an hour! Another thing that makes water polo very tough
to play is that a half of the players are not visible under the water. That gives a lot of space for sly blows and
pushing and kicking! And then there is the physical contact which
takes place above the water. Not to mention the fact that you have to spend
a lot of effort in trying to not drown in the water. That is why water polo is one of the toughest
sports in the world. 2. Triathlon. If there are any of you who have ever tried
training for any sports, you know that it is pretty challenging. But of all the sports there is nothing better
for building your endurance than Swimming, Cycling and Running. Unless of course you happen to be from Krypton! Then, you would probably need the triathlon! Triathlon is a sport which requires athletes
to swim 4km, cycle 180km and run 42km over a pre-decided
course and the winner is declared on the basis of the over all time taken! And considering that any of the 3 is enough
to leave most of the panting, there is no doubt that the Triathlon is one of the toughest
sports in the world! 1. Decathlon. When it comes to sports, there is nothing
tougher than the decathlon. Why? Because it combines 10 different and challenging
sports into one! Just imagine sprinting, hurdling, long jump,
high jump, shot put, discus, pole vault, 400 metre, 1500 metre and javelin all at once
over the course of 2 days! Training for even one of them professionally
is beyond many of us, but imagine training for all of them! The kind of physical conditioning and duress
that a decathlon needs is mind numbing. Athletes are known to break down during a
decathlon if they are not in the best possible physical condition. Simply put, if there was ever an Olympics
for supermen and women, decathlon would be the one sport that would be played in it! Have you ever played any of these sports? Or do you know someone who is a professional
at any of them? If so, do let us know the challenges and preparations
that are required for it in the comments section below. And remember to subscribe to our channel for
instant updates on all our videos!

TOUGHEST Sports You Would Not Last 1 Minute!

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