My name is Juan and I’m one of the fifty thousand students, of all the municipalities of Rio, that came to watch the Paralympic Games! Since 2013, Transforma acts with the slogan of bringing sport to the schools. And now, in the Paralympic Games the classrooms are here at the arenas. We came here to represent Rio Bonito, in Rio Lakes Region What did you come here to watch? Rugby. I`s something like american football. But in wheelchairs, very cool! And we’re here in the game:
United States against Japan. The United States is winning for one point… But come on: Japan, we’ll get them! Japan, Japan, Japan! Everyone here was cheering for Japan? Yes, because they are super friendly, and warm, like the Brazilian so, we cheered for them. Unbelievable, it’s great fun! Although our country is not playing we get so much into the game and cheer like if it was! Is the first time I watch rugby, for me it’s really exciting It is a feeling that I never had! I almost lost my voice because I was cheering a lot! When we got here we saw everyone… It is a very happy place, you see everyone so proud to be here, it’s a great feeling! It’s over. The end. My name is Christian The Handsome! Thank you, thank you!
– You’re welcome! Arigato! Thank you!
– You’re welcome!

Transforma no rugby paralímpico – Jogos Rio 2016
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