(music) We’re at the Fort Dupont
ice arena and we’re here today celebrating the
launch of the President’s Council national youth
sports strategy. The sports strategy
focuses attention on the need for kids to be
engaged in sports. Sporting activities for
kids improves physical health it improves mental
health it improves connectedness in a
community, it makes for better longer
lives for our kids. We are committed to
reversing the trend that has been occurring over
many decades and increase youth sports participation
in this country. Too few kids have
access to sports now. 20% of kids are getting
60 minutes of exercise or physical activity a day. Just over 50% of kids are
engaged in a sporting activity. We’ve got to increase the
awareness of the need to be engaged in sports. We’ve got to improve
the availability. That’s why being here at
Fort Dupont or where we were earlier at the
Nationals Youth Baseball facility is so important
so kids can get engaged no matter how much financial
resources they have. This national strategy
gives us a framework and a blueprint to do just that.

Trump Administration announces the first National Youth Sports Strategy
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