Hi, I’m Fauzi. Hi, I’m Zhin. And this is another episode of TSL reviews! And in this episode, we are reviewing these adhesive footpads we found online! So, these footpads are things that you stick at the bottom of your feet, and apparently, it allows you to walk around barefoot. So, apparently, it is suppose to be very comfortable. Something that you can wear at many places. Like you can go walk on the streets, grass, beach… And the most interesting place is, you can walk by the pool. Oh! Because it says it’s anti-slip, plus waterproof. Okay, let’s open this. Honestly, my first impression of this product is, it’s literally two pieces of cloth, cut out in the shape of a foot, with scotch tape at the back. Where got people foot like this one? It’s like, okay, webbed feet! It says here that you can step on rocks… No. My question is, why would you step on rocks? It’s like… There are lots of like… Bumps. Glue… Yah! It’s like glue right! Actually, got some friction. Oh yah… Got some friction. Yah lah, not bad, the anti-slip function, I would say. It’s only one time use… How much is thos? You know? $7 you know? And for like, something you throw away. Yah, actually many companies actually sell this sort of thing. So, let’s go and try this out! Okay, so, we’re now barefoot, and we’re ready to put this on. It’s actually very stick. No, but, it’s interesting because there’s patterns… There’s like little adhesive, sticker, like, roundy-like things. So, you start from the top and pull your way down. Ya, I think so. This is not easy to put on! I feel like, as a prefectionist, this is not going to work out. It actually looks stupid! Guys! I guess we’ll go and try it out on different surfaces We’re outside, and we’re ready to give it our first real-life test. Zero expectations of this actually working. So, let’s go So, the first test we’re going to do is to try it out on a rocky surface, and see how it feels, if it really lives to its claims. Apa ni! It’s just like a piece of cloth stuck to your feet. I feel like my feet are getting damn dirty now. So, to up the ambi a little bit, We are going to do a bit of a challange. Now, we’re not going to just walk around in these silly things. We’re going to do a race. So, we’re going to race each other towards the camera crew and the first person to get Rainbow Dash, will be the winner for that round. Okay. Alright. And at the same time, we’re going to race on three different surfaces. So, the overall winner will get to pick a dare for the loser! Ya, it’s not going to be me because I’m very competitive. So, are you ready? Yes. Are you ready? I already win, because I already win. I’m holding the pony. Let’s go! Ready… GO! Painful! It doesn’t work. So, after the first race, well Zhin won, bur honestly, these sole pad things, not meant for running. I don’t think. Let’s move on to our next place. Okay. Alright! So, we found our second surface and that is a grassy surface. Yes Adoi! Apa ni? It’s worse than the rocky one. Yah, actually, it’s worse, it’s sharp. Are y’all ready to race? Yah, sure, race. I would just wait here. Ready… Get set… Go! Oh my God! I won! Yes… Yes! Oh my God! There’s a splinter guys! Oh shit! Guys… Oh shit… It actually went through the thing. There… Last time I was still like, okay, you know what? Maybe someone got some brilliant idea here, now, I think this guy is just really out to get your money. So, we’re now at a swimming pool and we’re going to test out these footpads things. GO! No! So, because I won, but I don’t feel like I am very proud of the win, I’m going to give you an easy dare, okay. Yes! I just want you to stand in the middle of the pool there, and do a dance. Can lah! Overall, I think the product… The claim that they make, it’s actually different from when you actually experience it. Yah, it’s also like the disposable part. $7 for disposable footpad, I don’t think it’s worth it. Overall rating, I would say, a negative five out of five, because it does protect the foot from the heat a bit. Mine is still zero. I wouldn’t but it, any time, any day, because it’s a waste of money, really. Yah. Because it works the same as socks. Mind blown! Thank you very much for watching this episode. If you liked it, like, share and subscribe! And if you want to watch more of our videos, click over here! Bye!

TSL Reviews: Nakefit Stick-On Shoes
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