What’s your best part of
your game, body checking? Fighting?
Stick handling. ♪ And, see, and I was a hockey
player a little bit, so… Your level of good and my level
of good might be different. Shooting accuracy
was my best. I was pretty accurate. I could just pick corners
in the net, when I played. What do you want to
do with your hockey? I want to
eventually like play. In the East Coast
Hockey League? Play in the NHL. Yeah, nobody says,
“My goal is to play in the East Coast Hockey League”. You just don’t
say that at seven, right. Yeah.
– You never hear kids… Talking about hoisting the
Calder Cup, right? Yeah. Which cup do you
want to hoist? The Stanley Cup.
– Yeah. When you are in the NHL…
– Yeah. You will do interviews. So let’s pretend you
are doing an interview. I’m here with Tucker Sinclair of
the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. Tucker, tell us what you
guys did to come back there. We worked hard. Came back,
scored some goals. We did… well. Okay, we got –
we got to work on that. We’ll do another one.
I’m here with Tucker Sinclair, Anaheim Mighty Ducks, ah… You guys got
blown out tonight. How does that happen? We didn’t work
hard enough, no. We didn’t play hard. What do you gotta do
to come back and win? Gotta pass, work hard more. More, work hard. Every answer’s gonna have
‘work hard’, good. Who’s your favourite
player in the NHL? Logan Shaw.
– Who? Logan Shaw. Logan…
– Shaw. … Shaw. Logan Shaw is in the NHL. He’s an NHL player.
– Yeah. Okay. I did not know that. Where’s he from?
– Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. Same as you, Nova Scotia. So… not Sydney Crosby,
not Nathan MacKinnon, not Brad Marchand? Lo… Logan? Shaw.
– Shaw. Okay, I’m gonna
watch for him. And he’s playing in NHL?
– Yeah. Okay. For who?
– Anaheim. Anaheim, all right. ♪ (Ascend to Charge
Organ Theme) ♪ Check that out. First contest…
– Yeah. You have to be
able to shoot. Six pucks each. See who knocks
off the most cones. All right, you want to go first?
– Sure. Here we go. (Tucker: grunts) (Buzzer)
– Let’s do it again. Let’s grab the
pucks and do it again. We’re gonna go further. ♪ (Tucker: grunts) No… No! (Tucker: grunts) Ah! (Crickets) Okay, let’s try it again. Let’s move further back.
– No. Yeah!
– No! Yes!
We know how good you are. How’s your slap shot?
– Not that good. Okay, we’ll do slap shot. ♪ Agh! (Horn) My hope is you make the NHL. ‘Cause then I’m
gonna have this video, and I can say I
knew you when, right? Yeah. That’s – so you have a
little pressure to make it. You have to make it ’cause
otherwise this was pointless. ‘Cause that’s what
we’re trying to do. We’re trying to get young
kids that are really good at stuff, but if you don’t
make it, it’s like, ah… What was the point of that? So you gotta promise me
you’re gonna make the NHL. Promise. ♪

Tucker the Hockey Player | Kids That Are Kind Of Amazing At Stuff with Gerry Dee
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  • October 26, 2017 at 1:20 am

    This kid is hilarious, and Shaw is th man. Cape Bretoner through and through!!

  • November 13, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    I played on the ice with him and I have a huge crush on him

  • November 27, 2017 at 6:43 pm

    Its collin thats my boy tucker


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