On Saturday you went down
that depth chart at running back with Trevor
Allan and Tyler Hoosman going down with an injury
and Nick McCabe stepped in and did a fine job. We have a story coming up
on Tyler Hoosman. He is a guy who takes
academics very seriously as we will find out in a
bit and it was really one of the big reasons why he
chose UNI. It is and Tyler is one of
those guys where perserverence is the key
to life and being good at anything. He perservered through the
first 3 or 4 games here or maybe first couple of
years here even and now he has become a huge part of
this and we are talking about him on a show and it
is because of his perserverence that put him
in this position and that is how he attributes his
academics. Everything is important to
him because he is looking long term. Tyler put together some
fantastic plays on the football field as well
this season we will see some of those but right
now here is that story on Tyler Hoosman. Tyler Hoosman is having a
break out season for the Panther Football program. He redshirted in 2017 and
last season played in 8 games racking up over 200
yards. So far this year he has
over 400 yards of total offense with four
touchdowns. I love Tyler Hoosman. Just watching him run and
his athleticism just huge body, can squat a house,
can bench a house, can run over anyone he wants to
and can juke anybody and out run them if he wants
to. Hoosman is a bowling ball. This past Spring when he
had our first contact practice he had like 3 or
4 touchdowns that were all 20+ yards. There wasn’t a hole there
and he just made a hole. Hoosman I don’t ever want
to tackle him. He was just running dudes
over in Spring ball and I think his mentality has
changed from when he first got here and has turned
into that brut running back. Trevor is speed and
agility and Tyler is more of a downhill runner so we
have the thunder and lightning right there and
I am looking forward to it. A tremendous student,
Tyler received the President’s Award for
Academic Achievement in High School and graduated
with a 5. 17 GPA on a 5. 0 scale. Ever since I was little
academics was a big thing in my household. Academics always came
first before sports and both my parents
implemented that on me and that is one of the reasons
I came here because they had such a good business
program and I have always taken it very seriously
and make sure academics come first before I focus
on anything else. Just a sophomore, you can
expect big things from number 32 Tyler Hoosman
this year and the next couple of seasons. Yeah, I am a big advocate
for Tyler Hoosman. I feel like he is going to
have a heck of a year here especially when I get out
of the picture and it is more him running the show
he is really going to blossom and become a
better running back and when he first came here I
knew he would be a solid running back because he
always has had the right mentality and work ethic
and he just comes in day in and day out and works
really hard and not a big vocal guy but he gets the
job done. Still to come, more on the
Top 10 win for UNI football with coach
Farley, and we show you the emergence of Tyler
Hoosman. And we preview the season
about to kick off for UNI Wrestling.

Tyler Hoosman – UNI Football sophomore running back 2019
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