We’ll do a little bit like a cha cha with a difference there I need a big dog. we have a big dog that is here there was a cat army
tomcats their goal is to fetch
croquettes there and bring them back home here agree I try to cross and there are dogs that touches me I’m frozen I am classified until I
cat that passes between my legs Belgian listening me out I
not want to touch what he will do anything to be touched, it will go on the back and make it before leaving
we won once all the balloons hot here is not all the time
and I’ll touch affected ok it the big cat or two so we
dogs and everything matches where you are ready sartre on dogs
and look for the touch and croquettes touch and touch and soon we bibi
iced we iced it spreads affected leg we will rest the ball
quick quick quick Attention there are matches where ice
requires time baby looks look not look right to take
although only one ball was not far from remain in his base of elections you
can fetch ok songs won

U6/U8 Rugby Exercice – Chapervier
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