I need a volunteer if you Please go there or you will lose it
the tuning princess joined a small game called the princess and
castles princess he will putting as was the tight
hands clasped I need three people to walk for 1 to 2 and
3 you’ll get the princess your hawks and grains like Ronan
be analyzed with each other to neck at the back it is
is very strong and very strong signal top order is the princess
must leave the castle and more each plant in the block relating to
the state is retained the Princess Pressure can come out but some have
While we’re gonna get you laurent thomas am not part of the castle
an official sentence was the just is sentence is out yeah Princess
she is out it is necessary that the princess is out there
is another one that will play the role of Princess was a group here
Here the space with one two three four men killed the day before
part was a princess here was a Princess here a ridge walls
From not try the princess must it so the princess is retained
go go go go we try bring out the princess go
Princess you have to move me your buttocks forward backward
go Bastoi victory you must kinds
go go try to go under to the side oh it is not very
strong this princess go go go go go power trying to enter
below on the parts side to ets the princess she must ensure the
outputs on the princess here she comes or not she released a balloon
that will keep the were the walls of the castle that
will be put around the princess go where you catch one catches have
not as Mathieu and 4 later you go guys we catch where
catches do you hold it there well serious grabs his jersey but not
the neck and you’re ready same thing the princess must
successfully get the ball this loan we go to is the princess he
must certainly with the ball must out must leave
yeah it great will this part guys

U6/U8 rugby exercice – La princesse et le chateau fort

One thought on “U6/U8 rugby exercice – La princesse et le chateau fort

  • October 6, 2018 at 11:11 am

    Merci pour vos vidéos ! Je débute dans l'entraînement des U6, je début ma formation le mois prochain et vous me donné de très bonnes idées pour mes loulous ! Merci


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