Time to get soaked …for Rugby?! Q: ‘You have to forget all the rules of passes
back, you can’t do that. You can pass forward, backward, right, left, top and bottom.’ Yes, Underwater Rugby is a fact nowadays in
Bordeaux, France. It all began in 2013 when Anais visited Germany and discovered the sport,
bringing it back to her home town: Q: “It is a sport that is practiced in silence,
snorkeling and in 3D. It’s enough to make me addicted.” Besides the name, ‘Rugby’, there really aren’t
many similarities between this version and the original sport. For example, there are
only six players per team instead of fifteen, they all wear a snorkel outfit, boys and girls
are mixed and there’s something about that ball: Q: “ The ball is filled with salt water
and must be scored in steel baskets fixed in the bottom of the pool”. Underwater Rugby has already been recognized
as a national sport in the Czech Republic, Scandinavia and Colombia. Anais hopes that
the popularity of the sport will also take a dive throughout the rest of France.

Underwater Rugby: you have to forget about the rules
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